NWA All-Star Wrestling

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NWA All-Star Wrestling
Founded(1960-1989)(re-established in 2007-present)
StyleAmerican wrestling
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia
Founder(s)Rod Fenton (as Big Time Wrestling)
Gene Kiniski
Sandor Kovacs
Don Owen
Owner(s)Rod Fenton (until 1968)
Sandor Kovac (1968-1977)
Gene Kiniski (1968-1983)
Al Tomko (1977-1989)Template:Neil Drummond (1989)
Mark Vellios (2007-present)
Parent Northwest Wrestling Promotions
FormerlyBig Time Wrestling

NWA All Star Wrestling is a Canadian professional wrestling promotion, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. All-Star Wrestling folded in 1989 but returned in 2007 no longer affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance Mark Vellios is the current owner.



Early history

Although other wrestling promotions existed in Vancouver prior to the early 1960s (particularly a predecessor of All Star's called Big Time Wrestling), All Star (an affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) for most of its existence) became the longest-lived and perhaps best-remembered of all promotions operating in the Vancouver area before or since. The promotion began coming into its own around the time CHAN-TV began broadcasting their TV program (also called All Star Wrestling) in 1962, when Gene Kiniski arrived in Vancouver and became a regular on the roster. At the time All Star began, the NWA British Empire heavyweight title was the top singles title in the Vancouver territory, [1] while the Pacific Coast tag team title initially served as the tag team championship (both titles were carried over from Big Time Wrestling); however, after the British Empire title was abandoned sometime after 1963 (when Kiniski last won it), All Star had no singles title of its own until 1970, when the Pacific Coast heavyweight title (which was first introduced in 1948 in Big Time Wrestling, but became inactive around 1958) was reactivated.

Kiniski/Kovacs era (1968-1977)

All Star started becoming a serious force in the Pacific Northwest wrestling scene during Kiniski's reign as NWA World Heavyweight champion (which he won from Lou Thesz in 1966), when he and Sandor Kovacs, along with Portland promoter Don Owen, joined forces to promote the territory at the start of 1968, [2] forming Northwest Wrestling Promotions as the parent company to run All Star. During this time, the promotion shared talent (including many of the sport's big names of the time) with Owen's nearby NWA affiliate Pacific Northwest Wrestling while also developing local talent. At the same time, the All Star Wrestling program began to be seen across Canada via syndication. Ron Morrier was the original host of the TV show and served in that capacity until his death on August 6, 1981; after that, former CFUN disk jockey Ed Karl took over as the host for the remainder of the show's run on CHAN-TV.

Al Tomko era (1977-1989)

Kovacs promoted his final All Star show on January 17, 1977, [2] before selling his share in the promotion to Al Tomko, a veteran wrestler and former Winnipeg promoter for the AWA. While the promotion managed to hold steady through the late-1970s following the sale, All Star began going into decline by the early-1980s, due partly to the aging Tomko (who was physically past his prime and had poor wrestling skills) pushing himself as the company's top star, and partly to the rise of the WWF around the middle of the decade (a situation which actually affected many other North American promotions besides All Star). Late in the promotion's NWA affiliation, during episodes of All Star Wrestling, Tomko and Ed Karl would also present and commentate on highlight clips of matches from fellow NWA affiliates Central States Wrestling and Jim Crockett Promotions, as well as matches taped at All Star's main house shows in Vancouver and Cloverdale.

Noticing the decline of the promotion, Kiniski sold his ownership stake and got out sometime around 1983, after which he began promoting shows in Vancouver in association with Stampede Wrestling and the AWA. In late 1985, Tomko withdrew All Star from the NWA and created a new sanctioning body for the company called the Universal Wrestling Alliance; those changes did nothing to reverse All Star's fortunes, however, and the promotion would eventually cease operations, holding its final event in Elk Grove, British Columbia on July 2, 1989. Mauro Ranallo, who went on to become a radio announcer for Abbotsford station CFVR (now CKQC-FM) and the TV play-by-play announcer for Pride Fighting Championships, Stampede Wrestling, King of the Cage, KVOS-TV's NWA Top Ranked Wrestling, and most recently WWE Smackdown , got his start as an on-camera personality with All Star Wrestling while still in his teens, late in the show's run.



NWA-sanctioned championships

Championship:Last Champion(s):Active From:Active Till:Notes:
NWA British Empire Heavyweight Championship Gene Kiniski July 19591963Title was promoted by All-Star Wrestling’s predecessor Big Time Wrestling [3]
NWA World Tag Team Championship (Vancouver Version) The Assassins June, 19661967 [3]
NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Championship Jay Youngblood February 9, 1970March, 1981The Pacific Coast Championship was also promoted by Big Time Wrestling between 1948 and 1958 [3]
NWA Pacific Coast Tag Team Championship Gene Kiniski and Hard Boiled Haggerty 1961November, 1962Title was promoted by All-Star Wrestling’s predecessor Big Time Wrestling [3]
NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship (Vancouver version)Dan DentonMay, 19821989Renamed the UWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship when All-Star withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance in 1985 [3]
NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship (Vancouver version)Ricky Davis and Rocky Dellasera19621986 [3]
NWA International Tag Team Championship (Vancouver version)Sonny Myers and Super Destroyer19811985Title abandoned when All-Star withdrew from the NWA in 1985 [3]

UWA-sanctioned championships

Championship:Last Champion(s):Active From:Active Till:Notes:
UWA Heavyweight Championship Sweet Daddy Sampson19861989 [3]
UWA Tag Team Championship Robotron and the Olympian19861988 The Mighty I-Ton & Dori Singh1989 [3]
UWA Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipThe Frog19871989 [3]
UWA Women's ChampionshipCory Collins19841989 [3]
UWA International Heavyweight ChampionshipTimothy Flowers19881988 [3]
UWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Championship (Vancouver version)Todd Tomko (Rick Davis)19851989 [3]

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