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Background information
OriginNorwood, London, England
Genres Dubstep
  • DMZ (Mala, Coki, Loefah and Sgt. Pokes' label)
  • Deep Medi Musik (Mala's label)
  • Don't Get It Twisted (Coki's label)
  • AWD (Coki's label)
  • Ital (Loefah's label)
  • Swamp 81 (Loefah's label)
  • 81 (Loefah's sub-label)
  • Mala
  • Coki

Digital Mystikz are a dubstep production duo consisting of Mala (born Mark Lawrence), and Coki (born Dean Harris, 26 August 1980) from the South London suburb of Norwood. [1] [2] Along with Loefah and SGT Pokes, who make up the group ASBO (All Soundbwoy Out), they operate the DMZ record label and host the influential [3] bimonthly [4] nightclub DMZ, held at the Mass club complex in Brixton, London. [5] BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel was an early supporter of Digital Mystikz, eventually putting them in his annual 2004 top 50 list at number 29. [6] They are among the scene's most famous producers. [7] Their song "Anti War Dub" appeared in the 2006 film Children of Men , although it wasn't included in the soundtrack. In the summer of 2008, Mala was chosen to headline the night portion of the Sónar Festival in Barcelona. [8] In April 2011, Mala travelled to Cuba with Gilles Peterson who was returning to Havana to produce the second instalment in the Havana Cultura series. While Peterson recorded new material with local musicians, Mala began work on a new album Mala in Cuba, [9] which was released in September 2012.



DMZ has been described as one of Dubstep's two "most influential regular clubnight[s]" (with its predecessor FWD>> the other one) [10] and "central to the scene". [11] Since starting in March 2005, the club's attendance has increased steadily. [12] DMZ's first anniversary, when a queue of 600 people [13] forced the club to move from its regular 400-capacity space [5] to Mass' main room, has been cited as a pivotal moment in Dubstep's history. [10] BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, whose support of Dubstep has increased the music's popularity, discovered it at DMZ. [14] Straight outta Croydon fliers carry the slogan "come meditate on bass weight". [7] In 2005, an assortment of songs were created specifically to be played on the club's soundsystem. [3]


Release dateLabelCat#Artist(s)Release nameFormat
2004aBig Apple RecordsBAM 004Digital MystikzPathways / Ugly12"
2004bRephlexCAT 160 CDDigital Mystikz, Loefah, Kode9Grime 212" / CD
2004cDMZDMZ 001Digital Mystikz & LoefahTwisup12" / Web
2004dDMZDMZ 002Digital Mystikz & LoefahDubsession12" / Web
2005aDMZDMZ 003Mala & LoefahDa Wrath / Twisup (VIP Mixes)12" / Web
2005bDMZDMZ 004CokiOfficer / Mood Dub12" / Web
2005cDMZDMZ 005Digital MystikzNeverland / Stuck12" / Web
2005dDMZDMZ 006LoefahRoot / The Goat Stare12" / Web
2006aDMZDMZ 007Digital MystikzHaunted / Anti War Dub12" / Web
2006bDMZDMZ 008Digital MystikzAncient Memories12" / Web
2006c Soul Jazz Records SJR 134-12Digital MystikzMisty Winter / Conference12" / Web
2006d Soul Jazz Records SJR 135-12Digital MystikzWalkin' With Jah / Earth A Run Red12" / Web
2006eTectonicTEC008Digital Mystikz & LoefahSystem / Molten12" / Web
2006fDMZDMZ 009LoefahMud / Ruffage12" / CD
2006gDMZDMZ 010MalaLeft Leg Out / Blue Notez12"
2006h Tempa TEMPA 024CokiTortured / Shattered12" / Web
2007aDMZDMZ 011MalaBury Da Bwoy / Hunter12"
2007bDeep Medi MusikMEDI-03Coki & LoefahDisko Rekah / All Of A Sudden12" / Web
2007cDeep Medi MusikMEDI-04MalaChanges / Forgive12" / Web
2007dDMZDMZ 012MalaLean Forward / Learn12"
2007eNot on labelI&I001MalaAlicia12"
2007fNot on labelI&I002MalaIn Luv12"
2007gBig Apple RecordsBAM 009CokiRed Eye12"
2007hDMZDMZ 013CokiSpongeBob / The End12"
2007i Tempa TEMPA 030Coki & BengaNight12" / CD
2007jRingo RecordsRNG004CokiMad Head / Bass12"
2008aDisfigured DubzDIS002Digital Mystikz / SilkieShake Out Your Demons / Cyber Dub12"
2008b Soul Jazz Records SJR 161-12Digital Mystikz & Kode9Wait / Magnetic City12" / CD
2008cSub Freq RecordingsFREQ001Coki vs ChefalBloodthirst / Electro Bashment12" / CD
2008d Soul Jazz Records SJR 172-12Digital Mystikz & Kode9Thief In The Night / Stung12" / CD
2008eDMZDMZ 014CokiTriple Six / Road Rage12"
2008fDeep Medi MusikMEDI-10MalaMiracles / New Life Baby Paris12" / Web
2009aDancing DemonsDDEMON001CokiSquare Off / Warlord Riddim12"
2009bRingo RecordsRNG008Johnny Clark VS Mala & CokiSinners / Goblin12"
2009c Hyperdub HDBCD005Mala & Cooly G 5 Years Of HyperdubCD / Web
2010aDMZDMZLP001MalaReturn II Space12"
2010b Soul Jazz Records SJR 233-12Four Tet vs MalaNothing To See / Don’t Let Me Go12" / Web
2010cDMZDMZ 021Digital MystikzEducation / Horrid Henry12"
2010dDMZDMZLP002CokiUrban Ethics12" / CD / Web
2010eHonest Jon's RecordsHJP54Moritz Von Oswald Trio & Digital MystikzRestructure 212" / Web
2011a Tempa TEMPA 055CokiBoomba12" / Web
2011bSum Ting NewSTN 002Cotti ft Badness & Coki vs CottiTeen Wolf / Jugger-Nog12" / Web
2011cAWDAWD001CokiLucifer / Ruff Lovin'12"
2011dDMZDMZEP001CokiDon’t Get It Twisted12" / Web
2011eDMZDMZ 023MalaEyez VIP12"
2012aDMZDMZ 022Digital MystikzMarduk / Enter Dimensions12"
2012bAWDAWD002CokiDuppy Soursop12"
2012cDMZDMZ 026CokiHaymaker / Revolution12"
2012dDMZDMZEP002CokiDon’t Get It Twisted Vol. 212" / Web
2012e Brownswood Recordings BWOOD090LPMalaMala in Cuba12" / CD / Web
2012fDon't Get It TwistedDGIT001CokiBob's Pillow / Spooky12" / Web
2012gAWDAWD003CokiDry Cry (Soundboy)12"
2012hDMZDMZ 029MalaStand Against War / Maintain Thru Madness12"
2013aDon't Get It TwistedDGIT002Coki & BlacksHold On Wait / Bedouins12" / Web
2013bDon't Get It TwistedDGIT004CokiVoodoo Dolls / Prototype12" / Web
2013cDMZDMZ 030Digital Mystikz2 Much Chat / Coral Reef12"
2014aAWDAWD004CokiDemonator / Indian Girl12"
2014bDeep Medi MusikMEDi7001MalaI Wait, Pt. 27" / Web
2014cBerceuse HeroiqueBH 0.5LoefahWoman / Midnight12"

– Releases are sorted by the earliest release date.
– Some of the early DMZ releases were later sent off digital stores.
– Japanese version of Urban Ethics album (P-Vine Records / PCD-93430) features 3 bonus tracks – "Mappa Riddim", "Sweety" and "Dark Force".
– Japanese version of Mala in Cuba album (Beat Records / BRC-348) features 15th bonus track "Rising".

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Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the early 2000s. It is generally characterised by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with prominent sub-bass frequencies. The style emerged as an offshoot of UK garage, drawing on a lineage of related styles such as 2-step and dub reggae, as well as jungle, broken beat, and grime. In the United Kingdom, the origins of the genre can be traced back to the growth of the Jamaican sound system party scene in the early 1980s.

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Joe Nice is a dubstep DJ from Baltimore, Maryland. Nice was the first person to put on dubstep nights in America and founded New York's irregular Dub War club night, which has hosted performances by British dubstep artists such as Hatcha, Youngsta, Kode9, Mala, and Loefah. He performs regularly in New York, London, and elsewhere. He first heard dubstep in 2002, at the Baltimore venue Starscape, and began playing it that same year. He has been praised for his charisma and stage presence. In 2005, music journalist Martin Clark also praised him for his access to new dubplates and willingness to play tracks by lesser-known producers. In 2007, Nice was selected as one of URB magazine's "Next 100". In 2015, he founded the label known as Gourmet Beats, pushing content from the likes of Moonstones, Fill Spectre & DJG.

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Tectonic is a British electronic music label, founded and run by Rob Ellis (Pinch) which focuses primarily on dubstep and its related genres. As one of the founding dubstep labels, alongside Tempa, DMZ, Hyperdub, and Hotflush, Tectonic became a focal point for the Bristol scene, as well as introducing artists and releases that were among the first to bridge a gap between dubstep and techno.

Nicky Nyarko-Dei, known by his stage name Tempa T, is a British grime MC originating from East London. He is well known for his 2009 single "Next Hype" which is considered an anthem of the UK underground scene. Due to this song Tempa T is particularly known for his excitable nature, aggressive lyrics, love of word play and the use of the phrases "hype" and "par". He is featured on "Hypest Hype" by Chase & Status and has appeared in the British film Shank (2010), performing "Next Hype" on Tim and Barry TV. Tempz is a former member of east London-based grime crew Slew Dem. In 2015, Tempa T released the single, "Shell", which reached number one for eight weeks in the UK Grime Chart show with DJ Cameo on BBC Radio 1xtra, the track was produced by up and coming producers, So Real Sounds.

DJ Hatcha British producer and DJ

Terry Leonard, better known as DJ Hatcha or simply Hatcha, is a South London producer and DJ notable for his seminal work in the musical genre dubstep. He is divorced from defected DJ Sam Divine. He had a regular show on the prominent pirate radio station Rinse FM in the early 2000s, before bringing dubstep to a wider audience with his regular show on mainstream radio station Kiss FM.

Rajpal Singh Kalsi, better known as Kromestar, is a British Sikh dubstep and grime record producer from South London.

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Peter Livingston, known professionally as Loefah, is one of the pioneering founders of dubstep most notable for his releases on one of the genre's founding labels, DMZ. Loefah started off collaborating with the Digital Mystikz on the DMZ nights run in Brixton and was part of Mary Anne Hobbs' Dubstep Warz radio show that contributed to breaking the genre to the mainstream. He was known for having a dark and minimal style that used powerful basslines and menacing vocal samples in order to create a sense of dread.

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William Brown, better known as Compa is a British electronic musician and DJ from Clitheroe, Lancashire, who began releasing music in 2011. Compa first rose to prominence following his self-released remix of Mavado's Dem A Talk in 2012, followed by his signing to Mala's label Deep Medi Musik the same year, although he did not release his debut record for the label until 2013. In a review of the record, Boomkat described Compa as "Keeper of Dubstep's Darkest Light"

Tony Williams, better known as Addison Groove, is an electronic music artist from Bristol, United Kingdom. Noted for his fusion of styles such as Techno, Jungle, Soul, Juke and Dubstep, he released his first album 'Nomad' on Tempa in 2008.


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