Finland women's national rugby union team

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World Rugby ranking
Current46 (as of 23 November 2020)
First international
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 12-12 Norway  Flag of Norway.svg
( Brussels, Belgium 11 April 2007)
Biggest win
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 22-5 Norway  Flag of Norway.svg
( Oslo, Norway 24 October 2009)
Biggest defeat
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 119-0 Finland  Flag of Finland.svg
( Galicia, Spain 30 April 2011)

The Finland women's national rugby union team (15's) represents Finland at 15-a-side rugby union. The side first played in 2007.


For rugby sevens see page Finland women's national rugby union team (sevens)


Results summary

(Full internationals only)

Rugby: Finland internationals 2007-
OpponentFirst gamePlayedWonDrawnLostPercentage
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 200720020.00%
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg 20071100100.00%
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 201210010.00%
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 2007211075.00%
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania 200820020.00%
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 200830030.00%
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 201110010.00%
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 201120020.00%
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 201210010.00%


See Women's international rugby for information about the status of international games and match numbering

Full internationals

2007-04-11 FIRA Norway  Flag of Norway.svg12-12 Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Boitsfort, Belgium [14/1/1]
2007-04-13 FIRA Germany  Flag of Germany.svg32-0 Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Liège, Belgium [47/2/1]
2007-04-15 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg14-7 Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Tervuren, Belgium [3/1/4]
2008-05-19 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg5-13 Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Utrecht, Netherlands [4/5/1]
2008-05-19 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg0-39 Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Utrecht, Netherlands [5/26/1]
2008-05-21 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg3-39 Flag of Germany.svg  Germany Driebergen, Netherlands [6/53/2]
2008-05-23 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg5-12 Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Amsterdam [7/9/2]
2009-10-24 Norway  Flag of Norway.svg5-22 Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Oslo [17/8/2]
2011-04-30 FIRA Spain  Flag of Spain.svg119-0 Flag of Finland.svg  Finland University of Coruña [96/9/1]
2011-05-02 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg0-20 Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden A Malata Ferrol [10/71/1]
2011-05-07 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg5-22 Flag of Russia.svg  Russia INEF Bastiagueiro [11/37/2]
2012-05-03 FIRA Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg105-0 Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Enkoping, Sweden [105/12/1]
2012-05-07 FIRA Finland  Flag of Finland.svg17-45 Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Enkoping, Sweden [13/39/3]
2012-10-06 Finland  Flag of Finland.svg5-15 Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Myllypuro Park, Helsinki [14/2/1]
2014-03-08 Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg80-0 Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Unterägeri [6/15/2]
2017-10-21 Finland  Flag of Finland.svg10–39 Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Eerikkilä Areena, Tammela [16/78/2]
2018-10-13 RET Finland  Flag of Finland.svg 5–20 [1] Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland Helsinki, Finland [17/17/3]
2019-03-16 RET Czechia  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg 15–0 [2] Flag of Finland.svg  Finland Prague, Czechia [12/18/1]

Other matches

French Universities Flag of France.svg 42-15Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Finland  Flag of Finland.svg0-29 Flag of France.svg France Defence
Sweden A  Flag of Sweden.svg16-19Flag of Finland.svg  Finland
Finland  Flag of Finland.svg3-109Flag of France.svg  France A

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The Ireland women's national rugby sevens team participates in international competitions such as the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series, the Rugby World Cup Sevens, the Rugby Europe Women's Sevens and Rugby sevens at the Summer Olympics. Unlike the Ireland women's national rugby union team, the sevens team is a professional team with players contracted to the Irish Rugby Football Union.

The Mar del Plata Sevens is an international rugby sevens competition played in Mar del Plata, Argentina since 1995. The tournament was one of the events in the World Rugby Sevens Series in 2000 and 2002.

The 2018–19 Rugby Europe Women's Trophy was the 20th edition of Rugby Europe's second division competition for women's national rugby union teams. The tournament was contested by the Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland as a round-robin played over two seasons in 2018 and 2019.


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