Mexico toll booth interstate disaster

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Mexico toll booth interstate disaster
Mexico toll booth interstate disaster
DateNovember 7, 2021;22 days ago (2021-11-07)
Deaths19 [1]
Non-fatal injuries3 [1]
The crash occurred at a toll booth on the Federal Interstate Highway, similar to this. Milestones to somewhere (5345589950).jpg
The crash occurred at a toll booth on the Federal Interstate Highway, similar to this.

On 7 November 2021, 19 people were killed in a large crash on the Mexican Federal Highway. [1] A shampoo truck smashed into cars at a toll booth on the highway connecting Mexico City with Puebla, causing a large fire. [2] [3]



A truck travelling towards Mexico City crashed through the San Marcos Huixtoco tollbooths before colliding with many cars heading in the opposite direction. [4] The crash precipitated a large fire that engulfed several vehicles and burned their occupants to death. [5] The crash was caught on camera. [6]


Mexico's Federal Roads and Bridges and Related Services agency said the crash was caused by a brake failure. [7]

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