Till the Cows Come Home

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Till The Cows Come Home
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Studio album by
Genre Alternative metal, groove metal, gothic metal, industrial metal, nu metal
Label Absorbing Recordings, Motor Music
Farmer Boys chronology
Till The Cows Come Home
The World Is Ours

Till The Cows Come Home is the second full-length album by the German metal band Farmer Boys. [1] The album has fewer songs referring to farm life or farm animals than their debut album, Countrified , and had more of a nu metal sound. A music video for "When Pigs Fly" was made which features the band playing the song and later hanging upside-down from meat hooks.


Track listing

  1. Prized – 3:50
  2. When Pigs Fly – 4:05
  3. Barnburner – 3:36
  4. Boar – 2:56
  5. Pig Nick – 3:51
  6. Till the Cows Come Home – 4:18
  7. Pain Is Party – 2:48
  8. Sunburnt – 3:29
  9. A Dream with a Dream – 3:37
  10. Murder Me – 5:04
  11. High to Die – 5:35

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