In Search of Anna

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In Search of Anna


Theatrical film poster
Directed by Esben Storm
Produced by Esben Storm
Written by Esben Storm
Starring Richard Moir
Judy Morris
Chris Haywood
Music by John Martyn
Alan Stivell
Cinematography Michael Edols
Edited by Dusan Werner
Release date
  • 28 June 1979 (1979-06-28)
Country Australia
Language English
Budget A$327,665 [1]

In Search of Anna is a 1979 film directed by Esben Storm.

Esben Storm was a Danish Australian actor, screenwriter, television producer, television director, voice artist and songwriter. He was well known for his work with the Australian Children's Television Foundation, headed by Patricia Edgar, where he worked for 15 years. The company sold programs to 92 countries, and Storm was involved in writing, acting, editing, and directing numerous programs, including Round the Twist. He worked to adapt John Marsden's Tomorrow series but lost the rights to the film. His acting credits included roles in the films The Coca-Cola Kid (1985), Wrong World (1985) and Young Einstein (1988); his last acting role was in the medical drama series All Saints.


It was originally envisioned as a TV series but then became a feature. [2]

Plot synopsis

Richard Moir plays Tony, who has just been released from jail. His former inmates want him to participate in a robbery, but Tony just wants to find Anna and ends up dealing with one problem at a time.

Richard Moir is a former Australian actor and editor. He is known for many Australian film roles and as an original character electrician Eddie Cook in soap opera Prisoner and as "Dad" Tony Twist in Round the Twist.


Judith Ann Morris is an Australian actress, as well as a film director and screenwriter, well known for the variety of roles she played in 54 different television shows and films, but most recently for co-writing a musical epic about the life of penguins in Antarctica which became Happy Feet, Australia's largest animated film project to date.

Chris Haywood Australian actor

Chris Haywood is an English Australian-based film and television actor, writer and producer, Haywood has also worked as a casting director and art director.

Bill Hunter (actor) Australian actor

William John Hunter was an Australian actor of film, stage and television, who was also prominent as a voice-over artist. He appeared in more than 60 films and won two AFI Awards. He was also a recipient of the Centenary Medal.


It was Storm's second feature, following his debut with 27A and after an unsuccessful attempt to make another movie called Angel Gear.

27A is a 1974 Australian film directed by Esben Storm. At the AFI Awards it won in the Best Actor and Best Fiction categories.

I became aware that all the films being made in Australia were period films, Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Getting of Wisdom, Between Wars. I felt this reflected a society that was unable to come to terms with where it was at. I know you have to look into the past and find your heroes but it seemed to me that it was reflective of a desire not to face up to where we were at. That also coincided with where I was at personally in my relationship to women and to Haydn [former collaborator Haydn Keenan], so I thought I should make a film about leaving the past behind and coming to terms with the present, moving into the future with a positive attitude. That's what I thought I should do personally and that's what I felt Australia should do. It led to In Search of Anna. [3]

The budget was meant to be $231,000 but went more than $100,000 over. $50,000 was provided by the Victorian Film Corporation. [4] Shooting began on 28 February 1977. [1]


According to Storm the film performed "really well, relatively" at the Australian box office, running for six weeks. It was also nominated for six AFI Awards. [3]


Award Category Subject Result
AACTA Awards
(1978 AFI Awards)
Best Film Esben Storm Nominated
Best Direction Nominated
Best Original Screenplay Won
Best Actor Richard Moir Nominated

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