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This is a list of the characters in the TV series Baywatch and Baywatch: Hawaii.


Cast timeline

CharacterPortrayed by [1] Pilot BaywatchBaywatch:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Mitch Buchannon David Hasselhoff MainDoes not appearMain
Craig Pomeroy Parker Stevenson MainDoes not appearRec.Does not appear
Jill Riley Shawn Weatherly Main [lower-alpha 1] Does not appear
Eddie Kramer Billy Warlock Main [lower-alpha 2] Does not appearMain
Shauni McClain Erika Eleniak Main [lower-alpha 2] Does not appear
Trevor Cole Peter Phelps MainDoes not appear
Hobie Buchannon Brandon Call MainDoes not appear
Jeremy Jackson Does not appearMain [lower-alpha 3] G.Does not appearMain
Don Thorpe Monte Markham MainDoes not appear
Gina Pomeroy Gina Hecht M.Does not appear
Holly Gagnier Does not appearM.Does not appear
Garner Ellerbee Gregory Alan Williams Does not appearM. [lower-alpha 4] R.Main [lower-alpha 5] Does not appearG.Does not appear
John D. Cort John Allen Nelson Does not appearM. [lower-alpha 6] GuestDoes not appearMain
Ben Edwards Richard Jaeckel [lower-alpha 7] Does not appearM.R.G.Does not appear
Harvey Miller Tom McTigue Does not appearM.Does not appear
Roberta "Summer" Quinn Nicole Eggert Does not appearMainDoes not appearMain
Matt Brody David Charvet Does not appearMain [lower-alpha 8] Does not appear
Casey Jean "C.J." Parker Pamela Anderson [lower-alpha 9] Does not appearMainDoes not appearMain
Jimmy Slade Kelly Slater Does not appearM.G.Does not appear
Stephanie Holden Alexandra Paul Does not appearMainR.Does not appearM. [lower-alpha 10]
Caroline Holden Yasmine Bleeth Does not appearG.MainR.Does not appearMain
Logan Fowler Jaason Simmons Does not appearMainR.Does not appear
Cody Madison David Chokachi Does not appearMainDoes not appear
Neely Capshaw Gena Lee Nolin Does not appearG. [lower-alpha 11] MainR. [lower-alpha 12] Does not appearMain
Donna Marco Donna D'Errico Does not appearMainDoes not appear
Manny Gutierrez José Solano Does not appearMainR.Does not appear
Jordan Tate Traci Bingham Does not appearMainDoes not appear
Samantha Thomas Nancy Valen [lower-alpha 13] Does not appearM.Does not appear
Michael "Newmie" NewmanMichael NewmanG.RecurringMainDoes not appear
Lani McKenzie Carmen Electra Does not appearM.Does not appearMain
April Giminski Kelly Packard [lower-alpha 14] Does not appearMainDoes not appear
Jack "J.D." Darius Michael Bergin Does not appearMain
Taylor Walsh Angelica Bridges Does not appearM.Does not appearMain
Skylar Bergman Marliece Andrada [lower-alpha 15] Does not appearM.Does not appear
Alex Ryker Mitzi Kapture Does not appearM.Does not appear
Jessie Owens Brooke Burns Does not appearMainG.Does not appear
Dawn Masterton Brandy Ledford Does not appearM.Does not appear
Allie Reese Simmone Mackinnon Does not appearG.M.Does not appear
Kekoa Tanaka Stacy Kamano Does not appearMain
Jason Ioane Jason Momoa Does not appearMain
Sean Monroe Jason Brooks [lower-alpha 16] Does not appearMainDoes not appear
Leigh Dyer Brande Roderick Does not appearMain
Zack McEwanCharlie BrumblyDoes not appearM.Does not appear
Jenna Avid Krista Allen Does not appearR.M.Does not appear
Cast notes
  1. Weatherly departs in "Shark Derby" (1.18).
  2. 1 2 Warlock and Eleniak depart in "River of No Return" (3.2).
  3. In season 9, Jackson appears only in "Hot Summer Night" (9.7), "Double Jeopardy" (9.19) and "Wave Rage" (9.20)".
  4. Williams appears in a recurring role before being added to the opening credits from "Home Cort" (1.13).
  5. In season 6, Williams appears only in the opening credits for "Forbidden Paradise" (6.19 & 6.20).
  6. Nelson is added to the opening credits from "Home Cort" (1.13).
  7. Jaeckel previously appeared as Al Gibson in Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier.
  8. In season 6, Charvet appears as a guest star in "Home is Where the Heat is" (6.9) and "Freefall" (6.16), and is added to the opening credits for "Forbidden Paradise" (6.19 & 6.20) only.
  9. Anderson is credited as "Pamela Denise Anderson" in seasons 3 and 4, and as "Pamela Lee" in seasons 6 and 7, following her marriage to Tommy Lee.
  10. Paul plays a Stephanie look-a-like Judy Radin.
  11. The character is played initially by Heather Campbell in "Wet N' Wild" (5.22).
  12. Jennifer Campbell takes over the role from "Crash" (9.1) to "Wave Rage" (9.20).
  13. Valen previously appeared as Hallie in Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier.
  14. Packard previously appeared as minor characters in seasons 2 and 6.
  15. Andrada previously appeared as several uncredited background characters throughout season 7 and as the mermaid Mellisande in "Rendezvous" (7.17).
  16. Brooks previously appeared as Brown Goodman in "Game of Chance" (2.21).

Baywatch (1989–1990; 1991–1999)

Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon (David Hasselhoff, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, seasons 1–9) [2]
The head lifeguard, promoted to lieutenant in the pilot movie, and later to captain in season 8. He shares a son, Hobie, with his ex-wife, Gayle, who lives in Ohio. In later seasons, he is romantically involved with Stephanie, and briefly marries Neely. Hasselhoff also reprises his role as Mitch in the spin-off Baywatch Nights , season 1 of Baywatch: Hawaii (where he is presumably killed in a boat explosion) and the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (where it is revealed he survived and was in a coma). The role was originally offered to Tom Selleck who declined. [3] Hasselhoff was hesitant in accepting the part (describing the show as " Knight Rider in a bathing suit") but was eventually cast over actors William Katt, Tom Wopat and Lorenzo Lamas. [4] [5] Dwayne Johnson plays the role in the 2017 film.
Craig Pomeroy (Parker Stevenson, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, season 1; recurring seasons 8–9)
A lifeguard who works as a lawyer on the side. After the first season, he moves away to Connecticut to start a family with his wife Gina, and works at a law firm in New York. In season 8, he returns to Los Angeles to defend a Chumash elder, having been separated from Gina for months. He eventually becomes romantically involved with lifeguard April Giminski.
Jill Riley (Shawn Weatherly, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, season 1)
The most experienced female lifeguard on the team. She is a former professional volleyball player, and acts as Shauni's mentor during the first season. In the episode "Shark Derby" (1.19), she is attacked by a Great White Shark and dies from blood embolism.
Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, seasons 1–3)
A street kid from Philadelphia, who endured a rough childhood in the foster care system. Craig and his wife Gina take him under their wing and he becomes a lifeguard. Later, he becomes romantically involved with Shauni (Warlock and Eleniak also dated offscreen). At the beginning of season three, he and Shauni get married and move to Australia. Warlock left the show as he was unhappy with the direction of the show, [6] however later reprised his role in a first season episode of Baywatch Nights in 1996, and in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding in 2003 (where it is revealed that he and Shauni separated, and that he was now in a relationship with Caroline Holden).
Shauni McClain (Erika Eleniak, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, seasons 1–3)
A lifeguard rookie and the show's female lead in the first two seasons. Although Shauni lets her fears get the better of her at first, she improves under the mentorship of Jill and is devastated by her death at the end of the first season. Later, she falls in love with Eddie, much to the disappointment of her wealthy businessman father. At the start of season three, Shauni and Eddie get married and move to Australia for a lifeguard exchange program.
Trevor Cole (Peter Phelps, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, season 1)
A cocky Australian clubhouse lifeguard and ladies' man. After a boat party leaves his then-girlfriend fighting for her life, Trevor enters rookie school to become a certified county lifeguard where he passes as top of his class. He disappears from the show after "Home Court" (1.13), presumably returning to Sydney, although he remains in the opening credits for the rest of the season.
Hobie Buchannon (Brandon Call, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, season 1; Jeremy Jackson, seasons 2–9)
Mitch's son. He is 10 years old in the first season, and is college age by the time the series ends. He would follow in his father's footsteps and become a lifeguard in later seasons. Jackson reprises his role in a season 1 episode of Baywatch: Hawaii and the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (where it is revealed that he had entered a relationship with his long-time former crush, Summer Quinn). According to Hasselhoff, the role almost went to Leonardo DiCaprio. [7]
Captain Don Thorpe (Monte Markham, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, seasons 1–2)
A senior lifeguard with the rank of captain. He is later promoted to chief and not seen again, although he is mentioned several times. Rob Huebel plays the role in the 2017 film, although he is reimagined as one of the antagonists.
Gina Pomeroy (Gina Hecht, Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier; Holly Gagnier, season 1)
Craig's loving and supporting wife. In season 8, it is revealed that they have separated and that Gina was living in Washington, D.C.
Sgt. Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams, seasons 1, 3–6; recurring seasons 2, 8)
LAPD officer who patrols the beach. He is good friends with the lifeguards, but hates the water. Williams reprises the role for the first season of the spin-off Baywatch Nights , having quit the police force to form his own detective agency with Mitch and Ryan McBride. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays the role in the 2017 film.
John D. Cort (John Allen Nelson, season 1; recurring seasons 2, 4–5)
Former US Navy Seal turned lifeguard with a bad boy reputation. He has a romantic history with C.J., and often gets Mitch in trouble with his money-making schemes. Later, he is diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, forcing him into retirement. Nelson reprises his role in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (where it is revealed that he was now in a relationship with Lani McKenzie).
Harvey Miller (Tom McTigue, season 2)
A free-spirited Australian lifeguard, who often comes up with get-rich-quick schemes and has lofty dreams of seducing beautiful women who are way out of his league.
Ben Edwards (Richard Jaeckel, season 2; recurring seasons 3–4)
Longest serving lifeguard veteran who retired in 1994. He was part of the first team of lifeguards, known as "The Red Knights", which formed in the 1950s. He had a close relationship with Mitch, and served as a mentor to him. Sometime before the series started, Ben had crushed his hip when he jumped from a height of 100 feet to save a drowning fisherman. He was unable to swim after this injury and required the use of a walking cane. Captain Thorpe promoted Ben to lieutenant instead of firing him. After Thorpe's departure, he was promoted to captain. The day he resigned, he made his final rescue when he jumped off a pier to save a young boy, happy to "go out on top". Jaeckel previously played veteran lifeguard Al Gibson in Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier, who dies at the end of the movie heroically saving Hobie.
Roberta "Summer" Quinn (Nicole Eggert, seasons 3–4)
A lifeguard and star athlete in her hometown of Pittsburgh, who moves to California with her mother Jackie to escape Jackie's abusive ex-boyfriend. Later, she becomes romantically involved with Jimmy Slade and Matt Brody, and struggles with bulimia, which she overcomes with C.J.'s help. She breaks up with Matt and pursues an education at Penn State. Eggert reprises her role in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (where it is revealed that she was now in a relationship with Hobie). Alexandra Daddario plays the role in the 2017 film.
Matt Brody (David Charvet, seasons 3–6)
A lifeguard from a wealthy family in France, who has to support himself when he is cut off financially by his overbearing father. He becomes romantically involved with Summer in season 4, and with C.J. in season 5. He is forced to resign because of a phony sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Neely, however he is reinstated after the allegations are proven to be false. He leaves for France in season 6, unable to cope with Neely's return, briefly returning for guest appearances and in the main cast for the "Forbidden Paradise" episodes (6.19 & 6.20). Zac Efron plays the role in the 2017 film.
Casey Jean "C.J." Parker (Pamela Anderson, seasons 3–7)
A former lifeguard and old friend of Mitch's, who left years prior to the show to become a whitewater rafting instructor. She rejoins the team in season 3 with Summer and Matt. She was born in Las Vegas, and has battled a gambling addiction and bulimia. During the series, she becomes romantically involved with John D. Cort, Matt Brody (missing the first 6 episodes of season 6 to be with him in Europe), and Cody Madison. Cody proposes to her in season 7 finale, however she disappears in season 8, where she is said to have left Baywatch to marry a rock singer and run a bar in Mexico. voted C.J. Parker one of the top 10 blondes. [8] Anderson reprises her role in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, where it is revealed that she had opened CJ's Bar and Grill in Hawaii. She eventually falls in love and marries one of the resort waiters named Lorenzo. Kelly Rohrbach plays the role in the 2017 film.
Jimmy Slade (Kelly Slater, season 3; recurring season 4)
A gifted surfer trying to go professional, who becomes romantically involved with Summer. He lived alone on the beach in his van, having been abandoned by his mother and falling out with his abusive military father. He eventually breaks into the professional circuit and moves to Hawaii to surf on the North Shore.
Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul, seasons 3–6; recurring season 7)
A lieutenant lifeguard, who shares a past with Mitch. They dated years prior to the show, when Stephanie filled in for Jill Riley, who was on vacation at the time. The relationship ended abruptly when Stephanie left Mitch without explanation, when she returns in season 3, she reveals she was married to another man at the time. They eventually become close friends, but continue to have lingering feelings for each other throughout the series. She eventually marries Tom Morella and leaves Los Angeles, however is killed on her honeymoon when she is crushed by a collapsing mast on a sailboat during a lightning storm. Paul reprises the role in a second season episode of Baywatch Nights , appearing as a near-death hallucination to Mitch. She also plays a Stephanie doppelganger Judy Radin in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding , who seduces Mitch under the alias Alison Ford. Ilfenesh Hadera plays the role in the 2017 film.
Caroline Holden (Yasmine Bleeth, seasons 5–7; recurring season 4, 8)
Stephanie's younger sister. She appears a guest star in season 4, announcing her engagement to environmentalist Frank Randall. Upon their divorce in season 5, she moves in with her sister and becomes a lifeguard. During the series, she becomes romantically involved with Logan Flower, and has a fling with J.D., before leaving for New York to star in the soap opera Shannon's Hope. Bleeth reprises her role in a first season episode of the spin-off Baywatch Nights and in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding , where she is shown starting a relationship with Eddie Kramer.
Logan Fowler (Jaason Simmons, seasons 5–6; recurring season 7)
A lifeguard recently arrived in California from Tasmania, Australia as part of a lifeguard exchange program. He tends to be rash and reckless in his rescuing, and his constant disobedience causes tensions with C.J. and Matt. He watched his father die in the line of duty while saving people from a burning boat. He later starts dating Caroline, before leaving to pursue a career in filmmaking and photography.
Cody Madison (David Chokachi, seasons 6–9) [9]
An aspiring Olympic swimmer turned lifeguard from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who was sidelined by an irregular heartbeat. During the series, he enters relationships with C.J. and Lani McKenzie, but both leave him for other men. He stays in Los Angeles when the others move to Hawaii.
Neely Capshaw (Heather Campbell, guest season 5; Gena Lee Nolin, seasons 6–8; Jennifer Campbell, recurring season 9)
The black sheep of the lifeguard team, recently transferred from Huntington Beach. She is selfish, manipulative and conniving, initially accusing Matt of sexual assault when he discovers her drinking on the job. She is fired but after filing a lawsuit against C.J. for illegally recording her, she returns (now played by Nolin) as a receptionist and switchboard operator. After saving an elderly heart attack victim in season 8, she is recertified and reinstated as a lifeguard. She also has a baby, Ashley, with ex-husband Peter, which leads to a painkiller addiction. Eventually, she falls in love and marries Mitch. After Nolin left the show over a pay dispute, the role is recast with Jennifer Campbell in a recurring role. Her and Mitch break up, and she finally leaves Baywatch after Alex punches her in the face for her latest scheme. Nolin reprises the role in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding .
Donna Marco (Donna D'Errico, seasons 7–8)
A woman who buys the nightclub Nights from Lou midway through the first season of Baywatch Nights . She eventually joins the lifeguard team in Baywatch, appearing on both series simultaneously during Baywatch Nights's second season. She joins full-time after the latter's cancellation. D'Errico was let go during the "Baywatch Bloodbath", in which the show was retooled and half the cast were fired before season 9. [10]
Manuelo "Manny" Gutierrez (José Solano, seasons 7–8, recurring season 9)
The show's first Hispanic lifeguard, a junior taken on permanently by Mitch following an outstanding physical test. During the series, he becomes romantically involved with April. In season 9, he breaks his back during a rescue and is confined to a wheelchair. He stays on with the team, instead working the switchboard.
Jordan Tate (Traci Bingham, seasons 7–8)
The show's first African-American lifeguard and Donna's close friend. Bingham was let go during the "Baywatch Bloodbath". [10]
Captain Samantha "Sam" Thomas (Nancy Valen, season 7)
Lifeguard captain, who occasionally gets on Mitch's nerves. She eventually quits to pursue a business venture with her ex-fiancé. Valen previously appeared as Hallie in Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier.
Mike "Newmie" Newman (Michael Newman, seasons 7–9, recurring seasons 1–6)
A senior lifeguard. Newman, an actual lifeguard with 20 years of experience, was initially hired as a technical consultant for the show, before producers inserted him into the show as a character. Apart from Hasselhoff, Newman is the only cast member to appear in every season of the original show. He also reprises the role in three episodes of the spin-off Baywatch Nights , and in the first season of Baywatch: Hawaii.
Leilani "Lani" McKenzie (Carmen Electra, season 8)
A half-Hawaiian lifeguard rookie with dreams of becoming a famous dancer. During the series, she becomes romantically involved with Cody, before leaving to pursue her dancing career in New York. Electra was let go during the "Baywatch Bloodbath". [10] She reprises the role in an episode of Pacific Blue and in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding .
April Giminski (Kelly Packard, seasons 8–9)
A lifeguard rookie from Wisconsin, who tries to help physically or mentally challenged beach goers because of her sick brother Charlie. Packard previously appeared as Joannie and "Beach Girl" in season 2 and Beth Campfield in season 6. She was the only female cast member to survive the "Baywatch Bloodbath". [10]
Jack "J.D." Darius (Michael Bergin, seasons 8–9)
A lifeguard veteran who initially competes with Taylor for the lieutenant position. He suffers PTSD after a failed pier rescue that resulted in a victim getting crushed and dying in his arms. During the series, he becomes romantically involved with Jessie, Kekoa and Leigh. Bergin reprises the role for both seasons of Baywatch: Hawaii and the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding , in which he ends up with Kekoa.
Taylor Walsh (Angelica Bridges, season 8)
A lieutenant who replaces Mitch when he was promoted to captain. Bridges appears only in 6 episodes before being let go during the "Baywatch Bloodbath". [10] She reprises the role in the reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding .
Skylar "Sky" Bergman (Marliece Andrada, season 8)
A lifeguard rookie and friend to Lani and April. Andrada previously played uncredited extra roles, as well as the mermaid Mellisande in season 7, and appears as Sky only in 4 episodes before being let go during the "Baywatch Bloodbath". [10]
Alex Ryker (Mitzi Kapture, season 9)
A rival of Mitch's, who runs her own company Bayguard. She initially tries to recruit lifeguards away from Baywatch for her own company, but later joins Baywatch as a business consultant before being promoted to lieutenant. She stays in Los Angeles when the others move to Hawaii.
Jessica "Jessie" Owens (Brooke Burns, season 9)
A maintenance manager turned lifeguard. Burns reprises the role in the first season of Baywatch: Hawaii, before her character leaves to pursue a career as a stuntwoman. She returns as a guest star in Baywatch: Hawaii season 2, where it is revealed that she has given birth to a son, Luke.

Baywatch Nights (1995–97)

Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon (David Hasselhoff, seasons 1–2)
Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams, season 1)
Ryan McBride (Angie Harmon, seasons 1–2)
A private investigator and forensic expert who partners up with Mitch and Garner to establish the Buchannon, Ellerbee & MacBride Detective Agency in Los Angeles.
Destiny Desimone (Lisa Stahl, season 1 episodes 1–10)
A psychic and tarot reader. Stahl first appeared as the character in season 4 and 5 of Baywatch. She disappears from Baywatch Nights after 5 episodes, although she remains in the opening credits for 5 more. Stahl returns as Nadine in a second season episode.
Lou Raymond (Lou Rawls, season 1)
Owner of the nightclub Nights below the detective agency's office. Later, he sells the club to Donna.
Griff Walker (Eddie Cibrian, season 1 episodes 11–22, season 2)
A private investigator who joins the agency midway through the first season.
Donna Marco (Donna D'Errico, season 1 episodes 11–22, season 2)
Diamont Teague (Dorian Gregory, season 2)
A paranormal expert who joins the agency in the second season.

Baywatch: Hawaii (1999–2001)

Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon (David Hasselhoff, season 1)
Jessica "Jessie" Owens (Brooke Burns, season 1, recurring season 2)
Jack "J.D." Darius (Michael Bergin, seasons 1–2)
Dawn Masterson (Brandy Ledford, season 1)
An archeologist and lifeguard from Florida. Her gossiping and eccentricities sometimes cause tension with the other lifeguards, however she introduces new techniques to the team, such as hypoxic training.
Mike "Newmie" Newman (Michael Newman, season 1)
Allie Reese (Simmone Jade Mackinnon, season 1)
Australian lifeguard who impressed Mitch on his Australian vacation in the Baywatch: Down Under episodes. She is a qualified helicopter pilot and good at handling lifeboats.
Jason Ioane (Jason Momoa, seasons 1–2)
Hawaiian lifeguard who grew up in Texas with his mother. At nineteen years old, he is one of the youngest on the team, and is very headstrong and stubborn. Momoa reprises the role in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.
Kekoa Tanaka (Stacy Kamano, seasons 1–2)
Half-Japanese, half-Hawaiian lifeguard, who is not afraid to speak her mind. She becomes romantically involved with J.D. during the series. Kamano reprises the role in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.
Captain Sean Monroe (Jason Brooks, seasons 1–2)
Lifeguard captain, who Mitch puts in charge of the Hawaii operation. He blames himself for the death of his son Ben whom he was unable to save from drowning, which led to a divorce from his wife.
Leigh Dyer (Brande Roderick, season 2)
Former coast guard turned lifeguard. Roderick reprises the role in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.
Zachary "Zack" McEwan (Charlie Brumbly, season 2)
An eccentric lifeguard trainee who becomes close friend with Jason. He sports an extreme quiff-style of surfer hair, Elvis-style aviator sunglasses and Hawaiian clothing.
Jenna Avid (Krista Allen, season 2, recurring season 1)
A councilwoman turned lifeguard, a femme fatale in the same vein as Neely Capshaw. During the series, she falls in love with Sean.

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Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise is a 1995 American direct-to-video action comedy film which was about the characters of the popular series Baywatch vacationing in Hawaii. In the film, The Baywatch lifeguards moves to Hawaii for a tropical adventure. The team is threatened when Matt is stung by a fish and captured by Hawaiian villagers.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Mitch Buchannon</span> Fictional character in the television series Baywatch

Mitch Buchannon is a fictional character from the television series Baywatch. He was played by David Hasselhoff in every season of Baywatch and Baywatch Nights plus in the first season of Baywatch Hawaii. He also appeared in three films, Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise (1995), Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay (1998) and Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003). Later, Dwayne Johnson portrayed a lifeguard also named Mitch Buchannon who is a protege of the original Mitch Buchannon in the 2017 film Baywatch.

Michael Berk is an American television screenwriter. He worked with Douglas Schwartz as a writer on the television series Manimal, and many made-for-television movies. He wrote the earlier scripts of the series Baywatch, and is also known as the creator, co-producer, and writer of the television series The Wizard.

Douglas Schwartz is an American television screenwriter and series creator who, along with Michael Berk, worked as a writer on the television series Manimal, and multiple made for television movies. He is most famous for creating co-producing, and writing The Wizard, as well as creating and writing the earlier scripts of Baywatch, a series which exceeded a global audience of 1 billion people. He also developed Sheena, based on the comic book of the same name.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">C. J. Parker</span> Fictional character from Baywatch played by Pamela Anderson

Casey Jean "C.J." Parker is a fictional character from the television series Baywatch. Portrayed by Pamela Anderson, she was one of the most popular and longest serving characters who appeared in five seasons of the series. Kelly Rohrbach plays her in the 2017 film.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Pamela Bach</span> American actress

Pamela Bach, also known as Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, is an American actress.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Afton Cooper</span> Fictional character from the popular American television series Dallas

Afton Cooper is a fictional character from the popular American television series Dallas, played by Audrey Landers. Joining the cast during season 4 and remaining until the first episode of season 8, Landers returned at the end of season 12 for five episodes, an episode in season 13 and reprised her role one more time in the 1996 TV movie, Dallas: J.R. Returns. In 2013, Afton returned in season 2 of the new 2012 series, Dallas.

<i>Baywatch</i> (film) 2017 film by Seth Gordon

Baywatch is a 2017 American action comedy film directed by Seth Gordon, with a screenplay by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, from a story by Jay Scherick, David Ronn, Thomas Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant. It is based on the television series created by Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, and Gregory J. Bonann and takes place within the same fictional universe. The film stars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. The story follows lifeguard Mitch Buchannon and his team who must take down a drug lord in an effort to save their beach.

Andreas von der Meden was a German actor, voice actor and musician who was best known as the German dubbing voice for David Hasselhoff as well as Kermit the Frog in many Muppet productions.


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