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Kelley Deal
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Deal playing live with the Breeders in 2018
Background information
Born (1961-06-10) June 10, 1961 (age 60)
Origin Dayton, Ohio, United States
Genres Alternative rock
Occupation(s)Musician, singer, songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, bass, violin, drums
Years active1992–present
Labels 4AD, Nice
Associated acts The Breeders, The Kelley Deal 6000, R. Ring, The Last Hard Men, Protomartyr

Kelley Deal (born June 10, 1961) is an American musician and singer. She has been lead guitarist and co-vocalist of the alternative rock band The Breeders since 1992, and has formed her own side-projects with bands such as R. Ring and The Kelley Deal 6000. She is the identical twin sister of The Breeders' lead singer and former Pixies bassist and co-vocalist Kim Deal.


Early life

Kelley Deal was born in Dayton, Ohio, United States, 11 minutes before her twin sister Kim Deal. The Deal twins grew up in Huber Heights, a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. The sisters first played together in their late teens, Kim playing guitar and both sisters singing Hank Williams songs in biker bars. [1] They both had an opportunity to join the Pixies in the mid-'80s, with Kim on bass and Kelley on drums; Kim followed through while Kelley opted to move to California. While Kim made her mark as an indie rock musician, Kelley worked in computer programming.

Musical career

In 1989, Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly (lead guitarist of Throwing Muses) formed the first incarnation of The Breeders. Kim invited Kelley to join the band for their debut album, Pod , but Kelley could not get time off from work.

The Breeders

In 1992, Kelley joined the band as third guitarist, even though she did not really know how to play. The Safari EP was the first recording on which she appeared. [2] Guitarist Tanya Donelly left to form Belly a little after the release of Safari. Kim suggested Kelley should be the band's new drummer. After Kelley insisted on lead guitar, Kim gave her a crash course on all the songs in the band's set. Kelley picked up quickly and learned all the lead parts on Pod and the new parts on the album they were about to record, Last Splash . A new drummer from Dayton, Jim MacPherson, joined them. After Last Splash was released in 1993, the band toured, opening for Nirvana, and also got a slot on the Lollapalooza tour in 1994.

Other projects

After Last Splash, Kelley started The Kelley Deal 6000. [3] [4] The band released two albums on Eel's Nice Records label, Go To The Sugar Altar in 1996 and Boom! Boom! Boom! in 1997, and went on hiatus when The Breeders were reunited.

Kelley also joined The Last Hard Men with Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach, Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jimmy Flemion of The Frogs. [5] [6] She played bass for them and they recorded an eponymous album in 1997, which was released in a limited edition on Eel's own label, Nice Records, and in 2001 on Spitfire Records.

She teamed back up with her sister in the late 1990s and began recording new demos for the Breeders. With a new line up, they released Title TK in 2002. Title TK features three songs recorded in 1999, where the Deal sisters played all the instruments. In April 2008, The Breeders released Mountain Battles . All Nerve followed in 2018.

She has been knitting in recent years. [7] She specializes in knitted handbags, which she sells on her website, and appeared on the DIY Network knitting show Knitty Gritty, and in 2008 released a book of her knitting handbag patterns, [8] Bags That Rock: Knitting on the Road with Kelley Deal. One of her patterns is included in the DIY Network's book Knitty Gritty Knits: 25 Fun & Fabulous Projects'. [9]

She co-wrote and played guitar on Magnetophone's "Kel's Vintage Thought". She has also performed duets with Kris Kristofferson and Supersuckers (notably, Hungover Together on Must've Been High), and has also played in the band R. Ring. [10] In January 2020, Deal joined the band Protomartyr as a touring member for their 2020 midwest tour. Deal has previously collaborated on the band's records, doing vocals on 'a couple' of songs. [11]

In 1994, Kelley was arrested for heroin possession; she had been using since she was a teenager. [12] She went through drug rehabilitation throughout the following year. [12] In a February 2018 feature article, the New York Times reported that Kelley was in her eighth year of sobriety. [13]


The Breeders

The Kelley Deal 6000

The Last Hard Men

R. Ring


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Safari is an EP by the Breeders, released in 1992 on 4AD/Elektra Records. By the time of its release, Kim Deal had enlisted her twin sister Kelley to play guitar for the band. It is the only Breeders recording that features both Kelley Deal and Tanya Donelly.

Britt Walford is an American musician best known for being the drummer, co-founder, and occasional guitarist for the post-rock band Slint.

The Breeders discography

The discography of American alternative rock band The Breeders consists of five studio albums, one live album, three extended plays, ten singles and twelve music videos. Kim Deal, then-bassist of American alternative rock band the Pixies, formed The Breeders as a side-project with Tanya Donelly, guitarist of American alternative rock band Throwing Muses. After recording a demo tape, The Breeders signed to the English independent record label 4AD in 1989. Their debut studio album Pod was released in May 1990, but was not commercially successful. After the revival of the Pixies and Throwing Muses in 1990, The Breeders became mostly inactive until the Pixies' breakup in 1993. With a new lineup, The Breeders released their Safari EP in 1992, followed by their second studio album Last Splash in 1993. Last Splash was The Breeders' most successful album; it peaked at number 33 on the United States Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1994. The album spawned the band's most successful single, "Cannonball". The single peaked at number 44 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at number two on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

The Kelley Deal 6000

The Kelley Deal 6000 was an alternative rock band formed in St. Paul, Minnesota and was active between 1995 and 1997. They were formed by Kelley Deal in 1995, while her main band The Breeders was on hiatus and after she had just completed a stint in rehab. The band released two albums in 1995 and 1997, before Kelley went back to rejoin The Breeders the following year.

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Mountain Battles is the fourth studio album by the American band the Breeders, released in the UK on April 7, 2008, and in the US on April 8. The album was gradually recorded in a number of different locales including Refraze Recording Studios in Dayton Ohio by engineers including Steve Albini, Erika Larson, Manny Nieto and Ben Mumphrey.

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Fate to Fatal is an EP by the American alternative rock band the Breeders, released on Period Music, on April 21, 2009. It was recorded in three different locations by multiple engineers: the title track was recorded at the Fortress Studios, London with producer Gareth Parton; "The Last Time", which features lead vocals by Mark Lanegan, and "Pinnacle Hollow" were recorded by Ben Mumphrey in Dayton, OH; "Chances Are", a cover of a Bob Marley song, was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

The 2014 tour by American alternative rock band the Breeders comprised thirteen concerts in the central and western United States in September 2014. The group's lineup for their 1993 album Last Splash consisted of Josephine Wiggs, Jim Macpherson, Kim Deal, and Kelley Deal. Wiggs and Macpherson were not members for the group's next albums, Title TK (2002) and Mountain Battles (2008). In 2013, the 1993 lineup reunited for a tour to commemorate Last Splash's 20th anniversary, and the following year began working on new material together. Invited to open for Neutral Milk Hotel's September 18 concert at the Hollywood Bowl, they planned a tour to lead up to this show, using the opportunity to practice their recent compositions.

The LSXX Tour was a series of sixty concerts by the Breeders in 2013 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the release of their 1993 album Last Splash.


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