Kapıkaya Canyon

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Kapıkaya Canyon

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Kapıkaya Canyon
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Kapıkaya Canyon
Long-axis length 5.5 km (3.4 mi)
Coordinates 37°14′40″N34°58′36″E / 37.24444°N 34.97667°E / 37.24444; 34.97667 Coordinates: 37°14′40″N34°58′36″E / 37.24444°N 34.97667°E / 37.24444; 34.97667
Population centers Kapıkaya
Watercourses Çakıt Creek

Kapıkaya Canyon is a canyon located in Adana Province, southern Turkey.

Adana Province Province of Turkey in Mediterranean

Adana Province, is a province of Turkey located in south-central Anatolia. With a population of 2.20 million, it is the sixth most populous province in Turkey. The administrative seat of the province is the city of Adana, home to 79% of the residents of the province. The province, geographically and as well as economically, is part of the Çukurova region together with Mersin, Osmaniye and Hatay provinces.



The canyon is the valley of the Çakıt Creek one of the main tributaries of Seyhan River. Its course is from north to south and the birds flight distance between its two ends is about 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi). The northern end is the Çakıt dam reservoir. The southern end at 37°14′40″N34°58′36″E / 37.24444°N 34.97667°E / 37.24444; 34.97667 is marked by a bridge near Kapıkaya village. The distance to Adana is 72 kilometres (45 mi). The famous Varda Bridge is situated about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of the canyon. [1]

Seyhan River river in Turkey

The Seyhan River is the longest river in Turkey that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The river is 560 km and flows southwest from its headwaters in the Tahtalı-Mountains in the Anti-Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea via a broad delta. Its main tributaries are Zamantı and Göksu, which unite in Aladağ, Adana to form the Seyhan River. The Zamantı River originates from the Uzun Plateau in Pınarbaşı, Kayseri and crosses Tomarza, Develi and Yahyalı districts in Kayseri.

Kapıkaya is a village in the District of Karaisalı, Adana Province, Turkey. Kapıkaya Canyon is to the north of the village.

Touristic attraction

In the northern end the municipality of Karaisalı has established a picnic area known as Yerköprü .In the southern end, a 2000-meter walking track has been constructed at the east bank of the creek using the funds of the Çukurova Development Agency. [2] [3]

Karaisalı Place in Adana, Turkey

Karaisalı is a small city and a district in Adana Province of Turkey, administratively a part of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana.

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