Anthony De Longis

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Anthony De Longis
Anthony Charles De Longis

(1950-03-23) March 23, 1950 (age 72)
OccupationActor, stuntman, fight choreographer
Years active1969present
Mary de Longis
(m. 2003)
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Anthony Charles De Longis (born March 23, 1950) is an American actor, stuntman, and fight choreographer.


Life and career

De Longis was born in Glendale, California. He attended California State University, Northridge where he was initiated into the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.

He is well known for his recurring role during the first two seasons of the TV series Star Trek: Voyager , as First Maje Jal Culluh, leader of the Kazon-Nistrim.

A very experienced swordsman, he is also known for his roles on Highlander: The Series , as Lymon Kurlow in the third-season episode "Blackmail", and as Otavio Consone in the fifth-season episode "Duende". De Longis auditioned and was considered for the lead role in the series. A martial artist and weapon master in several disciplines, he played a swordsman opposite Jet Li in the 2006 martial arts epic Fearless , and gave Harrison Ford extensive whip training for the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull . He also taught Michelle Pfeiffer how to use the bullwhip for her role as Catwoman in the 1992 film Batman Returns . [1]

De Longis provided the voice of Marshal Leigh Johnson in the 2010 western video game, Red Dead Redemption . He also appeared in the downloadable content pack Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare .

De Longis' best known film role was as the character Blade in the 1987 film Masters of the Universe , in which he was also Frank Langella's stunt double. He also portrayed Gary Ketchum in Road House , performing featured fights against Patrick Swayze's Dalton.

He appeared as Claus Van Zandt in 1985 on the soap opera Days of Our Lives , and as Leo Mitchell in 1989 on Santa Barbara . He has also made guest appearances on many other TV series, including Battlestar Galactica (original series), V , Babylon 5 , Queen of Swords , and MacGyver . De Longis provided his voice in a Star Trek video game. De Longis was the voice actor as the main antagonist Lord Zygon in Starchaser: The Legend of Orin on 1985 film.

De Longis was also the swordmaster and stunt co-ordinator on the first six production episodes of the syndicated TV series Queen of Swords (101-107, not 105). The Queen of Swords was portrayed by newcomer Tessie Santiago and he trained her for two months in pre-production in California in the use of the rapier and dagger in the Spanish mysterious circle (Destreza) style [2] to give the heroine a unique fighting style. He had used this style in the episode "Duende" of Highlander: The Series . He also trained Santiago in the use of the whip before moving to Texas Hollywood, Almería, Spain for the filming of the series. He appears in episode 1, "Destiny", as Maestro Torres the fencing instructor of Tessa Alvarado and episode 16, "The Hanged Man", as the ruthless Krane of the title. In the series he trained guest stars Bo Derek and Cristián de la Fuente and also doubled for him. [3]

In 1999, De Longis formed Palpable Hit Productions, a production company specializing in bladed weapons and bullwhip training videos. The initial productions presented swordplay for performance, but in 2002 branched out to include historically correct combative fencing techniques in conjunction with the Martinez Academy of Arms.

In 2009, De Longis appeared on an episode of the Deadliest Warrior as an expert for the weapons and tactics used by William Wallace.

In 2015, De Longis appeared on an episode of MythBusters , teaching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman how to use a bullwhip so they could test Indiana Jones myths.

In 2018, De Longis appeared as a guest on an episode of Good Mythical Morning in which he whipped Rhett McLaughlin on the buttocks. [4]




2020Fallen AngelSpear Man
2018Dead MenAnson Cardena
2016Six Gun SaviorRex Cooper
2016Duke John Wayne Short
2016The Hunted: OriginsVincentShort
2016Tower of Joy: A Game of Thrones FanFilmLord Commander Gerold HightowerShort
2016The Code of CainKidnapper
2015Boomerang ReturnsVicShort
2014 Rise of the Lonestar Ranger Jeff Ake
2013 Gangster Squad Burbank Jail Thug
2012Cowboy CreedSheriff GravesShort
2012Day for KnightNarratorShort
2011Last WordsCavalrymanVideo short
2010Overlords, IncorporatedVincent MarloweShort
2010Blood TrailThe MasterShort
2006 Fearless Anthony Garcia
1995 Expect No Mercy Damian
1993 CIA II: Target Alexa Gate MercenaryCredited as Anthony DeLongis
1992 Batman Returns Terrifying Clown #2Uncredited
1989 Road House Gary Ketchum
1987 Masters of the Universe Blade
The Chipmunk Adventure Klaus Furschtein (voice)
1986 Dangerously Close Smith Raddock
1985 Starchaser: The Legend of Orin Lord Zygon (voice)
19843 DaysJesus
1984 The Warrior and the Sorceress KiefCredited as Anthony DeLongis
1982 The Sword and the Sorcerer Rodrigo
1979 Jaguar Lives Bret Barrett
1978 Circle of Iron Morthond
1976 Swashbuckler Soldier in BarUncredited
1969 The Gay Deceivers Uncredited


1976 The Quest RedEpisode: "Day of Outrage"
1977 Family TonyFamily: "Someone's Watching"
Quincy, M.E. RussellEpisode: "Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?"
Logan's Run KetchamEpisode: "Logan's Run"
1978 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries Sergio MorseEpisode: "Campus Terror"
1979 Battlestar Galactica Taba2 episodes
1982 Strike Force DennisEpisode: "Lonely Ladies"
1984 General Hospital IrvingUnknown episodes
Matt Houston KleinEpisode: "Criss-Cross"
The A-Team TonyEpisode: "Harder Than It Looks"
Trapper John, M.D. Mick TaggartEpisode: "The Fred Connection"
The Master DraperEpisode: "The Java Tiger"
Velvet RawlsTV movie
V GhalenEpisode: "The Dissident"
Murder, She Wrote Serge BerenskyEpisode: "Death Takes a Curtain Call"
1982-1985 The Dukes of Hazzard Slade / Norton2 episodes
1985 Days of Our Lives Claus Van ZandtUnknown episodes
1986 The Twilight Zone ThompsonEpisode: "The Convict's Piano"
1984-1987 The New Mike Hammer Jack Cooley / David Cardell2 episodes
1987 She's the Sheriff The ButterflyEpisode: "Butterfly Is Free"
1986-1987 MacGyver Major Nicolaj Kosov / Piedra - Assassin3 episodes
1987 Moonlighting Chain Gang SoloistEpisode: "Cool Hand Dave: Part 2"
1987 Simon & Simon ZornEpisode: "You, Too, Can Be a Detective"
1988 Sledge Hammer! Arvin SwensonEpisode: "Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?"
1988 High Mountain Rangers Ivan DenisovitchEpisode: "Asylum"
1988 Houston Knights CorlissEpisode: "For Caroline"
1989 Santa Barbara Leo MitchellUnknown episodes
1990 Days of Our Lives HansEpisode #1.6290"
1993 Renegade Pastorini / Frank Sand2 episodes
1995–1996 Star Trek: Voyager First Maje Jal Culluh 5 episodes
1996 Pacific Blue Travis MorellEpisode: "Rapscallions"
1996 Babylon 5 HarryEpisode: "Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?"
1994-1997 Highlander: The Series Otavio Consone / Lymon Kurlow2 episodes
1997 Goosebumps Man in BlackEpisode: "Don't Go to Sleep"
1997 Conan Prince ShadizarEpisode: "The Curse of Afka"
1998 The Adventures of Sinbad MalekEpisode: "The Gryphon's Tale"
1998 The Adventures of Shirley Holmes VernEpisode: "The Case of the Galloping Ghost"
2000-2001 Queen of Swords Maestro Juan Torres, Krane2 episodes "Destiny", " Hanged Man"
2001 The Outer Limits Commander McCartyEpisode: "The Vessel"
2001 MythQuest Sir LancelotEpisode: "Sir Caradoc at the Round Table"
2002 Ariana's Quest TarakTV movie
2004 ER EMTEpisode: "Try Carter"
2005 Las Vegas Very Big GuyEpisode: "Double Down, Triple Threat"
2007 The War at Home Fencing InstructorEpisode: "A Bitter Pill to Swallow"
2007 Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hajek Bodyguard #1"TV Short
2008 The Riches RedneckEpisode: "Trust Never Sleeps"
2008 iCarly EmileEpisode: "iFence"
2009 Leverage Butcher of KievEpisode: "The Wedding Job"
2009 Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey Himself2 episodes
2009 Deadliest Warrior Member of Team William Wallace"Episode 8: William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu"
2010 Justified RufusEpisode: "Bulletville"
2011 The AOF Channel Anthony De Longis5 episodes
2009–2011 The Hunted Vincent6 episodes
2012 Grimm Judge Logan PattersonEpisode: "Game Ogre"
2012 NCIS WhipcordEpisode: "Secrets"
2012Happily Never AfterBruce ClelandEpisode: "Weeping Widow"
2014 Revolution Head RangerEpisode: "S#!& Happens"
2014 Ride the Lightning Bill DixonEpisode: "Vengeance Part 3"
2014 NCIS: Los Angeles Harrison GoodsellEpisode: "The Grey Man"
2015 The Millers The PopeEpisode: "When the Pope Comes Marching In"
2015 The Story of Billy the Kidd Sheriff Gary Kidd"TV movie
2015 MythBusters HimselfEpisode: "Indiana Jones Special"
2017 Rusty Revolver: Origin The Sunset ComancheEpisode: "Pilot"
2017 Midnight, Texas Plantation MasterEpisode: "Lemuel, Unchained"
2018 Arrested Development Mr. F #23 episodes

Video Games

1992 Star Trek: 25 Anniversary Enhanced Federation Admiral
1993 Star Trek: Judgment Rites Adm. Richards, Commander, Curator Breznia
2000 Fear Effect Jacob "Deke" DeCourt
2010 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Marshal Leigh Johnson
Red Dead Redemption
2011 Resistance 3 Mick Cutler, Martin, Ray
Might & Magic Heroes VI Hiroshi
Bulletstorm General Victor Sarrano
2012 Hitman: Absolution Hope Cops, Supporting Cast
2014 Wasteland 2 Pistol Pete
2020 Wasteland 3 Male Nightclub Bouncer, Flab the Inhaler, Percival Wesson, Ranch Leader, Marshal Lupinski


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