Geoffrey Toone

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Geoffrey Toone
As von Gelb in the series Freewheelers (1969)
Born(1910-11-15)15 November 1910
Dublin, Ireland
Died1 June 2005(2005-06-01) (aged 94)
Occupation Actor
Years active1933–2002

Geoffrey Toone (15 November 1910 – 1 June 2005) [1] was an English character actor and former matinee idol, born in Ireland. [2] [3] Most of his film roles after the 1930s were in supporting parts, usually as authority figures, though he did play the lead character in the Hammer Films production The Terror of the Tongs in 1961. [4] [5]


Life and career

Toone was born in Dublin, Ireland to English parents and was educated at Charterhouse School and Christ's College, Cambridge. [1] He served in the Royal Artillery during World War II, but was invalided out in 1942. [4] Toone's notable appearances include:


He died from natural causes, aged 94, at Denville Hall in Northwood, London. [3] At the time of his death, Toone was one of the last survivors of the Old Vic theatre company of the 1930s, having appeared alongside the likes of John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier in productions of Shakespeare. [13] [14] At the time, he was also the longest-lived actor to have appeared in Doctor Who. [15] For many years he had shared a house with his close friend, the actor Frank Middlemass. [14] "To their general amusement", they were often mistaken to be lovers, but in fact were not. [16]

Selected filmography

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