Hollywood Thrill-Makers

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Hollywood Thrill-Makers
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Directed by Bernard B. Ray
Written byJanet Clark
Bernard B. Ray
Produced byMaurice Kosloff
Starring James Gleason
William Henry
Diana Darrin
Cinematography Elmer Dyer
Edited by Robert Jahns
Music byGene Garf
Kolsoff Productions
Distributed by Lippert Pictures
Release date
January 14, 1954
Running time
53 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language English

Hollywood Thrill Makers is a 1954 American action film directed by Bernard B. Ray and starring James Gleason, William Henry and Diana Darrin. It was distributed by Lippert Pictures. [1] It is also known as Hollywood Stuntmen. It follows the lives of several Hollywood stuntmen.




The Monthly Film Bulletin called it an "Ineptly made, hashed up affair." [2]

The Los Angeles Times said "If you're interested in the antics of Hollywood stunt men, this one might interest you - but not much." [3]

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