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Dundurn Press
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Founder Kirk Howard
Country of origin Canada
Headquarters location Toronto
Distribution UTP Distribution (Canada)
Ingram Publisher Services (US)
Lightning Source (UK) [1]
Imprints Dundurn, Castle Street Mysteries, Hounslow, Simon and Pierre, Boardwalk Books, Sandcastle Books, Natural Heritage, Napoleon and Co., Blue Butterfly, Thomas Allen Publishers
No. of employees"Over 20" [2]
Official website www.dundurn.com

Dundurn Press is one of the largest Canadian-owned book publishing companies of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction. [3] The company publishes Canadian literature, history, biography, politics and arts. Dundurn has about 2500 books in print, and averages around one hundred new titles each year. [4] Dundurn Press was established in 1972 by Kirk Howard, [5] In 2009, Dundurn forged a co-publishing partnership with the Ontario Genealogical Society, and in 2011, Dundurn purchased Napoleon & Company and Blue Butterfly Books. [6] [7] In 2013, Dundurn acquired Thomas Allen Publishers, the publishing branch of Thomas Allen & Son Limited. [8]

In January of 2019, Kirk Howard sold Dundurn Press to a consortium of Canadian technology investors. Scott Fraser became the second publisher in the history of Dundurn Press and Kirk Howard became Publisher Emeritus. [9]

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