List of railway lines in Japan

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List of railway lines in Japan lists existing railway lines in Japan alphabetically.

The vast majority of Japanese railways are classified under two Japanese laws, one for railways ( 鉄道 , tetsudō) and another for trams ( 軌道 , kidō). The difference between the two is a legal, and not always substantial, one. Some regional rails are classified as kidō, while some light rails are actually tetsudō. There are also other railways not legally classified as either tetsudō or kidō, such as airport people movers, slope cars (automated small rack monorails), or amusement park rides. Those lines are not listed here.

According to the laws, tetsudō/kidō include conventional railways (over ground or underground, including subways), as well as maglev trains, monorails, new transit systems (a blanket term roughly equivalent to people mover or automated guideway transit in other countries), skyrails (automated small cable monorails), trams, trolleybuses, guideway buses, funiculars (called "cable cars" in Japan), and aerial lifts. Among them, all but aerial lifts are listed here. See the list of aerial lifts in Japan article for aerial lifts.

Some industrial railways are also classified as tetsudō/kidō, while some are not. However, this list does not include any industrial railways. See the corresponding Japanese article for the listing.

Tetsudō/kidō also include (non-funicular) cable cars, horsecars, and handcars, but those modes of transportation have already disappeared from the country.

The list basically shows line names without operator names. When the official line name does include the operator name, the line is listed twice, with and without the operator.

To make the search easier, official nicknames and unofficial common names are also listed.

Some English names are tentative translations.

List of railway lines in Japan
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These modes of transport are all classified as railways in Japan.

These are not classified as railways in Japan and are thus not covered in this article.

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A monorail is a railway in which the track consists of a single rail or a beam. The term is also used to describe the beam of the system, or the trains traveling on such a beam or track. The term originates from joining "mono" and "rail" from 1897, possibly from German engineer Eugen Langen, who called an elevated railway system with wagons suspended the Eugen Langen One-railed Suspension Tramway.

People mover Fully automated transit system, generally serving relatively small areas such as airports, downtown districts or theme parks

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Here is a list of monorails in Japan.

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Various terms are used for passenger railway lines and equipment; the usage of these terms differs substantially between areas:

Rail transport in Okinawa

As of 2005, the Rail transport in Okinawa consists of only the Okinawa Urban Monorail, the only rail line providing rail transportation in Okinawa Prefecture. In the past, Okinawa Island had railroad, trams, and horse-drawn streetcar service. Moreover, Minamidaitōjima and other islands had rail lines to transport sugarcane and other commodities.

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Slope car

A slope car is a small automated monorail, or a fusion between monorail, people mover, and rack railway. It is a brand name of Kaho Manufacturing. Since this mode of transportation is relatively unknown, it lacks widely accepted generic name, other than the simple "monorail". The system, however, is different from normal modern monorails in many ways. It is a development from industrial monorails used in 1960s orchards. Slope cars are installed in more than 80 places in Japan and South Korea.

Skyrail Midorizaka Line

The Skyrail Midorizaka Line is a monorail line, or a people mover line, operated by Skyrail Service. The line runs between Midoriguchi and Midori-Chūō, all within the new town called Skyrail Town Midorizaka, Aki, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan. The line is officially called Hiroshima Short Distance Transit Seno Line. The line is also known as the first Japanese public transport to introduce a smart card, simply called IC Commuter Pass, from the time the line itself opened on August 28, 1998.

Stansted Airport Transit System Automated people mover at London Stansted Airport

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These lists of rapid transit systems are sorted by the type of system:

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Gatwick Airport Shuttle Transit Automated people mover linking terminals at Gatwick Airport.

The Gatwick Airport Shuttle Transit is a 0.75 miles (1.21 km) long elevated automated people mover that links the North and South Terminals at London's Gatwick Airport. The line is ground-side, and besides linking the two terminals also serves to link the North terminal to the airport railway station. Although sometimes colloquially, but erroneously, known as a "monorail", the transit vehicles are carried on rubber tyres running on a concrete track with twin running surfaces and are steered by separate guide rails.