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Bluebird Photoplays (Bluebird Photoplays of New York, Inc. and Bluebird Photoplays of New England, Inc. [1] ) was an American film production company that filmed at Universal Pictures studios in California and New Jersey, [2] and distributed its films via Universal Pictures during the silent film era. It had a $500,000 studio in New Jersey. [2]


"It was a subsidiary of Universal Pictures and employed Universal stars (and starlets) and used Universal’s facilities but the pictures were marketed independently from Carl Laemmle’s umbrella company."—Anke Brouwers [3]

Mary MacLaren, was one of its stars. [4] Louise Lovely, an actress from Australia, was one of its stars. [5] Bluebird was a prestige brand for Universal and had a core of actors and directors including Lovely who worked for it. [6] [7] Ida May Park directed for Bluebird Photoplays. Elsie Jane Wilson produced and directed for Bluebird Photoplays. [8] Among those who worked for this short-lived subsidiary of Universal are Carmel Myers, Mae Murray, Rudolph Valentino, Tod Browning, Rex Ingram, [9] Robert Z. Leonard and Rupert Julian. [10]

Louis B. Mayer invested in the company. [1] M. H. Hoffman managed the company. [2]


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