Kanyadanam (Malayalam TV series)

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Genre Soap opera
Screenplay byS. Indran
Story by Thirumurugan
Directed by G. Marthandan
Riju Nair
Kichu Sudarshan
Manu V. Nair
Creative directorZakir
Music bySyam Dharman
Opening theme"Nattu Nanachu Valarthiya" by Madhu Balakrishnan
Country of originIndia
Original languageMalayalam
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes600
ProducersE. A. Rajendran
Production location Kollam
EditorsSubin Anakkara
Sadiq Mohammad
Anandhu Sheena
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time22-44 minutes
Production companyKalidasa Video Division
Original networkSurya TV
Picture format 576i SD
1080i HD
Original release23 August 2021 (2021-08-23) 

Kanyadaanam is an Indian Malayalam-language daily soap opera directed by Manu V. Nair. The show premiered on 23 August 2021 on Surya TV. It stars veteran Devan along with newcomers Anna Dona, Aiswarya Suresh, Aswathy Pillai, Silpa Sivadas and Soufiya Zakhir in lead roles. [1] [2] It aires everyday on Surya TV and on-demand through Sun NXT. [3] [4] The series is a reboot version of the Tamil series Metti Oli which was broadcast in 2002 and an official remake of Bengali serial Kanyadaan .



The show depicts the life of a doting father, Anandan and his five daughters. [5]


The story is about Anandan Mash, and his five daughters, who face various challenges in life.

Anandan is a retired school teacher. He has five daughters, Ambili, Anupama (Anu), Chilanka (Cheeru), Daya and Manjadi. The girls' mother had passed away. Anandan is a respected man in the village and his daughters love him. Proposals start coming in for Ambili and Anu. A prospective groom for Ambili comes to meet her. He is Indran. Indran has a younger brother Sathyan and a younger sister Sona. All three of them were raised by a single-mother Susheela. Indran is the dearest to Susheela and he would do anything for her happiness. They reveal a shock that the eldest child from two families shouldn't marry and that they want Anu as their daughter-in-law. Anandan agrees to Indran - Anu wedding while Ambili's wedding is fixed with Raghu. The two couples marry.

Indran's house is a small rented house in the city. Susheela's true nature starts to be revealed and soon she starts to torture Anu. Indran though loving towards her doesn't speak against his mother nor let anyone else. Sathyan is the only one in the house who truly cares for Anu's well-being. He sets up an astrologer who tricks Indran and Susheela that if the mother-son duo stay together, Susheela's life would be at stake. Fearing this, Indran moves to a compound house with Anu, with Susheela visiting him regularly. Cheeru and Sathyan, who have been meeting regularly, fall in love.

Daya is the spoilt brat among the girls and is arrogant. She gets acquainted with a man called Nandu. Nandu is a married man but hides the fact from Daya to cheat on her for his own pleasures. Despite warnings from Cheeru, Daya spends time with Nandu and in turn of events, she marries him and loses her virginity. Very soon, she learns about his true colours. Daya relocates and stays with Anu in her compound. Sathyan's love for Cheeru is revealed to Indran and Anu, and they are happy. But things don't turn out well as Susheela opposes the idea. Cheeru's wedding with Vinayan and both families agree. Cheeru tries to forget Sathyan and starts to convince herself.

Sabarinath alias Sabari is a man who works in the railways. He meets Daya and immediately falls in love with her, without knowing her actual name. When Sathyan calls for Sona, Daya comes out instead and Sabari mistakes her to be Sathyan's sister, Sona. Fallen in love, he brings his family to see 'Sona' but his family doesn't like her. Realizing it's the wrong girl, Sabari creates much confusion, angering Susheela. But finally, his marriage is fixed with Daya.

Cheeru and Vinayan and Daya and Sabari gets married.



  • Devan [6] as Anandan a.k.a. Anandan Mash: A reputed retired school teacher; the head of Pancharathnam house; Mahalakshmi's widower; Ambili, Anupama, Chilanka, Daya and Manjadi's father; Raghu and Indrans's father-in-law. (2021–present)
  • Aswathy U Pillai as Ambili: Anandan Mash's eldest daughter; Raghu's wife. (2021–present)
  • Anna Dona [7] as Anupama (Anu): Anandan Mash's second daughter; Indran's wife. (2021–present)
  • Aiswarya Suresh as Chilanka (Cheeru): Anandan Mash's third daughter; Sathyan's ex-lover; Vinayan's wife. (2021–present) [8]
  • Silpa Sivadas [9] as Daya: Anandan Mash's fourth daughter; Nandu's ex-wife; Sabarinath's wife. (2021–present)
  • Soufiya Zakhir as Manjadi: Anandan Mash's youngest daughter. (2021–present)
  • Gopu Padaveedan as Raghuvaran (Raghu): Ambili's husband; Ananthan Mash's elder son-in-law and nephew; Anupama, Chilanka, Daya and Manjadi's brother-in-law and cousin; Indran's co-brother. (2021–present)
  • Krishnakumar Nair [7] as Indrajith (Indran): Anupama's husband; Ananthan Mash's second son-in-law; Susheela's eldest son; Sathyan and Sona's brother; Harsha's ex-lover. He owns a profitable wholesale shop and a transportation company. (2021–present)
  • Merlin Reena as Susheela: [10] Indran, Sathyan and Sona's single-mother; Anupama's mother-in-law. (2021–present)


  • Romel as Shyam, Sona's husband
  • Jishin Mohan [11] as Vinayan: Chilanka's husband.
  • Thomaskutty Abraham as Sathyajith (Sathyan): Indran's younger brother; Susheela's second eldest son; Chilanka's ex-lover. (2021–present)
  • Keerthi Krishna as Harsha Ravi: Ravikumar's wife; Indran's illicit girlfriend. (2021–present)
  • Devi Nanda as Sona: Indran and Sathyan's younger sister; Susheela's daughter; Gokul and Varun's ex-girlfriend; Sabari's obsessive one-side-lover. (2021–present)
  • Archana Jayakrishnan as Maneesha Kanakarajan : Sathyan's wife, Kanakarajan and Sindhu's daughter
  • Master Krishna as Vishnu Indran:Son of Indran and anupama, grandson of Susheela and Ananthan
  • Murali Mohan as Das: Ananthan Mash's best friend
  • Baby Yami as Mahalaxmi Raghu: Daughter of Raghu and Ambili
  • Akarsh Prakash / Godson Saji as Nandu: Daya's ex-husband; Aa money-minded womanizer and photographer.
  • Binil Khader as Shabarinath (Sabari): Daya's husband.
  • E.K.Rajendran as Ramanadhan: Sabari, Vasanthi and Ashokan's father.
  • Devika Unni as Vasanthi; Ramanathan's eldest daughter; Dhananjay's wife; Amal's mother.
  • Master Rahan as Amal: Vasanthi and Dhananjay's son; Sabari's nephew.
  • Baby Sarayu: Vasanthi and Dhananjay's daughter, Sabari's niece.
  • Manu Premkumar as Dhananjay
  • ____ as Ashokan
    • Shabari and Vasanthi's brother
  • Malu Gopika as Anitha , Ashokan's wife
  • Anil Mathai as Sachidanandan (Sachi): A well-known businessman; Indran's mentor; Gokul and Indu's father.
  • Surjith Purohit as Gokul: Sachi's son who cheats Sona to take revenge on Indran.
  • Reshma Nair as Indu: Sachi's daughter and Sona's childhood friend.
  • Diseema Divakaran: Sachi's wife; Gokul and Indu's mother.
  • Zamana Mehra as Nancy: Gokul's fiance and Sona's college senior.
  • Midhun Sreekumar as Varun: Sona's boyfriend who later backs out from marriage.
  • Vidhya Manoharan as Nila: Nandu's legal wife.
  • Ishani Niya as Merin: Underworld woman who supports Nandu to cheat Daya.
  • Kannan as Balu: Nandu's bestfriend
  • Indrajith as Nandu's assistant in the studio
  • Sruthika Suresh /Raheena Anas as Aamy: A bold young entrepreneur who runs a food delivery unit for day-to-day livelihood, Suhara's daughter.
  • Stelna as Gowrishwari: Cornel's wife.
  • Lal Krish as Ravikumar: NRI; Harsha's husband.
  • Payyanur murali as Balachandran, Vinayan's father
  • Asha as Lathika Balachandran, Vinayan's mother
  • Julie Hendry as Veena, Vinayan's first wife
  • Firoz Khan as Deepak
  • Mithun MK as Muralikrishnan: Chilanka's ex-fiancee.
  • Rikshith as Manu , Manisha's ex-boyfriend


  • Sreevidya as Mahalakshmi: Anandan Mash's late wife; Ambili, Anupama, Chilanka, Daya and Manjadi's father. (Photo presence)
  • Riyaz Khan as SP Jagan IPS (2022) [12]


Original Songs
1."Mazhavillinezhu Niramulla [13] "Angel Mariya1:23
2."Nattu Nanachu Valarthiya [14] " Madhu Balakrishnan 2:11
Total length:3:34


Version 1
LanguageTitleOriginal releaseNetwork(s)Last airedNotes
Tamil Metti Oli
மெட்டி ஒலி
8 April 2002 Sun TV 18 June 2005Original
Kannada Mangalya
12 April 2004 Udaya TV 2 November 2012Remake
Malayalam Minnukettu
16 August 2004 Surya TV 2 January 2009
Hindi Shubh Vivah
शुभ विवाह
27 February 2012 SET 29 June 2012
Telugu Akshintalu
14 April 2014 Gemini TV 15 August 2014
Version 2
LanguageTitleOriginal releaseNetwork(s)Last airedNotes
Bengali Kanyadaan
7 December 2020 Sun Bangla 5 February 2023Original
Malayalam Kanyadanam
23 August 2021 Surya TV OngoingRemake
Telugu Kanyadanam
20 September 2021 Gemini TV 21 January 2023
Marathi Kanyadan
17 October 2021 Sun Marathi Ongoing
Kannada Kanyaadaana
15 November 2021 Udaya TV


AwardDate of ceremonyCategoryNominee(s)ResultRef.
Socialist Samskarika Kendra Mother Theresa Puraskaram26 June 2022Best Serial ActorKrishnakumar NairWon [15]

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