Signature Towers

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Signature Towers
Signature Towers
General information
StatusStale proposal
Type Mixed use
Location Business Bay, Dubai
Coordinates 25°11′05.23″N55°16′03.53″E / 25.1847861°N 55.2676472°E / 25.1847861; 55.2676472 Coordinates: 25°11′05.23″N55°16′03.53″E / 25.1847861°N 55.2676472°E / 25.1847861; 55.2676472
Antenna spire350.8 m, 305.2 m, 250.6 m
Roof350.8 m, 305.2 m, 250.6 m
Top floor340.8 m (1,118 ft)
Technical details
Floor count79, 65, 52
Floor area560,000 m2 (6,027,790 sq ft) [1]
Design and construction
Architect Zaha Hadid
Developer Dubai Properties
Structural engineer Meinhardt Group [2]

Signature Towers (formerly known as Dancing Towers) was a proposal for a three-tower, mixed-use complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was designed by Iraqi born architect Zaha Hadid after winning an international design competition which included proposals from OMA [3] and Reiser & Umemoto among others. The developers were Dubai Properties, [4] the company responsible for the earlier Jumeirah Beach Residence. Apart from these three towers, the project would also include a new building to house the Dubai Financial Market, a large podium containing retail space and a pedestrian bridge crossing the creek extension. [5]



The project was first unveiled to the public in June 2006 [4] at a Zaha Hadid exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. [6] At the time of the launch the name for the project was Dancing Towers; however, this has now been changed to Signature Tower & Dubai Financial Market Development.

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