The Infant Hercules

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The Infant Hercules
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Genre Progressive rock
Label BBT
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From the River to the Sea
The Infant Hercules
Goodbye to the Age of Steam

The Infant Hercules is the second demo album by the English progressive rock band, Big Big Train. It was released in 1993. [1]


The name is likely a reference to the quote by William Gladstone, “This remarkable place, the youngest child of England’s enterprise, is an infant, but if an infant, an infant Hercules,” used to describe the English town of Middlesbrough. [2]

Track listing


  1. "Far Distant Thing" - 4.34
  2. "Dismounting Tigers" - 4.36
  3. "Lincoln Green" - 3.50
  4. "Show of Strength" - 4.54
  5. "Red Five" - 5.12
  6. "Sky End Fall" - 5.23
  7. "Kingmaker" - 9.25

Tape [3]

  1. "Dismounting Tigers"
  2. "Show of Strength"
  3. "Lincoln Green"
  4. "Red Five"
  5. "Far Distant Thing"
  6. "Sky End Fall"
  7. "Kingmaker"

Personnel [3]

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Big Big Train

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<i>Goodbye to the Age of Steam</i> 1994 studio album by Big Big Train

Goodbye To The Age of Steam is the debut studio album by the English progressive rock band, Big Big Train. It was released in 1994, by Giant Electric Pea. On the official BBT website, Spawton has revealed that "much of the album was about how people lose their way in their lives; about the tightrope we all walk every day. The album title wasn't linked to this, but it conveyed a feeling of pathos which fitted the mood of the songs."

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<i>Far Skies Deep Time</i> 2010 EP by Big Big Train

Far Skies Deep Time is the first official studio EP by the English progressive rock band Big Big Train. It was released in 2010 by English Electric Recordings, and re-released in 2011 with "Kingmaker" replacing "Master of Time" as the first track. It contains five tracks, including a 17-minute epic about the last voyage of Belgian singer Jacques Brel.

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