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Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) is an annual international conference organized since 2006. It is hosted in Bled, Slovenia. Its aim is to be a platform to express contrasting opinions on modern society and its future. It's a leading conference of leaders of Central and South-East Europe. The forum was initiated by the Government of Slovenia. [1] [2] [3]


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Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) is a think tank based in India that works on global issues. It was established in 2002.

Srgjan Kerim

Srgjan Kerim is a Macedonian diplomat, economist, former Foreign Minister and President of the 62nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly. His term of office began on September 18, 2007 and ended on September 16, 2008. He is of Macedonian Turkish descent.

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Sundeep Waslekar

Sundeep Waslekar is an Indian thought leader on conflict resolution and global future. He is the President of Strategic Foresight Group and has authored three books on governance and several research reports on managing future challenges. Sundeep Waslekar is known for developing innovative policy concepts for peaceful change and his ideas have been discussed by the European Parliament, the House of Commons of the United Kingdom and House of Lords, the Indian Parliament, forums of the United Nations including the United Nations Security Council, World Economic Forum meetings at Davos and Dead Sea, and other institutions.

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The International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA), is an international not-for-profit organization headquartered in Canada, with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Miami and Paris. The IEFA was created in 1995 to promote an exchange of views and perspectives on pressing economic issues of our times among world leaders, renowned experts and business executives. It organizes several high-level conferences per year and has grown to become a landmark organization bringing together more than 10,000 speakers and 600 speakers every year.

Women Political Leaders (WPL) is the global network of female political leaders at national level, including the European Parliament, of whom there are currently around 9,000. WPL provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices between female political leaders.

Kazakhstan and the United Nations

The Republic of Kazakhstan became a member of the UN on March 2, 1992. Kazakhstan was elected to serve on the UN Security Council for the 2017–2018 term. UN Secretary-General António Guterres in remarks to the UNSC recognized Kazakhstan's work to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction and global non-proliferation efforts.

Darja Bavdaž Kuret Slovenian diplomat, social scientist

Darja Bavdaž Kuret is a Slovenian diplomat, social scientist and women's rights advocate. Following several ambassadorial posts since 1995, she was appointed Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the United Nations in August 2017. Bavdaž Kuret is a keen supporter of equal rights for women.


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