Cabot Links

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Cabot Cape Breton
Club information
Location Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada
EstablishedJuly 2011
Owned byBen Cowan-Dewar
Total holes46
36 regular holes
10 par-3 holes
Cabot Links
Designed by Rod Whitman
Par 70
Length6,854 yards
Course rating 72.8
Slope rating 132
Cabot Cliffs
Designed by Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw
Par 72
Length6,764 yards
Course rating 74.3
Slope rating 144

Cabot Links is a golf course located in Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a full 18-hole true links course, but a 10-hole version of the course was opened in 2011. [1] [2] It was designed by Alberta native, Rod Whitman and is located on a former coal mine along the coast of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. [2]


Construction and development began in the late 2000s (although the town had been trying to get a golf course well before then). The golf course was the creation of Ben Cowan-Dewar, a Toronto-born 33-year-old, with the financial backing from Mike Keiser. [3] Mike Keiser was the creator of Bandon Dunes. [4]

The golf course has assisted with the rebirth of the Inverness economy, [2] which went into decline after its coal mines closed. Its success led to the opening of a second golf course in July 2015, called Cabot Cliffs. [5] [6] Designed by world-renowned architect Bill Coore and two-time Masters Winner Ben Crenshaw, Cabot Cliffs quickly captured the media's attention and is considered by many to be in the running as one of the top courses in the world. [6] [7] [8] [9] The grand opening of the course was in June 2016. Adam Calver was the grow in superintendent of Cabot Cliffs. Mr. Calver moved to Vietnam and works for Faldo Design in 2023. [10]

The Cabot golf resort hosts three onsite restaurants, [11] a 60-room hotel, [12] a pro shop, and a gift shop. Cabot's real-estate program was launched in July 2015, consisting of nineteen Golf Villas and a discovery center. [13] Villas are available for purchase and rent.

Links Golf: While golf in the twenty-first century is played on more than 30,000 courses worldwide, only 246 of them may be classified as links. [14] What differentiates this 1% from the rest is their location and the type of terrain on which they are built. [15] In Scotland, where golf is believed to have originated in the 15th century, the first courses were developed on stretches of land known as links. Farmers deemed these coastal lands useless because of the sandy soil, so golf course designers began to make use of them. [16] Located between the land and the sea and with little to no trees, Links golf is subject to strong coastal wind which is why it is best played closer to the ground. The firm soil and short grass make bump-and-run shots and putting from close off the green popular choices. [17] Both Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs are True Links courses as they are located on the rugged coastline of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, where sandy soil, firm fairways, and coastal views embrace golf's early Scottish roots. [1]

Quick facts

Cabot Links Golf
FoundedJuly, 2011
Location15933 Central Avenue, Inverness, NS
Course DesignersRod Whitman
OwnersBen Cowan Dewar
Ranked- Number 42 in the world by Golf Digest 2014/2015

- Number 82 in the world by Golf Magazine 2013

- Second Best Public course in Canada by Links Magazine 2015 .

Cabot Cliffs Golf
FoundedJuly 1, 2015
Locations39 Whitman Way, Inverness, Cape Breton, NS
Course DesignersBill Coore and Ben Crenshaw
OwnersBen Cowan-Dewar
Ranked- Number 1 public course in by Links Magazine 2015 .
Cabot Links Golf Resort
Hotel Rooms60
Villa Rooms16
Onsite Restaurants- Cabot Bar

- Panorama

- Public House

Shopping- Cabot Links Pro Shop

- Cabot Cliffs Pro Shop

- Cabot Trading Company

DesignerSuzan Fitzgerald
Awards- Best Overall Architecture by

2013 Air Canada En Route Hotel Design Awards Archived 2015-09-06 at the Wayback Machine

- Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015

- Great Golf Resorts of the World

- 2014 VISA Canada Traveller Experience of the Year Award


Cabot Links [18]
Tee Rating/Slope 123456789Out101112131415161718InTotal
Black72.8 / 132540247330450178465192580360334238562045044010241345717047535126854
Green70.9 / 12553023031341017244018655034031713555804254209538543014245232846455
Silver68.4 / 12351522229040516843414051532030093254904104059238138812839230116020
Hybrid65.5 / 11551516029040516827314042532026963254253653579238133412832527325428
Orange63.3 / 1064441602562701652731224252652380306425365357852803348532525624942
SI 791531241681713151118106142
Cabot Cliffs [19]
Tee Rating/Slope 123456789Out101112131415161718InTotal
Black74.3 / 144581402389221330186589549126337355740424539818856017633153233916764
Green72.5 / 142573379374212321171572515116323354437722336217253815027750931526385
Silver71.5 / 136556364355202316158564498114312751636520034215652412923949229636090
Hybrid68.6 / 129461283355131304158413498114271746036516231415652412921549227565473
Orange66.5 / 1184612832471313041144134379424844603301623141314438921543125755059
SI 531113715191821668174141210

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