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Brahe (originally Bragde) is the name of two closely related Scanian noble families who were influential in both Danish and Swedish history.


Danish family

Arms of the Danish Brahe family COA-family-da-Brahe.png
Arms of the Danish Brahe family

The first member of the family using the name Brahe is speculated to have been Verner Braghde from Halland. [1] Better documented is Peder Axelsen Brahe, who appears in late 14th century records. He had two sons, Thorkild and Axel Pedersen Brahe.

The Danish branch descended from Axel, and the Swedish branch descended from Thorkild's daughter, Johanna Torkildsdotter Brahe. [1] [2]

Swedish family

The original arms of the Swedish family COA-family-sv-Brahe.png
The original arms of the Swedish family
Upgraded arms of the counts of the Swedish Brahe family COA-family-sv-Brahe grevlig.png
Upgraded arms of the counts of the Swedish Brahe family

Johanna Torkildsdotter from the Danish Brahe family, married Magnus Laurentsson in Sweden. Their son took his mother's family name Brahe, but not her family arms.

Per Brahe was in 1561 granted the title of count by Eric XIV of Sweden, and in 1620 the family was introduced in the Swedish House of Knights (Riddarhuset) as the first counts.

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Brahe is the name of two closely related Scanian noble families.


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