He Who Rides a Tiger

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He Who Rides a Tiger
Directed by Charles Crichton
Written by Trevor Peacock
Produced by David Newman
Starring Tom Bell
Judi Dench
Paul Rogers
CinematographyJohn von Kotze
Music by Alexander Faris
Distributed by British Lion Films
Release date
Running time
103 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom
Budget£47,479 [1]

He Who Rides a Tiger is a 1965 British crime drama directed by Charles Crichton, and starring Tom Bell and Judi Dench. [2]



The film was based on the real-life cat-burglar Peter Scott. [3] The title was derived from the Indian proverb, "He who rides a tiger can never jump off," and implies that the main character cannot escape from his way of life.

Crichton called making the film "a bad experience" because "the producer was a shit, a cheat and a bastard." [4] He did not direct another theatrical film until A Fish Called Wanda (1988), his last film overall.


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