Demon Fighter

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Demon Fighter
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Traditional 午夜蘭花
Simplified 午夜兰花
Directed byChang Peng-i
Produced byHuang Hua-wu
Hu Chih-chung
Written by Gu Long
Starring Adam Cheng
Brigitte Lin
Music byHuang Mou-shan
CinematographyNajako Shintaro
Release date
  • 1983 (1983)
Running time
79 minutes

Demon Fighter is a 1983 Taiwanese film written by Gu Long. The film was directed by Chang Peng-i and starring Adam Cheng and Brigitte Lin. Alternative release titles for the film include: Orchids of Midnight; Night Orchid; Thirteen Moon Sword; Lone Ninja Warrior and Faster Blade Poisonous Darts.


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