Elite Towers

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Elite Towers
Elite Towers
General information
TypeResidential, office, and hotel [1]
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Coordinates 25°05′08.58″N55°19′34.63″E / 25.0857167°N 55.3262861°E / 25.0857167; 55.3262861 Coordinates: 25°05′08.58″N55°19′34.63″E / 25.0857167°N 55.3262861°E / 25.0857167; 55.3262861
Construction started2008
Design and construction
Architect P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd.
(Only for selected towers)
DeveloperIlyas and Mustafa Galadari Group [2]

Elite Towers is a cluster of 34 towers located in the City of Arabia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Currently, there are a few towers that are under construction; all others are approved. The tallest tower in the complex has a height of 290 m (951 ft). The number of floors for the towers range from 30 to 60. The towers in the complex consist of residential, office and hotel towers. The whole complex is a development by Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group.



The complex consists of 34 skyscrapers:

metres / ft
FloorsYear (est.)StatusUse*Notes
1I&M Tower290 / 951542009Never construction as of November, 2015. [3] Residential [4] [5]
2G-Tower280 / 919532010On hold [6] Residential [7]
3Metro Tower250 / 820532009On hold [8] Residential [9]
4Arabian Crowne180 / 591452008ApprovedOffice and residential [10] [11]
5Mag 220 Tower180 / 591452008ApprovedResidential [12] [13]
6Elite Tower 1602008Approved [14]
7Elite Tower 2602008Approved [15]
8Elite Tower 3602008Approved [16]
9Elite Tower 4602008Approved [17]
10Elite Tower 10452008Approved [18]
11Elite Tower 11452008Approved [19]
12Elite Tower 12452008Approved [20]
13Elite Tower 13452008Approved [21]
14Elite Tower 14452008Approved [22]
15Elite Tower 15452008Approved [23]
16Elite Tower 16452008Approved [24]
17Elite Tower 17452008Approved [25]
18Elite Tower 18452008Approved [26]
19Elite Tower 19452008Approved [27]
20Elite Tower 20452008Approved [28]
21Elite Tower 21452008Approved [29]
22Elite Tower 22452008Approved [30]
23Elite Tower 23452008Approved [31]
24Elite Tower 24452008Approved [32]
25Wadi Tower332008Under construction [33]
26Elite Tower 26302008Approved [34]
27Elite Tower 27302008Approved [35]
28Elite Tower 28302008Approved [36]
29Elite Tower 29302008Approved [37]
30Elite Tower 30302008Approved [38]
31Elite Tower 31302008Approved [39]
32Elite Tower 32302008Approved [40]
33Elite Tower 33302008Approved [41]
34Elite Tower 34302008Approved [42]

* Table entries without text indicate that information regarding building heights, and/or use has not yet been released.

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One Park Avenue or East Park 07 Tower is a supertall skyscraper proposed for construction in Dubai, UAE. The building will stand 600 m (1,969 ft) tall with 125 floors. The tower will be energy efficient, and will use green building elements, for example by pumping air from the cooler top floors down to the warmer bottom floors. The 125-story building has a curvy design which contains steel ribbons for solar power generation. At times, the tower can generate more than enough electricity for itself. The excess energy will be sent to other buildings and the rest of Dubai. EP 07 Tower is just one tower out of the proposed East Park / Atrium City Towers development, which will include as many as five buildings with more than 100 floors, including EP 07 Tower.

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