Disband (TV series)

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Starring Greig Nori
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes29
Running time30-60 mins
Original network MuchMusic (2008)
Picture format4:3 480i (SDTV)
Original release2008 (2008) 
2009 (2009)

Disband (stylized as disBand) is a Canadian reality show that was produced and broadcast by MuchMusic that gave aspiring music acts a chance to get big industry attention. It was hosted by either Sarah Taylor or Devon Soltendieck and was usually narrated by the lead singer of the featured band.



Each episode featured a band that was coached by a music industry veteran and at the end performed for a panel of judges. Greig Nori "The Guru" had made appearances as an adviser, and Ralph James, Jennifer Hirst, Colin Lewis, JDiggz, Hannah Simone, Mark Spicoluk, Katie Clark, and Matt Wells had appeared as judges.

Each episode was in 7 different segments, for each day of the week leading up until Sunday, their performance day at MuchMusic Headquarters. The segments followed what the band experiences on each day, starting on Sunday. At the beginning of the episode, the band was introduced along with all of its members. The episode was usually narrated by the lead singer, although other members had done so as well.

In most cases, Greig would surprise them and arrange for them to meet up, where he would then begin coaching them. The bands would then take part in various activities such as photo shoots, meeting record labels, interviews, or writing new songs, throughout the week. Most episodes also featured the band visiting a local Toronto recording studio, such as Number 9 Audio Group [1] or The Decibel House, [2] for a recording session with a professional engineer. By the end of the week, they would have to perform amongst a panel of judges and an audience.

After their performance, they would head into a green room where Greig would be waiting for them. Back in the main room, the judges would deliberate and decide whether or not the band had a possibility of getting signed. However, the decision was not affected by the audience's wishes. The band would then go back into the main room, where the host would then summarize the judges' thoughts, mentioning both pros and cons of the band. After the verdict, the episode ended with the band either going back home, or got ready to take on a next step.


Season One

EpisodeBandBand MembersFate
1The HomecomingQuinn Danielis - Vocals / Guitar
Chris Thaung - Bass / Vocals
Damien Stillwell - Guitar / Vocals
Dale Doiron - Guitar / Vocals
Nathan Wallace - Drums
Thumbs Down
2Trick Of DisasterRafe Malach - Vocals / Guitar
Dave Henriques - Bass / Synths / Guitar
Rich So - Drums
Thumbs Down
3Soul PlaneYui – Emcee, Mel G – Vocals
Gideon Litvin – Lead Guitar
Kevin Nanni – Rhythm Guitar
Aaron Mellet – Drums
Thumbs Up
4CalicoseAlana - Vocals
Stu - Bass
Jeff - Drums
Keir - Guitar
Thumbs Up
5TimesAlexander J. Yolevski - Vocals / Keyboard
Paul Doherty - Guitar
Adam Dwyer - Bass
Matthew Winkler - Drums
Thumbs Down
6Cookie CoutureFran-Kay - Rapper
Elisa - Vocals
Kitana - Rapper
Stacey - Vocals
J.Beautiful - Vocals
Thumbs Up
7KaraMelKara - Lead Vocals
Mel - Piano/Keyboard/Harmonies
Thumbs Down
8Fancy Girls MarketKeith - Vocals
Justin - Lead Guitar
Mike - Rhythm Guitar
Izzy - Drums
Steph - Bass
Thumbs Down
9The Isosceles ProjectEric - Guitar
Scott - Bass
Justin - Drums
Thumbs Down
10 Dean Lickyer Joshua Alvernia - Vocals
Eric Martin - Drums
Justin Bosso - Bass
Sean Royle - Guitar
Thumbs Up & signed to Underground Operations
11Futures PastBasel Ricky - Vocals
Jason Hoeg - Guitar
Alex Bruce - Guitar
Garth Julien - Bass
Martin Wigle - Drums
Thumbs Up
12Katie & LisaKatie - Vocals
Lisa - Guitar
Thumbs Down
13sateLitesTheo Vigo - Vocals/Guitar
Arthur Sollano - Guitar/Vocals
Allen Pinlac - Drums
Thumbs Down
Thumbs Down
15Chasing AmeeSteve Hall - Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Faist - Guitar/Keys
Tuck - Bass
Nathan Bulla - Drums
Thumbs Up
16Credible WitnessWalter - Vocals/Piano
Michael - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan - Drums
Matt - Bass
Thumbs Down
17HasketJoe - Vocals
Mikey - Guitar
Ryley - Guitar
Matt - Bass
Dillon - Drums
Thumbs Down
18Dog Bus"Jules MKools"
"Jakey MkSpankey"
Thumbs Up
19Space Is For StarsRyan - Vocals/Guitar
Brian - Guitar
Gary - Drums
Brayden - Bass
Thumbs Up
20 Stereos Pat K - Vocals
Robby "The Queer" C - Guitar
Daniel - Bass
Miles Holmwood - Guitar
Brad Bosch - Drums
Appeared as Turn It Up on the show.
Thumbs Up & signed to Universal Music Canada

Season Two

EpisodeBandBand MembersFateSong
1Mean TangerineMax Off - Vocals / Guitar
Brent Weber - Guitar
Jesse Wilks - Bass
Mike Carrey - Drums
Thumbs Down, Now Signed To Drive Records/Fontana NorthChange
2Syla ValeSylvia Nguyen - Vocals / Guitar
Thumbs DownLet It Go
3Street PharmacyRyan Guay - Vocals / Guitar
Adam Webster - Lead Guitar
Nate Triano - Rhythm Guitar
Brandon Ventresca - Bass
Dan Fretz - Drums
Thumbs Up and Signed to Fontana NorthStone, Bricks And Mortar
4Alex GalliAlex Galli - Vocals / Guitar
Kyle Merkley - Bass
Thumbs DownTruce
5Maddy RodriguezMaddy Rodriguez - Vocals/Guitar
Johnny Simmen - Cajon/Harmonies
Kyle Sipress - Guitar
Matt Wilson - Guitar
Dan Sadowski - Bass
Split Decision (Thumbs Up)Break Down
6The Stiff Wires (Now All The Trendy Kids)Danny - Lead Vocals, Bass
Brandyn - Guitar, Vocals
Jamie - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse - Drums
Thumbs Down, Now Signed with Brightside RecordsSong Of The Same Name
7 Abandon All Ships Ange - Vocals
Kyler - Guitar

Martin - Bass & Vocals
Andrew - Guitar
Seb - Synth
Dan - Drums

Thumbs Up & Signed to Underground Operations, Rise Records and Velocity RecordsMegawacko
8EmEm - VocalsThumbs DownKickin' It Down
9Good & BrokenMarissa - Vocals
Jared - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Thumbs UpMy Mistakes
10 San Sebastian Brodie Dawson - Guitar
Greg Veerman - Bass
Mike Veerman - Vocals
Sean Dawson - Guitar
Ted Paterson - Drums
Appeared as Pumps on the show.
Thumbs Up & Signed to Universal Music Canada
Wake Up
11The Word TonightScott - Vocals
Erik - Guitar
Kai - Guitar
Nickk - Drums
Dylan - Bass

Mylo - Keyboard (kicked out of the band during episode)
Thumbs DownSmile For The Camera
12ReverseDizz - Vocals
Khadjia - Vocals
Taylor Evans - Vocals
Thumbs DownOver U
13 These Kids Wear Crowns Alex Johnson - Vocals
Alan Poettcker - Bass/Vocals
Joe Porter - Guitar
Josh Mitchinson - Drums
Matt Vink - Keyboard
Josh "Gypsy" McDaniel - Guitar
Thumbs Up & Signed to Capitol Records/EMI Break It Up

DisBand Successes

Maddy Rodriguez: Nettwerk One Publishing

Spin off

A spin-off series, entitled disBand Discovered began in 2011. The series premiered on August 16, 2011. The series follows six bands trying to make it in the industry, over the course of 6 months. MuchMusic has described the series as a "rock documentary". The show features six bands; Nightbox, Colorsound, For The Weekend, Brighter Brightest, Brett Boivin, Maddy Rodriguez and Slow Motion Victory. At the end of the season, the six bands go to Showcase Day at the MuchMusic Headquarters, where they are judged by several record producers serving as judges. The series is still hosted by Greig Nori.

The first season of the series began on August 16, 2011, and finished on October 28, 2011, and aired for a total of 10 episodes.

After the series, For The Weekend released a single called Rockstar and fired one of their members. Slow Motion Victory released an EP "The War Inside", collaborated with Coca-Cola to write a song for their Open Happiness campaign, and are still making music. Nightbox was signed, and is currently on tour, and are going to be an opening act for Lights on tour. Brett Boivin graduated from high school and released an EP. Colorsound was also signed, and is currently working on their second album, while Brighter Brightest released their debut album, Right For Me.

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