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Season 1 title screen
Starring Tony Barry
Simon Westaway (season 1)
Dave Gibson
Judy Morris (season 1)
Aaron Pedersen (season 1)
Mary-Anne Fahey (season 1)
David Cotter (season 2)
Hugo Weaving (season 2)
Joanne Moore (season 2)
Composers Nerida Tyson-Chew (season 1)
Clive Harrison (season 2)
Colin Timms (season 2)
Country of origin Australia
Original languageEnglish
No. of episodes52
Executive producersGerry Travers
John Travers
ProducersKatie Cordes (season 1)
Brenda Chat (season 2)
Production locationsArtarmon, Australia
EditorsDjordje Lukic
Danielle Akayan (season 2)
Running time24 minutes
Production companyEnergee Entertainment
Original network Nine Network
Picture formatPAL
Original release31 May 1996 (1996-05-31) 
1998 (1998)
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Crocadoo is an Australian animated series produced by Energee Entertainment and the Nine Network from 1996 to 1998. [1] It follows the adventures of a group of blue crocodiles trying to protect their riverbank from a mad developer. Crocadoo was Energee Entertainment's first original series, its first season being digitally colored and composited with Apple computers running Adobe, Linker Systems and COSA software. The first season's 3D backgrounds (Hotel, hotel interiors) were created using SGI Power Animator. Halfway through the first series, beginning with "Watch out for the Wonglebacks", some character animation was outsourced to Vietnam. Crocadoo's second season utilized Energee Entertainment's own CECAPS computer paint software. [2]


Currently, the show is part of the Your Family Entertainment catalog and continues to air on their television networks worldwide.




Other Characters


Season 1: 1996

  1. The Noise Machine
  2. Watch out for the Wonglebacks!
  3. Daycare Nightmare
  4. The Club
  5. Big Fish Blues
  6. Almost A Ghost
  7. Jobs For The Crocs
  8. The Frame Up
  9. Jailhouse Croc
  10. Rumble In The Jungle
  11. Frankencroc
  12. The Tourist Trap
  13. Gone Troppo
  14. X Is For Explorers
  15. The Big Dry
  16. Urban Crocodile
  17. Crocadoo Breakout
  18. Slippery Dip
  19. Making Movies
  20. Red Eyed Rogue
  21. Hiccups
  22. Cane Toad Chaos
  23. Mixed Up Love
  24. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
  25. Croc Haven
  26. Crocs In Peril

Season 2: 1998

  1. Friday The 13th
  2. A Bunyip Story
  3. Space Dog
  4. Baby On Board
  5. Trouble Ahead
  6. Robocroc
  7. I Scream Of Genie
  8. The Big Dig
  9. Wipeout
  10. Robbing Hood
  11. Pick-a-Silly-Circus
  12. Crocodile Magic
  13. White Christmas
  14. Tree Lurking Crocs
  15. Easter Feast
  16. Arty Party
  17. Tiny Bit Of Trouble
  18. Croc Olympics
  19. Pollution In Paradise
  20. What's The Time Mr. Croc?
  21. Waldo The Wondercroc
  22. Holiday Hazards
  23. Lost Island
  24. Venus Croctrap
  25. Birthday Surprise
  26. The Year Of The Croc

Computer Game

Along the way there are activities that involve solving, puzzling and creative skills.

The game was released in 1998 at the same time when season 2 was aired.

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