Expect No Mercy (film)

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Expect No Mercy is a 1994 action/science-fiction film and directed by Zale Dalen.



A virtual reality martial arts academy is being used as a front for a group of highly skilled assassins. The U.S. government has called in for their own top martial arts master to put a stop to this gang of killers.


Home media

The movie was released on VHS by Imperial Entertainment and WarnerVision in 1995 and that same year in Canada by Alliance. In 2005, a DVD was released in Canada by Legacy Entertainment but in a full screen presentation that is merely a dupe of the original VHS. The Movie is being released in 2022 on blu ray by Vinegar Syndrome.


The movie was filmed in July 1994 in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Billy Blanks was cast at the last minute as a replacement for Olivier Gruner. Gary Daniels was also originally cast in the role of Warbeck but the U.S. distributors wanted Wolf Larson for the role.

Game tie-in

A computer game based on the film was released in 1996. The game is considered by many to be a knock-off of Mortal Kombat, by having digitized sprites of real people photographs, similar characters, and fatalities.

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