Loser's End

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Loser's End
Directed by Bernard B. Ray
Written byRose Gordon (continuity)
Carl Krusada (dialogue)
Harry S. Webb (writer)
Produced byHarry S. Webb (associate producer)
Bernard B. Ray (producer)
StarringSee below
Cinematography J. Henry Kruse
Edited by Frederick Bain
Distributed by William Steiner
Release date
January 25, 1935
Running time
59 minutes (USA)
CountryUnited States

Loser's End is a 1935 American Western film produced by Harry S. Webb for Reliable Pictures and directed by Bernard B. Ray.


Plot summary

A cowboy meets up with a bandit gang. Taken captive, he is rescued by a man called Don Carlos, and together with a young woman named Lolita, they join forces to stop the gang's upcoming raid and bring them to justice.


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