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C. K. Saraswathi (died 1998) [1] was an Indian actress who featured mainly in Tamil films. She was active in the field from 1945 till 1998. During the early days she featured in character roles and in comedy tracks. Later she became famous for her acting in negative character roles. Due to her physical appearance, she was mostly given the role of a mother in rich families. The more noteworthy character she did was in Thillana Mohanambal as Vadivambal (Vadivu), mother of Mohanambal (featured by Padmini).



  1. En Magan (1945) [2]
  2. Vidyapathi (1946)
  3. Kanjan (1947) as Anjuham
  4. Digambara Samiyar (1950) as Anjalai
  5. Marudhanaattu Ilavarasi (1950) as Queen Chitra
  6. Rajambal (1951)
  7. Singari (1951)
  8. Sudharshan (1951)
  9. Azhagi (1953)
  10. Gumastha (1953) [3] as Ravi's mother
  11. Lakshmi (1953)
  12. Rohini (film) (1953)
  13. Ulagam (1953)
  14. Illara Jothi (1954)
  15. Kudumbam (1954) as Kamatchi
  16. Thookku Thookki (1954)
  17. Maheswari (1955)
  18. Maaman Magal (1955) as Thandavam's Sister
  19. Menaka (1955)
  20. Nallavan (1955)
  21. Rambaiyin Kaadhal (1956) as Panchavarnam
  22. Sadhaaram (1956)
  23. Iru Sagodharigal (1957) as Mangamma
  24. Samaya Sanjeevi (1957)
  25. Soubhagyavathi (1957) as Maragatham, Thandavam's Mother
  26. Boologa Rambai (1958) as Witch Rangamma
  27. Maalaiyitta Mangai (1958)
  28. Pathi Bakthi (1958) as Meenakshi, Sanyasi's wife
  29. Bhaaga Pirivinai (1959) as Akilandam wife of Vythialingom Moopanar
  30. Kaveriyin Kanavan (1959)
  31. Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai (1959)
  32. Naan Sollum Ragasiyam (1959) as Akilandam
  33. Nalla Idathu Sammandham (1959) [4]
  34. Pennkulathin Ponvilakku (1959)
  35. Vannakili (1959)
  36. Engal Selvi (1960)
  37. Kuravanji (1960)
  38. Ponni Thirunaal(1960)
  39. Bhagyalakshmi (1961)
  40. Ellam Unakkaga (1961)
  41. Mamiyarum Oru Veetu Marumagale (1961)
  42. Sri Valli (1961) as Nambirajan's wife
  43. Yar Manamagan? (1961)
  44. Avana Ivan (1962) as Paruvatham (Jamuna and Meena's mother)
  45. Paadha Kaanikkai (1962)
  46. Paasam (1962) Guest appearance
  47. Padithal Mattum Podhuma (1962)

as Andal

  1. Paarthal Pasi Theerum (1962) as Akilandam
  2. Pattinathar (1962) as Visalam
  3. Vikramaadhithan (1962)
  4. Naanum Oru Penn (1963) [5]
  5. Karuppu Panam (1964) as Shankari (sattanathan's second wife)
  6. Muradan Muthu (1964)
  7. Navarathri (1964) as One of the inmates of a mental hospital (Guest artiste)
  8. Aasai Mugam (1965) as Bhavani Amma, Selvy 's mother
  9. Madras to Pondicherry (1966)
  10. Mahakavi Kalidas (1966)
  11. Kumari Penn (1966)
  12. Yaar Nee? (1966) as (drama artist) as ghost mother
  13. Kadhal Vaaganam (1968) as Mangalam
  14. Lakshmi Kalyanam (1968)
  15. Muthu Chippi (1968)
  16. Thillana Mohanambal (1968) as Vadivambal, Mohana's mother
  17. Iru Kodugal (1969) as Gopinath's mother
  18. Kanne Pappa (1969) Andalammal (Lakshmi's Aunt)
  19. Thirudan (1969)
  20. Mannippu (1969) as Radha's Mother
  21. Namma Kuzhanthaigal (1970)
  22. Paadhukaappu (1970)
  23. Kulama Gunama (1971)
  24. Aseervatham (1972)
  25. Pillaiyo Pillai (1972)
  26. Ponnukku Thanga Manasu (1973)
  27. Rajapart Rangadurai (1973)
  28. School Master (1973)
  29. Vandhaale Magaraasi (1973) as Mangamma's Mother
  30. Vani Rani (1974)
  31. Manidhanum Dheivamagalam (1975)
  32. Yarukku Maappillai Yaro (1975)
  33. Uzhaikkum Karangal (1976) as Akkilandham, the strong woman
  34. Navarathinam (1977) as Sagunan, Muthamma 's mother
  35. Vattathukkul Chaduram (1978)
  36. Punniya Boomi (1978)
  37. Enga Ooru Rasathi (1980)
  38. Engal Kural (1985)
  39. Nambinar Keduvathillai (1986)
  40. Chinna Thambi (1991)
  41. Bramma (1991)
  42. Suyamariyadhai (1992)
  43. Sakkarai Devan (1993)
  44. Sindhu Nathi Poo (1994)
  45. Naan Petha Magane (1995)
  46. Iruvar (1997)
  47. Kaadhala Kaadhala (1998) as Bhangaru Mrs Dhamodhar Naidu
  48. Ponmaanai Thedi (1998) as Sundaram's grandmother

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Judo. K. K. Rathnam also known as Judo Rathnam is a fight master/action choreographer in Kollywood, Bollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood and Tollywood, Born in Gudiyatham. He made his debut as an actor in the film Thamarai Kulam in 1959, later he made his debut as a stunt master in the film Vallavan Oruvan in 1966 and made his last appearance as an actor before his retirement in the film Thalainagaram in 2006. Stunt masters and Actors like Vikram Dharma, Super Subbarayan, Thalapathy Dinesh, Jaguar Thangam, Rambo Rajkumar, FEFSI Vijayan, Ponnambalam, Judo. K. K. Ramu, Indian Baskar, Rajasekhar, Ambur. R. S. Babu and M. Shahul Hameed have worked as fighters and assistants to him. His son Judo. K. K. Ramu is also a stunt master. His grandsons Judo Lenin and John Prince are also stunt artists and performing stunts in films

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