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Necrodeath live at Genoa (2010)
Background information
Also known asGhostrider (1984–1986)
Origin Genoa, Italy
Genres Black metal, thrash metal, speed metal [1]
Years active1984–1989, 1998–present
Labels Scarlet Records
Associated acts Cadaveria, Opera IX, Mastercastle, Pier Gonella
Pier Gonella

Necrodeath is an Italian black/thrash metal band from Liguria. It is one of the first extreme metal bands originating in Italy. They take inspiration from Slayer, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Bathory. [2] The band is also renowned for its great live performances, and notably for their "wall of sound".

Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. Common traits include fast tempos, a shrieking vocal style, heavily distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, raw (lo-fi) recording, unconventional song structures, and an emphasis on atmosphere. Artists often appear in corpse paint and adopt pseudonyms.

Thrash metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music characterized by its overall aggression and often fast tempo. The songs usually use fast percussive beats and low-register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding-style lead work. The lyrics often deal with social issues and criticism of The Establishment, using direct and denunciatory language, an approach borrowed from hardcore punk.

Liguria Region of Italy

Liguria is a coastal region of north-western Italy; its capital is Genoa. The region almost coincides with the Italian Riviera and is popular with tourists for its beaches, towns, and cuisine.



The band was formed in 1984 under the name Ghostrider by Claudio (guitars) and Peso (drums) who, right after having seen Venom in concert decided that they wanted to be metal artists as well. Along with Ingo (vocals) and Paolo (bass) they released as a first recording a 4-track demo titled "The Shining Pentagram" with Slayer, Kreator and Bathory influences, which gained them an important following throughout the underground metal scene. [3]

Venom (band) English thrash metal band

Venom are an English extreme metal band formed in 1978 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Coming to prominence towards the end of the new wave of British heavy metal, Venom's first two albums—Welcome to Hell (1981) and Black Metal (1982)—are considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general. Venom's second album proved influential enough that its title was used as the name of the extreme metal subgenre of black metal.

Demo (music) song or group of songs recorded for limited circulation or reference use rather than for general public release

A demo is a song or group of songs recorded for limited circulation or reference use rather than for general public release. A demo is a way for a musician to approximate their ideas in a fixed format, such as cassette tape, compact disc, or digital audio files, and to thereby pass along those ideas to record labels, record producers, or to other artists.

Slayer American thrash metal band

Slayer is an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California. The band was formed in 1981 by vocalist and bassist Tom Araya and guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. Slayer's fast and aggressive musical style made them one of the founding "big four" bands of thrash metal, alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. Slayer's current lineup comprises King, Araya, drummer Paul Bostaph and guitarist Gary Holt. Hanneman and drummers Dave Lombardo and Jon Dette are former members of the band.

Both first albums Into the Macabre (1988) and Fragments of Insanity (1989) were acclaimed by metal press and fanzines and allowed Necrodeath to have a cult following that is still present to this day. The band disbanded soon after the recording of the second album.

<i>Into the Macabre</i> 1987 studio album by Necrodeath

Into the Macabre is the debut album of the Italian extreme metal band Necrodeath.

Fanzine magazine published by fans

A fanzine is a non-professional and non-official publication produced by enthusiasts of a particular cultural phenomenon for the pleasure of others who share their interest. The term was coined in an October 1940 science fiction fanzine by Russ Chauvenet and first popularized within science fiction fandom, and from there it was adopted by other communities.

Historical members Claudio and Peso reformed the band in 1998 after a long break. Ingo was replaced by Flegias on vocals, while John became the new bass player. [3] They have since released seven albums, described as "challenging, eclectic heavy metal". [4]

Necrodeath released the album Draculea on October 22, 2007. The album is based on Vlad Tepes.

In 2008 Pier Gonella joined on guitar as an official member after touring with the band for two years. [5]
He also recorded the albums Draculea , Phylogenesis, Old Skull and Idiosyncrasy at his MusicArt studios.

Pier Gonella Italian musician

Pier Gonella is an Italian guitarist and founding member of the heavy metal band Mastercastle and the black metal band Necrodeath.


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<i>Black as Pitch</i> 2001 studio album by Necrodeath

Black as Pitch is the fourth studio album of the Italian extreme metal band Necrodeath.

<i>Ton(e)s of Hate</i> 2003 studio album by Necrodeath

Ton(e)s of Hate is the fifth studio album by Italian extreme metal band Necrodeath.

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Steve Vawamas

Steve Vawamas is an Italian bassist, known for his collaborations with various metal bands as Athlantis, Shadows of Steel, Mastercastle, and The Dogma.


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