Fleksnes Fataliteter

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Fleksnes Fataliteter
Created byBo Hermansson
Ray Galton
Alan Simpson
Starring Rolv Wesenlund
Aud Schønemann
Country of origin Norway
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes40 + 2 specials (list of episodes)
Running time30 minutes (1972 - 1982)
50 minutes (1988 - 2002)
Original network NRK
Picture format 480i (SDTV) black-and-white (1972 series)
480i (SDTV) colour (1974 - 2002)
Original release27 January 1979 (1979-01-27) 
16 March 2005 (series)
TBA 2010 (TV movie)

Fleksnes Fataliteter, better known by its shortened title Fleksnes, was a Norwegian-Swedish-Danish television comedy series produced between 1972 and 2002, created by Swedish writer Bo Hermansson and based on Galton and Simpson's scripts for the British series Hancock's Half Hour .



The series was born when Swedish writer Bo Hermansson began translating the British comedy series Hancock's Half Hour in the early 70s, drawing attention from three different Nordic broadcasters, who eventually produced and aired the series together. The main dialogue is in Norwegian, but nearly all episodes featured guest stars from both Sweden and Denmark.

Fleksnes was only meant to be a single series of five or six episodes, but it became such a popular show in all three countries that it was immediately renewed for six more episodes. Its continued success eventually produced a total of six seasons over the span of thirty years. A movie Den Siste Fleksnes ("The Last Fleksnes") was made in 1974 as well, between the first and second series.

In 2002, Galton and Simpson wrote the script for one brand new Fleksnes episode, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first episode. When the entire series aired on NRK in Norway in 2002, there were over one million viewers on average each Saturday. In 2009, plans for a TV movie were announced for the next year, but as work progressed the plans were changed to a new series, which eventually became the Christmas series "Fleksnes Jr.", with one fifteen-minute episode airing every day from December 1 until Christmas Eve in 2010.



For a list of episodes, see List of Fleksnes Fataliteter episodes.

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Skyll inte på mig! was a Swedish television comedy series starring Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström, produced in 1977, and like Fleksnes fataliteter based on Galton and Simpson's scripts for the British series Hancock's Half Hour, translated and directed by Bo Hermansson.


  1. Episode 40: Himmelen kan vente