Bill Ewing

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Bill Ewing
OccupationActor, director, producer, screenwriter
Years activemid-1970s to present
Spouse(s)Susan McIver

William R. Ewing is an American director, producer, screenwriter and president of Every Tribe Entertainment and Bearing Fruit Entertainment. [1] [2]



Ewing began his career as an actor then joined Sony Pictures in 1986 and was named director of production services in 1987. [1] [2] He was promoted to Vice President in 1988 and later to Senior Vice President after Sony's acquisition of Columbia pictures. [1] [2] He supervised production of over 100 films, including A League of Their Own , My Girl , Groundhog Day , In the Line of Fire , Little Women , Air Force One , Men in Black , The Patriot , Charlie's Angels , etc. [1] [2] He served as Senior Vice President of Production and Administration for 15 years, with his final productions including Spider-Man , Adaptation , Stuart Little 2 , and Men in Black II . [1] [2] In 2001 he left Sony to found Every Tribe Entertainment and the non-profit Bearing Fruit Entertainment as organizations to brings the message of the Bible to life through media including films, documentaries, television commercials, radio and print advertisements, books and video. [2]

Personal life

Bill Ewing lives in Los Angeles with his wife Susan McIver, and is the father of singer and actor Blake McIver Ewing. [1]


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