Cyril Jordan

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Cyril Jordan
Birth name Cyril Henrygarwick Jordan [1]
BornAugust 31, 1948 (1948-08-31) (age 69)
San Francisco
Genres Rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Associated acts The Flamin' Groovies, The Magic Christian

Cyril Jordan (born August 31, 1948 in San Francisco) is a guitarist and founding member of San Francisco cult band the Flamin' Groovies. They are best remembered for their influential 1976 album Shake Some Action . Jordan founded the band in 1965, [2] playing with them until they disbanded in 1992.

Flamin' Groovies is an American rock music band that started in San Francisco in 1965, led by Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan. After the Groovies released three albums, Loney left the band in 1971. He was replaced as co-leader by Chris Wilson, and the band's emphasis shifted more toward British Invasion power pop. The band signed to United Artists Records in 1972 releasing three more singles until 1976. The Groovies then signed to Sire Records and released three albums between 1976-79, Shake Some Action, Now and Jumpin' in the Night. The album title also a single Shake Some Action became a power pop anthem and is revered by many including Greil Marcus in his book, The History of Rock and Roll in Ten Songs. Chris Wilson left the band in 1981. After a couple of limited reunions with different lineups, the 1970s nucleus of Jordan, Wilson, and Alexander reformed the group in 2013, and the band's first post-reunion album was released in 2017.

<i>Shake Some Action</i> 1976 studio album by Flamin Groovies

Shake Some Action is the fourth studio album by American rock band the Flamin' Groovies. The album was released in June 1976 by Sire Records. The title Shake Some Action originates from a line in the 1965 film None but the Brave.

His song "Shake Some Action", co-written with Chris Wilson, appeared in the 1995 movie Clueless . [3]

<i>Clueless</i> (film) 1995 film by Amy Heckerling

Clueless is a 1995 American coming-of-age romantic comedy film written and directed by Amy Heckerling. It stars Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy. Clueless was produced by Scott Rudin and Robert Lawrence. It is loosely based on Jane Austen's 1815 novel, Emma, with a modern-day setting of Beverly Hills. The plot centers on Cher, a high school student, who befriends a new student named Tai.

After the death of George Harrison in 2001, Cyril performed a tribute to George with a band known as the New Moondogs at a special charity event at CD Land in Palo Alto, California. Cyril also backed up Gordon Waller (of Peter and Gordon) at the same venue a few months later. [4]

George Harrison British musician, lead guitarist of the Beatles

George Harrison was an English musician, singer-songwriter, music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. Often referred to as "the quiet Beatle", Harrison embraced Indian culture and helped broaden the scope of popular music through his incorporation of Indian instrumentation and Hindu-aligned spirituality in the Beatles' work. Although the majority of the band's songs were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, most Beatles albums from 1965 onwards contained at least two Harrison compositions. His songs for the group included "Taxman", "Within You Without You", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes the Sun" and "Something".

Gordon Waller British musician

Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller was a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known as Gordon of the 1960s pop music duo Peter and Gordon, whose biggest hit was the No. 1 million-selling classic "A World Without Love".

Peter and Gordon band

Peter and Gordon were a British pop duo, composed of Peter Asher and Gordon Waller (1945–2009), who achieved international fame in 1964 with their first single, the million-selling transatlantic No.1 smash "A World Without Love". The duo had several subsequent hits in the British Invasion era.

Jordan designed many of the earliest Flamin' Groovies handbills and has subsequently worked as an artist and illustrator. [5]

In 2013, the Flamin' Groovies, including Jordan, Chris Wilson, George Alexander, and new member Victor Penalosa, reformed to play dates in Japan, Australia, England, and the United States.


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<i>Teenage Head</i> (Flamin Groovies album) 1971 studio album by The Flamin Groovies

Teenage Head is the third studio album by the American rock band Flamin' Groovies, released in March 1971 by Kama Sutra Records.

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<i>Groovies Greatest Grooves</i> compilation album by Flamin Groovies

Groovies' Greatest Grooves is a 1989 compilation album by U.S. rock band the Flamin' Groovies, originally released by Sire Records. The tracks were selected by Rolling Stone Senior Writer Michael Goldberg and freelance rock critic Michael Snyder, who also co-wrote the liner notes. Goldberg and Snyder wanted to emphasize the Groovies' original material, and so 18 of the album's 24 songs are Groovies originals. It also collected tracks from throughout the group's career, and showcased their versatility and changing styles throughout the years. Having said that, it draws heavily from their three Sire Records albums, with 20 of the 24 songs from those records.

Chris Wilson is a guitarist and multi instrumentalist, most known for his role as the singer of the best-remembered line-up San Francisco cult band the Flamin' Groovies, having replaced original singer Roy Loney in 1971. With Wilson on lead vocals, the band released their influential 1976 album Shake Some Action.

<i>Flamingo</i> (Flamin Groovies album) 1970 studio album by The Flamin Groovies

Flamingo is the second studio album by the garage rock band the Flamin' Groovies. It was released in 1970. Following the group's departure from the Epic record label, it was the first of their two albums for Kama Sutra Records.

<i>Supersnazz</i> 1969 studio album by The Flamin Groovies

Supersnazz is the first studio album by the garage rock band the Flamin' Groovies. It was released in 1969 on the Epic label. The release was their only album recorded expressly for a major record label, although all of their next five albums were distributed by major labels. Supersnazz was later released in compact disc format in 2000 on Sundazed Records with four edits of songs from the album included as bonus tracks.

<i>Flamin Groovies Now</i> 1978 studio album by The Flamin Groovies

Flamin' Groovies Now is the fifth studio album by The Flamin' Groovies, released in 1978 and produced by Dave Edmunds, which marked a resurgence of the San Francisco band and brought them to international audiences informed by the post-punk ethic of simplicity that chimed with their classic West Coast melodic pop.

<i>Jumpin in the Night</i> album by Flamin Groovies

Jumpin' in the Night is the sixth studio album by The Flamin' Groovies, released in 1979 and produced by Cyril Jordan and Roger Bechirian.

<i>Fantastic Plastic</i> (album) 2017 studio album by The Flamin Groovies

Fantastic Plastic is the ninth studio album by The Flamin' Groovies, released on September 22, 2017 and produced by Cyril Jordan and J. Jaffe. The album, the first new album from the Groovies since 1993, features the reunion of the Groovies most commercially successful lineup, the classic 1970s lineup of guitarists/vocalists Jordan and Chris Wilson and bassist George Alexander, who recorded three albums together before splitting up in 1981.

<i>One Night Stand</i> (album) 1987 studio album by The Flamin Groovies

One Night Stand is the seventh studio album by the Flamin' Groovies, released in 1987 and produced by Cyril Jordan, who also provided the cover art. The album was recorded "live in the studio" in a single night in Australia by the then-current version of the Groovies during a "grueling" tour of Australia, Japan and Europe.

<i>Rock Juice</i> 1993 studio album by Flamin Groovies

Rock Juice is the eighth studio album by the Flamin' Groovies, released in September 1993 and produced by Cyril Jordan, who also provided the cover art, and Karl Derfler. The album was completed by Jordan and Groovies' bassist George Alexander after the group's breakup in 1991, and they are the only musicians credited in the liner notes.

<i>A Bucket of Brains</i> 1995 studio album by Flamin Groovies

A Bucket of Brains is a studio EP/CD by the Flamin' Groovies, primarily consisting of seven songs recorded by the group while living in England and recording for the British branch of United Artists Records ("UA") in 1972. The songs were intended to form the basis of the Groovies' fourth studio album, to be entitled A Bucket of Brains. Six of the songs were produced by Dave Edmunds, while the seventh was produced by Groovies' leader Cyril Jordan. The eighth song on the album is the original "correct speed" studio version of the Groovies' most famous song, "Shake Some Action".

<i>Step Up</i> (Flamin Groovies album) album

Step Up is a compilation album of in-studio demos recorded by the Flamin' Groovies in the San Francisco Bay Area between 1984 to 1989 and released in 1991. The demos were produced by Cyril Jordan and engineered and mixed by Karl Derfler, and the album was released shortly after the band broke up. However, after the breakup, eight of the 13 songs were reworked and remixed by Jordan and Derfler, along with removing all lead and backing vocals except for those by Jordan and Groovies' bassist George Alexander, and were then ultimately issued on the Groovies' eighth studio album Rock Juice in 1993.