Juventius of Pavia

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Saint Iuventius
Bishop of Pavia
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized Pre-congregation
Feast 8 February 12 September (along with St. Syrus)

Saint Iuventius (or Iuvence) was a bishop of Pavia during the 1st century. Together with Syrus of Pavia he was sent there by Saint Hermagoras. Both Iuventius and Syrus are reported to have been the first bishop of Pavia.

Iuventius has two feast days, 8 February alone and 12 September together with Syrus.

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Saint Syrus (Sirus) of Pavia is traditionally said to have been the first bishop of Pavia during the 1st century.

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San Teodoro or Saint Theodore of Pavia was bishop of Pavia from 743 until his death. He was repeatedly exiled by the Lombard kings. His feast day is May 20. Along with Syrus (Siro), he is a patron saint of Pavia, and his body is housed in the church with his name.

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Saint Syrus or St Syrus may refer to:

Siro may refer to:

Theodorus I (bishop of Milan)

Theodorus I was Archbishop of Milan from 475 to 490. He is honoured as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church and Catholic Church, and his feast day is July 27.

John the Good (bishop of Milan)

John the Good was Archbishop of Milan from c. 641 to 669. He is honoured as a Saint in the Catholic Church and his feast day is on January 2.

Syrus is a character in Greek mythology after whom Syria and the Syrians are named.