The Chalice of Sorrow

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The Chalice of Sorrow
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Directed by Rex Ingram
Written byRex Ingram
Based onthe play La Tosca by Victorien Sardou. And its opera spinoff La Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Ciacosa
Produced by Bluebird Photoplays
Starring Cleo Madison
Cinematography Duke Hayward
George W. Lawrence
Distributed byBluebird Photoplays in conjunction with Universal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
October 9, 1916
Running time
5 reeler
LanguageSilent..English titles

The Chalice of Sorrow is a 1916 American silent film drama written and directed by Rex Ingram and starring Cleo Madison. It was produced by the Bluebird Photoplays subsidiary of Universal Film Manufacturing Company. [1]


The film was called The Chalice of Remorse in the UK.



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