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PublisherPopular Computing, Inc. (CW Communications, Inc.)
InfoWorld Publishing, Inc. (IDG Communications, Inc.)
First issue11 December 1978;42 years ago (1978-12-11)
Final issue2 April 2007 (2007-04-02) [1] (Now published online)
Country United States
Based in San Francisco
ISSN 0199-6649

InfoWorld (abbreviated IW) is an information technology media business. Founded in 1978, it began as a monthly magazine. In 2007, it transitioned to a web-only publication. Its parent company today is International Data Group, [2] and its sister publications include Macworld and PC World . InfoWorld is based in San Francisco, with contributors and supporting staff based across the United States. [3]


Since its founding, InfoWorld's readership has largely consisted of IT and business professionals. InfoWorld focuses on how-to, analysis, and editorial content from a mixture of experienced technology journalists and working technology practitioners. The site averages 4.6 million monthly page views and 1.1 million monthly unique visitors. [4]


The magazine was founded by Jim Warren in 1978 as The Intelligent Machines Journal (IMJ). [5] It sold to IDG in late 1979. On 18 February 1980, the name was changed to InfoWorld. [1] In 1986, the Robert X. Cringely column began; for many, that pseudonymous column was the face of InfoWorld and its close ties to Silicon Valley in particular. [1] [6] [7]

Up to including the 15 June 1987 issue 24, volume 9, InfoWorld was published by Popular Computing, Inc., a subsidiary of CW Communications, Inc. Since then it was published by InfoWorld Publishing, Inc., a subsidiary of IDG Communications, Inc.

Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe was CEO and publisher from 1991 to 1996, and contributed a weekly column until 2000. [8] [9] As the magazine transitioned to be exclusively Web-based, a final print edition was dated 2 April 2007 (Volume 29, Issue 14, Number 1384). [1]

In its web incarnation, InfoWorld has transitioned away from widely available news stories to a focus on how-to, expert testing, and thought leadership. [10]

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Hardcard is the genericized trademark for a hard disk drive, disk controller, and host adapter on an expansion card for a personal computer.

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Desktop Publishing magazine was founded, edited, and published by Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes of TUG/User Publications, Inc., of Redwood City, CA.). Its first issue appeared in October, 1985, and was created and produced on a personal computer with desktop publishing software, preparing output on a prototype PostScript-driven typesetting machine from Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Erik Sandberg-Diment, a columnist at The New York Times, tried to buy the venture outright when he saw an early edition.


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