Kiilinik High School

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Kiilinik High School
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Kiilinik High School
23 Omingmak Street,

, ,
Coordinates 69°07′06″N105°03′18″W / 69.11833°N 105.05500°W / 69.11833; -105.05500 Coordinates: 69°07′06″N105°03′18″W / 69.11833°N 105.05500°W / 69.11833; -105.05500
School boardIkaluktutiak District Education Authority
School districtKitikmeot School Operations
SuperintendentCatherine Keeling
PrincipalConnie Kapolak
Grades 7 - 12
Language Inuinnaqtun and English
Mascot Wolverines
Team nameKiilinik Wolverines

Kiilinik High School is a grades 7 to 12 school located in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada. The school serves not only the local hamlet but also the communities of Bathurst Inlet and Umingmaktok should the need arise. At one time a hostel was available for Bathurst Inlet area students but due to families moving to Cambridge Bay it was repurposed.

The current building was opened in 2002 after the previous building was destroyed in a fire in 1998. [1]

The school includes a school and community gym for which $70,000 was raised to ensure a full sized gym was built. [1] The schools library also includes the May Hakongak Public Library and Kitikmeot Heritage Society museum and office area. [2]

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