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Davies is a patronymic surname of Welsh origin. There are two main theories concerning its beginnings, neither of which has been definitively proven. The first theory contends that it may be a corruption of "Dyfed", the name of a medieval Welsh kingdom located in what is now Carmarthenshire; however, the origin of the kingdom's name is itself disputed, with the traditional belief being that it was founded by the powerful Irish Déisi dynasty in the third century, or otherwise that it derives from the name of the Demetae people. "Dyfed" as a surname and the related first name "Dafydd" appear from the 12th century, with the latter generally translated into English as "David". The second theory states that it may derive directly from the Hebrew name "David", which is also the name of Wales' patron saint.

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Gwynn, Gwynne, Guinn or Gwyn, are given names meaning "white" or/and "blessed" in Welsh and Cornish.