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Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell 2012.jpg
Bell on the set of Army Wives in Charleston, South Carolina (2012)
Catherine Lisa Bell

(1968-08-14) 14 August 1968 (age 51)
Residence Hidden Hills, California, U.S.
Nationality American, British-Iranian
OccupationModel, actress, producer
Years active1991–present
Adam Beason
(m. 1994;div. 2011)
Website Official website

Catherine Lisa Bell (born 14 August 1968) is an American actress, known for her roles as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the television series JAG from 1997 to 2005, Denise Sherwood in the series Army Wives from 2007 to 2013, and Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale in Hallmark's The Good Witch films and television series since 2008.

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Lieutenant colonel (United States) officer rank of the United States military

In the United States Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Air Force, a lieutenant colonel is a field-grade military officer rank just above the rank of major and just below the rank of colonel. It is equivalent to the naval rank of commander in the other uniformed services.

Sarah MacKenzie Fictional character in the television series JAG

Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie is a fictional character and lead role in the American television series JAG, played by Catherine Bell. The character was created by Donald P. Bellisario, as a work for hire for Paramount Television, in the script for the first episode of the second season, which was filmed and then aired by CBS on January 3, 1997.


Early life

Catherine Lisa Bell [1] was born on 14 August 1968 [2] [3] in London to a Scottish father, Peter Bell, and an Iranian mother, Mina Ezzati. Peter was an architect under contract to an oil company in Iran; Mina had traveled to London to study nursing. Bell's parents divorced when Catherine was two years old. She was raised by her mother and maternal grandparents. The family eventually moved to California's San Fernando Valley.[ citation needed ] where Bell was exposed to diverse influences. The family spoke Persian at home. The grandparents were Muslim, but Catherine was also exposed to Catholicism and attended a Baptist summer camp. In her teenage years, Catherine came under the influence of her California surroundings: "I am definitely a Valley Girl. I was a tomboy. I liked to skateboard, play football, and push the envelope a little bit."[ citation needed ] Catherine enrolled at UCLA, where she considered a career in medicine or research. However, when she was offered a modeling job in Japan, where advertisers value "American beauty," she dropped out during her sophomore year. [3]

San Fernando Valley large populated valley in Los Angeles County, California, USA

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When Bell returned to the United States, she decided to try acting. [3] She studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas. She also worked as a massage therapist for 8 years at the Peninsula Hotel [4] , and her clients included singer Peter Gabriel. Her first television acting role was one line spoken to Gabriel on the short-lived 1990 sitcom Sugar and Spice. [5]

Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school with theaters and training facilities in Beverly Hills, California, and other U. S. cities

The Beverly Hills Playhouse is an acting school with theaters and training facilities in Beverly Hills, California, and also in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. It is one of the oldest acting schools and theatres in Los Angeles County, California. It is located at 254 South Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Milton George Katselas was an American director and producer of stage and film, as well as a Hollywood acting instructor and coach who trained under Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg at the acclaimed Actors Studio in New York City. In 1978 he acquired the Beverly Hills Playhouse, where he taught a master class for many years.

Peter Gabriel English singer-songwriter, record producer and humanitarian

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Among her first parts was serving as Isabella Rossellini's nude body double for the 1992 film Death Becomes Her . [3]

Isabella Rossellini Italian actress and filmmaker

Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini is an Italian actress, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and model. The daughter of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian neorealist film director Roberto Rossellini, she is noted for her successful tenure as a Lancôme model, and for her roles in films such as Blue Velvet (1986) and Death Becomes Her (1992). Rossellini also received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her performance in Crime of the Century (1996).

<i>Death Becomes Her</i> 1992 film by Robert Zemeckis

Death Becomes Her is a 1992 American comedy fantasy film directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by David Koepp and Martin Donovan, and starring Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, and Goldie Hawn. The film focuses on a pair of rivals, who drink a magic potion that promises eternal youth, but experience unpleasant side effects when they physically die, becoming walking, talking corpses in the process.

In 1994 Bell starred in the Dolph Lundgren film Men of War . While filming the movie in Thailand, Bell and her co-star Trevor Goddard, bonded over contracting amoebic dysentery. Goddard would later play Bell's off-and-on love interest Mic Brumby the following year on JAG . They remained friends until Goddard's death from a drug overdose in June 2003, an event that the bereaved Bell described as "horrible". [5]

Dolph Lundgren Swedish actor

HansLundgren, better known as Dolph Lundgren, is a Swedish actor, filmmaker, and martial artist. Lundgren's breakthrough came in 1985, when he starred in Rocky IV as the imposing Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago. Since then, he has starred in more than 40 films, almost all of them in the action genre.

<i>Men of War</i> (film) 1994 American action film directed by Perry Lang

Men of War is a 1994 action film directed by Perry Lang, written by John Sayles, and revised by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris. It stars Dolph Lundgren as Nick Gunar, a former Special Ops soldier who leads a group of mercenaries to a treasure island in the South China Sea.

Thailand Constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam, is a country at the centre of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula composed of 76 provinces. At 513,120 km2 (198,120 sq mi) and over 68 million people, Thailand is the world's 50th-largest country by total area and the 21st-most-populous country. The capital and largest city is Bangkok, a special administrative area. Thailand is bordered to the north by Myanmar and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and to the west by the Andaman Sea and the southern extremity of Myanmar. Its maritime boundaries include Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast, and Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea to the southwest. It is a unitary state. Although nominally the country is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, the most recent coup, in 2014, established a de facto military dictatorship under a junta.

In 1995, she obtained a three-line role in one episode of the NBC TV series JAG, which centers on the work of the United States Department of the Navy's Judge Advocate General office. NBC canceled the show after which it was picked up by CBS, which restructured the series, incorporating a female Marine Corps lawyer character, Sarah MacKenzie. Bell auditioned for that role and won it. One episode of the show established that MacKenzie is an Iranian-American, and featured Bell speaking Persian. [3] She continued in this role until the series ended in 2005. [6]

NBC American television and radio network

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United States Department of the Navy

The United States Department of the Navy was established by an Act of Congress on 30 April 1798, to provide a government organizational structure to the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps and, when directed by the President, the United States Coast Guard, as a service within the Department of the Navy, though each remain independent service branches. The Department of the Navy was an Executive Department and the Secretary of the Navy was a member of the President's cabinet until 1949, when amendments to the National Security Act of 1947 changed the name of the National Military Establishment to the Department of Defense and made it an Executive Department. The Department of the Navy then became, along with the Department of the Army and Department of the Air Force, a Military Department within the Department of Defense: subject to the authority, direction and control of the Secretary of Defense.

Judge Advocate General of the Navy highest-ranking uniformed lawyer in the United States Department of the Navy

The Judge Advocate General of the Navy (JAG) is the highest-ranking uniformed lawyer in the United States Department of the Navy. The Judge Advocate General is the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations on legal matters pertaining to the Navy. The Judge Advocate General also performs other duties prescribed to them under 10 U.S.C. § 5148 and those prescribed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Beginning in 2007, Bell starred in Lifetime's ensemble drama series Army Wives as Denise Sherwood, the wife of a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, [7] who endures domestic violence at the hands of her teenage son during the show's first season. [8]

Bell was the Grand Marshal of the NASCAR Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway on 3 June 2007. [9]

Bell played the role of Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale, the main character of Hallmark's The Good Witch (2008), and its sequels The Good Witch's Garden (2009), The Good Witch's Gift (2010), The Good Witch's Family (2011), The Good Witch's Charm (2012), The Good Witch's Destiny (2013), and The Good Witch's Wonder (2014). She was also a co-executive producer of all of the movies. [10] She also starred in another Hallmark movie titled Last Man Standing . [11]

In 2015 it was reported that Bell would star in the movie Love Finds Its Way, which would begin filming in 2016. [12] Production began on the film in March 2017, with Vancouver as the filming location, and 9 July 2017 as the date for the film's premiere on the Hallmark Channel. [13]

On April 2, 2019, CBS announced that Bell would be reprising her JAG role of Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie alongside former co-star David James Elliott for a multi-episode arc in the tenth season of NCIS: Los Angeles. [14]


In 2006, Bell was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television for her role in The Triangle .

Personal life

Bell is fluent in Persian and English. She is fond of motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding and kickboxing. Her hobbies include cross-stitching and making model cars, which she has done since age eight. [15]

In 2002, The Sporting News falsely reported that Bell correctly predicted that the New England Patriots would beat the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, 20 to 17 in a celebrity survey conducted just before the season started. [16] However, Bell's prediction occurred after the NFC and AFC championship games had already been completed, so she did not predict the teams that would be participating, only the final score. [17]

During the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, Bell took flying lessons in a Cirrus SR22. [18] s

Bell met actor-production assistant Adam Beason on the set of the 1992 film Death Becomes Her. They were married on 8 May 1994. They are the parents of daughter Gemma (b. 2003) and son Ronan (b. 2010). [19] [20] They lived in a nearly 5,700-square-foot faux-Tuscan-style mini-mansion in Calabasas, California. [21] The couple sold the house in 2010, [21] and publicly confirmed that they had separated sometime before September 2011. [22]

Since 2012, Bell has lived with fellow Scientologist, photographer and party planner Brooke Daniells in Los Angeles. [23] In 2014, Bell paid $2.05 million for a recently remodeled, 3,380-square-foot, single-story ranch house on a 1.2 acre lot in the gated Hidden Hills community in the western suburbs of Los Angeles. [21]


Bell was raised Roman Catholic and attended an all-girls Catholic school (Our Lady of Corvallis High School in Los Angeles). She is currently a practicing Scientologist. [24] Bell has attested to attaining the Scientology state of Clear. [25] She has supported Scientology's Hollywood Education and Literacy Project. [26]

In December 2005, Bell helped promote the gala opening of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (a Scientology supported group), "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" museum. [27]

In February 2006, Bell appeared in a Scientology music video called "United". The film includes cameo performances by Isaac Hayes, Erika Christensen, Jenna Elfman and Lynsey Bartilson and promotes human rights with a rap song. [28]



NCIS: Los Angeles 2019Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie False Flag, the original main character from JAG
A Summer to Remember2018Jessica TuckerTelevision film (Hallmark); Leading Role [29]
Home for Christmas Day2017Jane McKendrickTelevision film (Hallmark); Leading Role & Executive Producer [30]
Christmas in the Air2017LydiaTelevision film (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries); Leading Role
High-Rise Rescue2017Beth DavisLeading role [31]
The Do-Over 2016Dawn DifazioTelevision film (Netflix)
The Bandit Hound2015Joanne
Good Witch 2015–presentCassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
The Good Witch's Wonder 2014Cassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
Los Angeles, RIGHT NOW2014K-PUB's station managerEpisode #5 The Bully
The Good Witch's Destiny 2013Cassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
King & Maxwell 2013Joan DillingerEpisodes #1.05 and #1.10
The Good Witch's Charm 2012Cassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
Good Morning, Killer2011FBI Special Agent Ana GrayLeading role; shown as part of the TNT Mystery Movie Night series
Last Man Standing 2011Abby CollinsLeading role
The Good Witch's Family 2011Cassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
The Good Witch's Gift 2010Cassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
The Good Witch's Garden 2009Cassandra "Cassie" NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
The Good Witch 2008Cassandra NightingaleLeading Role & Co-Executive Producer
Army Wives 2007–2013 Denise Sherwood Series Regular
Evan Almighty 2007Susan Ortega (Uncredited)sequel to Bruce Almighty
Still Small Voices 2007Michael Summer
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2006Naomi ChealesEpisode #8.09: "Choreographed"
Company Town2006Maggie Shaunessyunaired pilot
Threshold 2006Dr. Daphne LarsonEpisode #1.11: "Outbreak"
The Triangle 2005Emily Patterson
Babak and Friends: A First Norooz 2005LaylaVoice
JAG 1996–2005Maj./Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie Leading Role
Episode #1.22: "Skeleton Crew" (1996) as Lieutenant Junior Grade Diane Schonke
Episode #2.01: "We the People" (1997) as Lieutenant Junior Grade Diane Schonke (archive footage)
Episode #3.19: "Death Watch" (1998) as Lieutenant Junior Grade Diane Schonke (archive footage)
Episode #5.11: "Ghosts of Christmas Past" (1999) as Jenny Lake
Episode #6.23: "Mutiny" (2001) as Mrs. Alexander MacKenzie
Episode #8.14: "Each of Us Angels" (2003) as Ensign Beverly Tromatore
Hot Line: Seductive Tales1996Cat
The Brunch Club
Bruce Almighty 2003Susan Ortega
Thrill Seekers 1999Elizabeth Wintern
Cab to Canada1998Sandy
Black Thunder 1998Lisa
Sin City Spectacular 1998–1999Episode #1.10 and #1.16
Crash Dive1997Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Stark
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 1997CyneaEpisode #3.10: "The Lady and the Dragon"
Hot Line 1996CatEpisode "The Brunch Club"
aka Hotline Volume 3 (VHS release title)
The Naked Truth 1995Episode #1.11: "Comet Nails Star and Vice Versa!"
Friends 1995RobinEpisode #2.06: "The One with the Baby on the Bus"
Alien Nation: Body and Soul 1995Cop
Vanishing Son 1995Episode #2.06: "Miracle Under 34th Street" as Kelly,
Episode #2.12: "Long Ago and Far Away" as Rachel
Men of War 1994Grace Lashield
Dream On 1994Kay MeadowsEpisode #5.09: "Those Who Can't, Edit"
Mother of the Bride 1993Chastity
Death Becomes Her 1992Lisle's Body Double Isabella Rossellini
True Colors 1991DonnaEpisode No. 2.08: "Brotherly Love"


Battle of the Network Stars 2017 [32]
Hallmark's Home & Family 26 October 2012, 25 October 2013, 3 April 2015, 6 May 2016,
Rachael Ray 23 April 2010
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 1 August 2008
The View 16 June 2008
Live with Regis and Kelly 2 June 2008
Martha 17 January 2008
Live with Regis and Kelly 16 January 2008
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 8 August 2007
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet 1 August 2007
Live with Regis and Kelly 31 July 2007
Late Show with David Letterman 30 July 2007
Sci Fi Inside: The Triangle 2005
United 2005
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 23 May 2003
The View 13 May 2003
DVD Exclusive Awards 2003Presenter
CBS at 75 [1] 2003
Yes, Dear 2003Episode #3.14: "Let's Get Jaggy with It"
Sidewalks Entertainment 2002Episode #13.1: "Wedding Planner (Special Edition)"
The Howard Stern Show 24 July 2002
Hollywood Squares 24 September 2001
The Rosie O'Donnell Show 15 January 2001
Miss Universe 2000 May 2000Judge
Celebrity Jeopardy! May 1999
The Howie Mandel Show1998
To Tell the Truth1990in episode with Shelley Michelle as Cathy Bell

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The Good Witch's Destiny is a 2013 Canadian/American family film and Hallmark Channel original movie written by Annie Frisbie and directed by Craig Pryce. The film stars Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, Robin Dunne, Catherine Disher, Matthew Knight, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, and Peter MacNeill. Destiny is the sixth film in The Good Witch film series. The film premiered on Hallmark Channel October 26, 2013.

The Good Witch's Charm is a Hallmark Channel film that aired on October 27, 2012. It starred Catherine Bell as Cassandra Russell and Chris Potter as police chief Jake Russell. Although set in "Middleton, USA" it was filmed in Hamilton and Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. This is the fifth installment in the series.

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The Good Witch's Wonder is a 2014 Canadian/American family film and Hallmark Channel original movie written by G. Ross Parker and directed by Craig Pryce. The film stars Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, Catherine Disher, Matthew Knight, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Ashley Leggat, Peter MacNeill, Rachel Wilson and Connor Price. Wonder, the seventh film in The Good Witch film series, premiered on Hallmark Channel on October 25, 2014.


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