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Farmer Boys
Farmer Boys Wallduern.jpg
The band in 2003
Background information
Origin Stuttgart, Germany
Genres Alternative metal, groove metal, gothic metal
Years active1994–present
Labels BMG, Motor Music, Nuclear Blast
MembersMatthias Sayer
Alexander Scholpp
Richard Duee
Ralf Botzenhart
Timm Schreiner
Past membersAntonio Ieva
Denis Hummel
Till Hartmann
The band's logo Farmer Boys Logo.png
The band's logo

Farmer Boys is a German metal band from Stuttgart. They reached their peak of popularity with their album The World Is Ours , released in 2000; the videos for singles "Here Comes the Pain" and "If You Ever Leave Me Standing" were put into heavy rotation by German alternative music channels such as VIVA Zwei. Farmer Boys has obtained a cult following in later years.


Their musical style is a blend of Machine Head's groove metal and Paradise Lost's gothic metal; their lyrical matter, however, unusually to the style, often revolves around the darker side of agriculture – bestiality and incest ("Farm Sweet Farm"), torture of animals ("When a Chicken Cries for Love"), suicide ("Relieve the Tension") and slaughterhouses ("When Pigs Fly"). Their later albums have strayed away from the subject matter.[ citation needed ]

Matthias Sayer also provided guest vocals for Apocalyptica's single "Hope Vol. 2".

Four years after the release of The Other Side, in 2004, the group performed a reunion concert in Stuttgart on 22 December. [1] Aside from their appearance at the 2011 Summer Breeze Open Air on 20 August in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, the band remained relatively silent and inactive.

At the end of 2016, guitarist Alexander Scholpp announced the return of the band, with three shows scheduled in Germany for the spring of 2017, as well announcing the band's plans for a new album. The album, named Born Again, was released in 2018.


Former members



1996 Countrified
1997 Till the Cows Come Home
2000 The World Is Ours 27
2004 The Other Side 70
2018Born Again58


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<i>Countrified</i> (Farmer Boys album) 1996 studio album by Farmer Boys

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<i>Till the Cows Come Home</i> 1997 studio album by Farmer Boys

Till The Cows Come Home is the second full-length album by the German metal band Farmer Boys. The album has fewer songs referring to farm life or farm animals than their debut album, Countrified, and had more of a nu metal sound. A music video for "When Pigs Fly" was made which features the band playing the song and later hanging upside-down from meat hooks.

<i>The World Is Ours</i> (Farmer Boys album) 2000 studio album by Farmer Boys

The World Is Ours is the third studio album by the German metal band Farmer Boys. This album has only one reference to farm life, unlike the numerous references in their two previous albums. The album is their most successful record to date, climbing its way to 27th in the German charts and remaining there for five weeks. The album is more melodious and follows the industrial metal and nu metal sound first explored on their previous album, Till the Cows Come Home. Music videos for "Here Comes the Pain", "While God Was Sleeping" and "If You Ever Leave Me Standing" were made.

<i>The Other Side</i> (Farmer Boys album) 2004 studio album by Farmer Boys

The Other Side is the fourth full-length album by the German metal band Farmer Boys. Unlike their previous albums, this album has no reference to farm animals or farm life at all. A music video for "Stay Like This Forever" was made and it was released on the Monsters of Metal Vol. 2 DVD.

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