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Dan Stuart
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Stuart in Oaxaca in 2011
Background information
Birth nameDaniel Gordon Stuart
Born1961 (age 5960)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Rock
Associated acts Green on Red, Steve Wynn, Danny & Dusty

Daniel Gordon Stuart (born March 5, 1961, Los Angeles) is an American musician best known as the lead singer of the rock band Green on Red (other members included Chuck Prophet, Chris Cacavas and Jack Waterson), his teaming with Steve Wynn as Danny & Dusty and a trilogy of "Marlowe Billings" solo records released from 2012 - 2018.



Raised in Tucson, Arizona, Dan Stuart founded punk band The Serfers in 1979. [1] The next year the band moved to LA, changed the name to Green On Red, [2] and became associated with the paisley underground (along with Rain Parade and The Dream Syndicate). [3] After releasing two EPs, the band recorded their first full album, Gravity Talks for Slash Records in 1983. Green On Red toured America and Europe extensively and released eight more records before disbanding in 1992. [4] In that time, Stuart worked with producers Jim Dickinson, Glyn Johns, and Al Kooper.

Danny & Dusty recorded and released The Lost Weekend album in 1985. [5]

After Green On Red, Stuart recorded the album Retronuevo with Al Perry in 1993, and solo effort Can O'Worms [6] in 1995, before largely leaving the music business.

He would return for a Green On Red reunion in 2006, and a second Danny & Dusty record, Cast Iron Soul [7] in 2007.

The Slummers, [8] a band he started with producer JD Foster, released Love Of The Amateur, produced by Italian guitar player/composer Antonio Gramentieri, in 2010.

Stuart released a second solo album, The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings, summer 2012.

Dan Stuart, Arizona: 1993-95, [9] a double cd featuring Can O'Worms and Retronuevo plus a never released EP was released in 2013.

The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings [10] is also the title of "a false memoir" written by Stuart and published in 2014.

Stuart released a third solo album, Marlowe's Revenge, recorded with Mexican band Twin Tones in 2015, mixed by JD Foster, and released February 2016.

Summer 2018, Stuart released The Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings, recorded with producer/guitarist Danny Amis (Los Straitjackets, Raybeats). The record is a companion piece to a novel of the same name.

Stuart is currently residing in Tucson, AZ after nearly a decade in Mexico.


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Dan Stuart

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