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Baroud 1932.jpg
Directed by Rex Ingram
Alice Terry
Written by
Produced by
Edited by Lothar Wolff
Music by Jack Beaver
Louis Levy
Distributed by Ideal Films (UK)
Gaumont Film Company (France)
Release date
  • 18 November 1932 (1932-11-18)
Running time
79 minutes
United Kingdom

Baroud is a 1932 British-French adventure film directed by Rex Ingram and Alice Terry and starring Felipe Montes, Rosita Garcia, and Pierre Batcheff. Actor Paul Henreid debuted in a small role. The film was released in separate French and English-language versions, the latter sometimes known by the title Love in Morocco. [1]


It was the final film of Ingram, a leading Hollywood director of the silent era, and the last film appearance by Alice Terry, a leading Hollywood star of the silent era and Ingram's wife. The title is the Berber word for war.


It is set in French Morocco. Two soldiers in the Spahis, one a Frenchman and the other the son of a chief allied to the French, are friends, but quarrel when the Frenchman becomes romantically involved with the other's sister. They join forces again to repulse an attack by a hostile tribe.


English version

French version

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