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Computerworld cover for Volume 45, Issue 14, August 8, 2011
Executive EditorKen Mingis [1]
Categories Computer magazine
FrequencyMonthly (digital) [2]
PublisherJohn Amato [3]
Total circulation
(December 2012)
101,598 [4]
Founder Patrick Joseph McGovern
Year founded1967 (1967)
First issueJune 21, 1967;52 years ago (1967-06-21)
(an introductory issue called v. 1, no. 0 issued June 14, 1967) [5] [6]
Final issueJune 23, 2014 (2014-06-23) (print) [2]
Company IDG
CountryUnited States
Based in Framingham, Mass.
ISSN 0010-4841

Computerworld (abbreviated as CW) is an ongoing [7] decades old professional publication which in 2014 "went digital." [2] Its audience is information technology (IT) and business technology professionals, [8] and is available via a publication website and as a digital magazine.


As a printed weekly during the 1970s and into the 1980s, Computerworld was the leading trade publication in the data processing industry. [9] [10] Indeed, based on circulation and revenue it was one of the most successful trade publications in any industry. [9] Later in the 1980s it began to lose its dominant position. [10]

It is published in many countries around the world under the same or similar names. Each country's version of Computerworld includes original content and is managed independently. The parent company of Computerworld US is IDG Communications.


The first issue was published in 1967. [11]

Going international

The company IDG offers the brand "Computerworld" in 47 countries worldwide, the name and frequency differ slightly though. [12] When IDG established the Swedish edition in 1983 i.e., the title "Computerworld" was already registered in Sweden by another publisher. This is why the Swedish edition is named Computer Sweden  [ sv ]. The corresponding German publication is called Computerwoche  [ de ] (which translates to "computer week") instead.

Computerworld is distributed as a morning newspaper in tabloid format (41 cm) in 51,000 copies (2007) with an estimated 120,000 readers. From 1999 to 2008, it was published three days a week, but since 2009, it is published only on Tuesdays and Fridays. [13] [14] [15]

Going digital

In June 2014, Computerworld US abandoned its print edition, becoming an exclusively digital publication. [2] In late July 2014, Computerworld debuted the monthly Computerworld Digital Magazine. In 2017, Computerworld celebrated its 50th year in tech publishing with a number of features and stories highlighting the publication's history. [16]

Computerworld's website premiered in 1996, [17] nearly two decades before their last printed issue.


Computerworld US serves IT and business management with coverage of information technology, [18] emerging technologies and analysis of technology trends. [19] Computerworld also publishes several notable special reports each year, including the 100 Best Places to Work in IT, [7] IT Salary Survey, the DATA+ Editors' Choice Awards and the annual Forecast research report. Computerworld in the past has published stories that highlight the effects of immigration to the U.S. (e.g. the H-1B visa) on U.S. software engineers. [20] [21]


The executive editor of Computerworld in the U.S. is Ken Mingis, who leads a small staff of editors, writers and freelancers who cover a variety of enterprise IT topics (with a concentration on Windows, Mobile and Apple/Enterprise). [22]

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