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Musica e dischi
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Frequency Monthly
First issue October 1945
Final issue March 2010
Country Italy
Based in Milan
Language Italian
ISSN 0027-4526
OCLC number 9955628

Musica e dischi is the oldest music industry publication in Italy. It was founded in October 1945 in Milan, Italy on the initiative of the journalist and musicologist Aldo Mario De Luigi, a former senior record of VCM (now EMI Italy). [1] In the beginning, the magazine was published with the name Musica (Dischi was added on the second edition) on a monthly basis. Musica e dischi later issued a list of best-seller music recordings nationally. On its 735th edition on December 2009, Musica e dischi director Mario De Luigi announced that they would publish an online magazine since March 2010 and stop the publication of physical magazine after 65 years. [2]

EMI British music recording and publishing company

EMI Group Limited was a British Transnational conglomerate founded in March 1931 in London. At the time of its break-up in 2012, it was the fourth largest business group and record label conglomerate in the music industry, and was one of the big four record companies ; its labels included EMI Records, Parlophone, Virgin Records, and Capitol Records, which are now owned by other companies.


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Laura Pausini Italian singer

Laura Pausini, is an Italian pop singer-songwriter, record producer and television personality. As a child, she was encouraged by her father to join him during his performances in local piano bars. After competing in local singing contests, Pausini signed her first recording contract. She rose to fame in 1993, winning the newcomer artists' section of the 43rd Sanremo Music Festival with her debut single "La solitudine", which became an Italian standard and an international hit, topping the charts in Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Her eponymous debut album was released in Italy on 23 April 1993 and later became an international success, selling two million copies worldwide.

Jovanotti Italian singer-songwriter

Lorenzo Cherubini, better known as Jovanotti, is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper.

<i>Edge</i> (magazine) multi-format computer and video game magazine

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The Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana (FIMI) is an umbrella organization that keeps track of virtually all aspects of the music recording industry in Italy. It was established in 1992, when major corporate labels left the previously existing Associazione dei Fonografici Italiani (AFI). During the following years, most of the remaining Italian record labels left AFI to join the new organization. As of 2011, FIMI represents 2,500 companies operating in the music business.

<i>Io canto</i> 2006 studio album by Laura Pausini

Io canto is the ninth studio album by Italian singer–songwriter Laura Pausini, released by Warner Music on 10 November 2006. On 14 November, Warner Music released Io canto's Spanish language edition, Yo canto, for the hispanophone market. Yo canto–Io canto is a limited-edition double album featuring both the Italian– and Spanish-language editions. This marks the first instance in Pausini's multilingual music career in which both editions are offered in a single release. Warner Music issued a third edition pressed exclusively for the French market. This pressing of Io canto features the bonus track "Je chante", a partial French adaptation of the Italian "Io canto".

<i>Resta in ascolto</i> 2004 studio album by Laura Pausini

Resta in ascolto is Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini's eighth studio album released by Warner Music on 22 October 2004. Escucha is its Latin Grammy Awards and Grammy Award-winning Spanish language equivalent released for the hispanophone market making her the first and only Italian female to receive such award. The album in its two version sold over 5 millions of copies around the world.

Laura Pausini discography discography

The discography of Laura Pausini, an Italian pop singer, consists of thirteen studio albums, two compilation albums, respectively released for the Hispanic and Anglophone markets only, two international greatest hits album, three live albums and five video albums, including the live DVD Amiche per l'Abruzzo, released as part of the all-female Italian ensemble of the same name.

<i>San Siro 2007</i> 2007 live album by Laura Pausini

San Siro 2007 is Italian singer–songwriter Laura Pausini's second live album chronicling her historic performance at Milan's Stadio San Siro on 2 June 2007. The album was released on 30 November 2007. As of January 2008, the album has sold 120,000 copies in Italy.

<i>Safari</i> (Jovanotti album) 2008 studio album by Jovanotti

Safari is the eleventh studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Jovanotti. Preceded by the single "Fango", it was released in Italy on 17 January 2008. The album features guests including Ben Harper, who plays a guitar solo in "Fango", Italian band Negramaro's frontman Giuliano Sangiorgi, Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes and American recording artist Michael Franti.

<i>Alla mia età</i> (album) 2008 studio album by Tiziano Ferro

Alla mia età is the fourth studio album by pop singer Tiziano Ferro. It was released on November 2008 and became Ferro's third #1 album in his native Italy. A Spanish-language version of the album was also released, titled A mi edad. The first single from the album was the title track "Alla mia età", which went to top the Italian Singles Chart.

Dischi Ricordi

Dischi Ricordi is an Italian record company founded on October 1, 1959 by Nanni Ricordi and Guido Crepax, active from 1958 to 1994.

<i>Re matto</i> 2010 EP by Marco Mengoni

Re matto is the second studio EP by Italian singer Marco Mengoni. In Italy the album sold more than 82.000 copies and received double platinum certification from the Federation of the Italian Music Industry.

Destinazione paradiso (song) song by Gianluca Grignani

"Destinazione paradiso" is a song written and recorded by Italian singer-songwriter Gianluca Grignani together with Massimo Luca, who produced the track for Grignani's debut album with the same title.

This is the chart of Italian Music Artists listed by estimated sales according to the most important Italian newspapers, national television channels and music magazines. As the compilation of official data of sale of records in Italy it began to have departed only since 1995, thanks to the FIMI, some corporate body of musical survey, as for instance Hit Parade Italy have tried to put order to the preceding respects furnished by Musica e dischi, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, Ciao 2001, and Doxa. From 1990 to 1995 any corporate body has furnished official data or estime of sale of the singers.

Giusy Ferreri discography

The discography of Italian singer Giusy Ferreri consists of five studio albums, two compilation albums, one extended play, twenty-seven singles—including six as a featured artist—and nineteen music videos.

Luigi Ceccarelli is an Italian composer.

Pilgrim (Eric Clapton song) single by Eric Clapton

"Pilgrim" is a pop rock song written by the British musicians Eric Clapton and Simon Climie. The duo also produced the song, which came about after a jam session between the two in the late 1990s. The title was recorded for Clapton's 1998 studio album Pilgrim and was released as the fourth and final single of the album. The song was always released as a B-Side to another single and was accompanied by a music video. It is part of the Lethal Weapon 4 soundtrack.

"Fango" is a song written by Jovanotti, Riccardo Onori and Michael Franti, recorded by Jovanotti himself for his eleventh studio album Safari, and produced by Michele Canova. The song, which features American recording artist Ben Harper playing bass, was released as the album's lead single in December 2007. The song received the first Mogol Award, voted by popular lyricist Mogol with three additional experts and aimed at recognizing the best lyrics of the year in Italian pop music.


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