Cargills Square

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Cargills Square
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Location Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Coordinates 9°39′55.20″N80°00′49.60″E / 9.6653333°N 80.0137778°E / 9.6653333; 80.0137778 Coordinates: 9°39′55.20″N80°00′49.60″E / 9.6653333°N 80.0137778°E / 9.6653333; 80.0137778
Address420 Hospital Street
Opening date2013
Developer Cargills Ceylon PLC
ManagementCargills Ceylon PLC
OwnerCargills Ceylon PLC
ArchitectMMGS Architects
Total retail floor area 74,000 sq ft (6,900 m2)
No. of floors4

Cargills Square is a shopping mall in the city of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. The mall is located in the heart of the city at the junction of Hospital Street and Mahathma Gandhi Road, opposite Jaffna Hospital. Work on the Rs.500 million shopping and entertainment complex started in September 2011. [1] [2] [3] The mall opened in the last quarter of 2013. [4] The mall was designed by the Colombo based MMGS Architects. [5]

Shopping mall complex of shops

A shopping mall is a modern, chiefly North American, term for a form of shopping precinct or shopping center, in which one or more buildings form a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnecting walkways that enable customers to walk from unit to unit. A shopping arcade is a specific type of shopping precinct which is usually distinguished in English for mall shopping by the fact that connecting walkways are not owned by a single proprietor and are in open air. Shopping malls in 2017 accounted for 8% of retailing space in the United States.

Jaffna City in Sri Lanka

Jaffna is the capital city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is the administrative headquarters of the Jaffna District located on a peninsula of the same name. With a population of 88,138 in 2012, Jaffna is Sri Lanka's 12th most populous city. Jaffna is approximately six miles from Kandarodai which served as an emporium in the Jaffna peninsula from classical antiquity. Jaffna's suburb Nallur served as the capital of the four-century-long medieval Jaffna Kingdom.

Sri Lanka Island country in South Asia

Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast of the Arabian Sea. The island is historically and culturally intertwined with the Indian subcontinent, but is geographically separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. The legislative capital, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, is a suburb of the commercial capital and largest city, Colombo.

As well as a Cargills Food City supermarket, the 74,000 sq ft (6,900 m2) mall contains a KFC restaurant, a three screen cineplex, food court, bank, a range of shops and a basement car park. [6] [7] The cineplex has seating for 1,200 people and is managed by CT Holdings (formerly known as the Ceylon Theatres Group), Cargills' parent company. [8]

KFC American fast food restaurant chain

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the world's second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald's, with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123 countries and territories as of December 2015. The chain is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, a restaurant company that also owns the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet chains.

Multiplex (movie theater) movie theater complex with multiple screens

A multiplex is a movie theater complex with multiple screens within a single complex. They are usually housed in a specially designed building. Sometimes, an existing venue undergoes a renovation where the existing auditoriums are split into smaller ones, or more auditoriums are added in an extension or expansion of the building. The largest of these complexes can sit thousands of people and are sometimes referred to as a megaplex.

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Colombo Commercial Capital in Western Province, Sri Lanka

Colombo is the commercial capital and largest city of Sri Lanka by population. According to the Brookings Institution, Colombo metropolitan area has a population of 5.6 million, and 752,993 in the city proper. It is the financial centre of the island and a popular tourist destination. It is located on the west coast of the island and adjacent to the Greater Colombo area which includes Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, the legislative capital of Sri Lanka and Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. Colombo is often referred to as the capital since Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is within the urban area of, and a suburb of, Colombo. It is also the administrative capital of the Western Province and the district capital of Colombo District. Colombo is a busy and vibrant place with a mixture of modern life and colonial buildings and ruins. It was the legislative capital of Sri Lanka until 1982.

Colombo Stock Exchange The main stock exchange of Sri Lanka, located in Colombo

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is the main stock exchange in Sri Lanka. It is one of the exchanges in South Asia, providing an electronic trading platform. The headquarters of the CSE have been located at the World Trade Center (Colombo) Towers in Colombo since 1995 and it also has branches across the country in Kandy, Jaffna, Negombo, Matara, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura and Ratnapura. The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) has 296 companies representing 20 business sectors as at 3 August 2015, with a Market Capitalization of Rs. 3115.52 Bn.

Havelock City Residential buildings in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Havelock City is a large mixed-use real-estate project in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Residential component of the project consists of 8 residential towers and the Commercial component of the project consists of a 46-storey office tower and a Shopping Mall built to international standards. It is popular for its clubhouse, 7-acre garden, and the overall size of the project. The first 4 residential towers, namely Park Tower and Elibank Tower, and Layards Tower and Davidson Tower, were completed as at early 2017 with 22 floors each, and is currently occupied by residents. Phase-3 is currently under construction, and will consist of the Stratford Tower and Melford Tower, with 28 floors each. Piling for Phase-4 was done with Phase-3 to expedite development. Both phases is estimated to cost over US$130 million.

Cargills (Ceylon)

Cargills (Ceylon) PLC is a Sri Lankan Retail, FMCG, Banking and Restaurant company which is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The controlling interest in the company is held by Ceylon Theatres PLC.

John Keells Holdings PLC (JKH) is Sri Lanka's largest listed conglomerate in the Colombo Stock Exchange. From managing the largest number of hotel rooms in Sri Lanka to owning the largest private-sector-owned transportation business in the country, providing port and marine fuel services to IT solutions, manufacturing of food and beverages to running a chain of supermarkets, tea broking to stock broking, banking to real estate, JKH has made its presence felt in virtually every major sphere of the economy. It began as a produce and exchange broker in the early 1870s.

Aitken Spence PLC is a Sri Lankan blue chip conglomerate with operations in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific. Listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange since 1983, it has major interests in hotels, travel, maritime services and logistics. The group also has a significant presence in printing, plantations, power generation, financial services, IT, BPO/KPO sector, elevator agency services, garments, and property development.

Northern Province, Sri Lanka Province in Sri Lanka

The Northern Province is one of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka, the first level administrative division of the country. The provinces have existed since the 19th century but did not have any legal status until 1987 when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka established provincial councils. Between 1988 and 2006 the province was temporarily merged with the Eastern Province to form the North Eastern Province. The capital of the province is Jaffna. The majority of the Sri Lankan Civil War was played out in this province.

Alfred Leo Saverimuthu Thambiayah was a Ceylon Tamil businessman, politician and Member of Parliament.

Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) is a Sri Lankan tobacco company engaged in the manufacture, marketing and export of cigarettes. It is a subsidiary of British American Tobacco. CTC is the second largest company traded on the Colombo Stock Exchange. CTC enjoys a virtual monopoly in the manufacture of cigarettes in the country. Cigarette brands marketed by CTC in Sri Lanka include Bristol, Capstan, Dunhill, John Player Gold Leaf, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall and Three Roses.

Majestic City is a seven-storey commercial and shopping complex which is located in Bambalapitiya, Sri Lanka, near the Bambalapitiya Railway Station. C.T. Land Development PLC is the owning company of Majestic City.The late Mr. Albert A. Page is the founder chairman of the complex. Majestic City is considered as Sri Lanka's most sought after 'Destination Center' incorporating a diverse range of shopping outlets, a food zone, supermarket, children's amusement center, banks and the popular Majestic Cineplex.

Three Coins Beer

Three Coins is a Sri Lankan beer brewed by McCallum Breweries (Ceylon) Ltd, a subsidiary of Cargills Ceylon PLC.

Arcade Independence Square

The Arcade Independence Square is a shopping complex in the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka, housed in a group of renovated buildings including the former Jawatta Lunatic Asylum and the former Western Provincial Council Building. It was built as a part of the Independence Square Redevelopment programme initiated by the Sri Lankan Government.

Chunnakam Power Station was a thermal power station in Chunnakam in northern Sri Lanka. Commissioned in 1958, the station is owned and operated by the state-owned Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). It was decommissioned in 2013, and replaced by the Uthuru Janani Power Station, which is constructed less than 100m south of the Chunnakam Power Station.

Iranamadu Tank

Iranamadu Tank is an irrigation tank in northern Sri Lanka, approximately 3 mi (5 km) south east of Kilinochchi.

Jetwing Jaffna

Jetwing Jaffna is a hotel in the city of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. The seven-storey 55 room star class hotel is located in the heart of the city on Mahatma Gandhi Road, next to Cargills Square. The hotel was built on land purchased in 1975 by N. U. Jayawardena, former governor of the Central Bank of Ceylon. Originally intended to be a fourteen-storey 76 room hotel, construction began in February 2012. Owned by Yarl Hotels, a joint venture between Jetwing Hotels and MMBL Group, the Rs. 1 billion hotel opened in April 2016.

Cargills Bank Limited is a licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka. It received its license from Central Bank of Sri Lanka to operate domestic and offshore banking business on 21 January 2014 and was ceremonially opened on 30 June 2014. At present the bank consists of 17 branches island-wide with the head office based in Kollupitiya.

Union Bank of Colombo PLC, commonly referred to as UBC, is a commercial bank in Sri Lanka. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the central bank and national banking regulator.

V. S. Thurairajah

Velupillai Suppiah Thurairajah was a Sri Lankan Tamil architect who designed many buildings in Sri Lanka and abroad.


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