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East Wind was a Japanese jazz record label that was established in Tokyo in 1974. [1]


A second record label named East Wind was established in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1984. The founders were David Barrick, Steve Boulay, Ted Everts, and Gerald A. Friedman. The label concentrated on Russian jazz. [1]



7001 / 8001 Masabumi Kikuchi East Wind1974
7002 Dollar Brand African Breeze1974
7003 Kohsuke Mine Out of Chaos1974
7004 Mikio Masuda Trace1974
7005 Takehiro Honda Salaam Salaam1974
7006 / 8006 Masahiko Togashi Song for Myself1974
7007 / 8007 Ann Burton By Myself Alone1974
7008 Terumasa Hino Speak to Loneliness1975
7009 / 8009 Cedar Walton Pit Inn 1974
7010 Sam Jones Seven Minds 1974
7011 Shunzo Ohno Something's Coming1975
7012 / 8012 Art Farmer To Duke with Love 1975
8013Masahiko TogashiSpiritual Nature1975
8014 Oliver Nelson Stolen Moments 1975
8015 Air Pocket Fly On [2] 1975
8016 Terumasa Hino Live in Concert1975
8017 Andrew Hill Hommage 1975
8018 Ronnie Mathews Trip to the Orient1975
8019 David Friedman Winter Love, April Joy1975
8020 Yoshiaki Masuo 111 Sullivan Street1975
8021 Hank Jones Hanky Panky 1975
8022 Sadao Watanabe Pamoja1975
8023 Al Haig Chelsea Bridge1975
8024 Sheila Jordan Confirmation1975
8025Art Farmer Yesterday's Thoughts 1975
8026 Don Friedman Hope for Tomorrow1975
8027 Ryo Kawasaki Prism 1975
8028Shunzo OhnoBubbles1975
8029Andrew Hill Blue Black 1975
8030 Reggie Lucas Survival Themes1975
8031Kohsuke MineSolid1975
8032Andrew Hill Nefertiti 1976
8033 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Daahoud1975
8034 Joe Lee Wilson Hey Look at You1969
8035 Ryo Kawasaki Eight Mile Road 1976
8036 Junior Mance Holy Mama 1976
8037Sadao Watanabe & The Great Jazz Trio I'm Old Fashioned 1976
8038Kohsuke MineSunshower1976
8039Mikio MasudaMickey's Mouth1976
8040 Lennie Tristano Descent into the Maelstrom1976
8041Terumasa HinoHogiuta1976
8042Art Farmer Art Farmer Quintet at Boomers 1976
8043Masabumi KikuchiWishes / Kochi1976
8044 Isao Suzuki Hip Dancin'1976
8045Tsuyoshi YamamotoLife1976
8046The Great Jazz Trio Love for Sale 1976
8047Art Farmer The Summer Knows 1976
8048Sadao WatanabeRecital1976
8050 Walter Bishop, Jr. Old Folks1976
8051 Sam Morrison Dune1976
8052Al HaigDuke 'n' Bird1976
8053The Great Jazz Trio The Great Jazz Trio at the Village Vanguard 1977
8054 Hubert Eaves III Esoteric Funk 1976
8055The Great Jazz Trio The Great Jazz Trio at the Village Vanguard Vol. 2 1977
8056The Great Jazz Trio Kindness Joy Love & Happiness 1977
8057 Jackie McLean with The Great Jazz Trio New Wine in Old Bottles 1978
8060 L.A. Four Pavane pour une infante défunte1976
8061L.A. FourGoing Home1977
8062The Great Jazz Trio Milestones 1978
8063 Laurindo Almeida Concierto de Aranjuez1978
8064The Great Jazz Trio The Great Tokyo Meeting 1978
8065Terumasa HinoLive in Nemuro: Wheelstone
10001 Joe Sample, Ray Brown & Shelly Manne The Three1975
10002Cedar WaltonThe Pentagon1976
10003L.A. Four= EW 80601976
10004L.A. Four= EW 80611977
10005The Great Jazz Trio Direct from L.A. 1977

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