German Film Award 2015

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The 65th German Film Award took place on 19 June 2015, organised by the Deutsche Filmakademie. The award ceremony was held at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin and broadcast by the ZDF. Jan Josef Liefers hosted the event.


Winners and nominees

Best Fiction Feature Film

Film Prize in Gold: Victoria – Produced by: Sebastian Schipper and Jan Dressler, directed by: Sebastian Schipper
Film Prize in Silver: Jack – Produced by: Jan Krüger and René Römert, directed by: Edward Berger
Film Prize in Bronze: Age of Cannibals – Produced by: Milena Maitz, directed by: Johannes Naber
Labyrinth of Lies – Produced by: Uli Putz, Sabine Lamby and Jakob Claussen, directed by: Giulio Ricciarelli
Who Am I – No System Is Safe – Produced by: Max Wiedemann and Quirin Berg, directed by: Baran bo Odar
We Are Young. We Are Strong. – Produced by: Jochen Laube and Leif Alexis, directed by: Burhan Qurbani

Best Documentary Feature Film

Citizenfour – Produced by: Dirk Wilutzky, Laura Poitras and Mathilde Bonnefoy, directed by: Laura Poitras

Beyond Punishment – Produced and directed by: Hubertus Siegert
Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot – Produced by: Leopold Hoesch, directed by: Sebastian Dehnhardt

Best Children's Feature Film

The Pasta Detectives – Produced by: Philipp Budweg and Robert Marciniak, directed by: Neele Leana Vollmar

Fiddlesticks – Produced and directed by: Veit Helmer

Best Screenplay

Stefan WeiglAge of Cannibals

Elisabeth Bartel and Giulio RicciarelliLabyrinth of Lies
Edward Berger and Nele Mueller-StöfenJack
Baran bo Odar and Jantje FrieseWho Am I – No System Is Safe
Ralf WesthoffWir sind die Neuen

Best Director

Sebastian SchipperVictoria

Edward BergerJack
Dominik GrafBeloved Sisters
Johannes NaberAge of Cannibals

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Laia CostaVictoria

Nina HossPhoenix
Katharina Marie SchubertEin Geschenk der Götter

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Frederick LauVictoria

Christian Friedel13 Minutes
Hanno KofflerTough Love

Best Supporting Actress

Nina KunzendorfPhoenix

Meret BeckerLügen und andere Wahrheiten
Claudia MessnerBeloved Sisters

Best Supporting Actor

Joel BasmanWe Are Young. We Are Strong.

Burghart Klaußner13 Minutes
Gert VossLabyrinth of Lies

Best Cinematography

Sturla Brandth GrøvlenVictoria

Yoshi HeimrathWe Are Young. We Are Strong.
Judith Kaufmann13 Minutes
Nikolaus SummererWho Am I – No System Is Safe

Best Editing

Robert RzesaczWho Am I – No System Is Safe

Mathilde BonnefoyCitizenfour
Sven BudelmannStereo
Alexander Dittner13 Minutes
Jörg HauschildAs We Were Dreaming

Best Set Design

Silke BuhrWho Am I – No System Is Safe

Benedikt Herforth and Thomas Stammer13 Minutes
Claus Jürgen PfeifferBeloved Sisters

Best Costume Design

Barbara GruppBeloved Sisters

Katrin AschendorfThe Cut
Bettina Marx13 Minutes

Best Make Up

Nannie Gebhardt-Seele and Tatjana KrauskopfBeloved Sisters

Tatjana Krauskopf and Isabelle Neu13 Minutes
Waldemar Pokromski and Sabine SchumannThe Cut

Best Film Music

Nils FrahmVictoria

Alexander HackeThe Cut
Niki Reiser and Sebastian PilleLabyrinth of Lies

Best Sound Design

Bernhard Joest-Däberitz, Florian Beck, Ansgar Frerich and Daniel WeisWho Am I – No System Is Safe

Frank Kruse, Matthias Lempert and Alexander BuckCitizenfour
Magnus Pflüger, Fabian Schmidt and Matthias LempertVictoria

Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara Baum

Most Visited Film

Honig im Kopf – Produced by: Til Schweiger and Tom Zickler, directed by: Til Schweiger

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