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Furniture History Society
Headquarters Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Simon Swynfen Jervis [1]

The Furniture History Society (FHS), which was founded in 1964, is a registered charity in the United Kingdom [2]



The Furniture History Society is based in London, with close connections at the Victoria & Albert Museum. It was founded by a number of art and antique dealers. Since 1965, the society's annual journal ″Furniture History" has published recent findings on British and continental European, Asian and American furniture. [3] [4] The Furniture History Society is governed by a council elected by its members, which is supported by specialist officers. Among their longtime leaders was Nicholas Goodison, in whose honour they published a Festschrift and Christopher Gilbert. [5] [6] [7]

In September 2016, the Furniture History Society started a collaboration with the University of London's Institute of Historical Research (IHR) to produce a freely accessible online resource, the "British and Irish Furniture Makers Online" (BIFMO). The initial phase of this database went online at the end of September 2017. [8] [9]

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