Docks of San Francisco

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Docks of San Francisco
Docks of San Francisco FilmPoster.jpeg
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Directed by George B. Seitz
Written by H. H. Van Loan
Produced by Ralph M. Like
Cliff P. Broughton
Starring Mary Nolan
Jason Robards Sr.
Marjorie Beebe
Cinematography Edward Cronjager
Edited by Ralph Dixon
Byron Robinson
Distributed by Mayfair Pictures
Release date
  • February 1, 1932 (1932-02-01)
Running time
64 minutes
CountryUnited States

Docks of San Francisco is a 1932 American pre-Code crime film directed by George B. Seitz and starring Mary Nolan, Jason Robards Sr. and Marjorie Beebe. [1] [2] It was originally released by Mayfair Pictures, and later re-released by Commonwealth Pictures in 1948. The film was long considered to be a lost film but is now on YouTube. [3]



The plot follows a café waitress who becomes a small-time gangster's mistress and a novelist decides to rescue her from the gangster's clutches.


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