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Origin Wellsville, Ohio, United States
Genres Death metal
Years active
  • 1983–1987
  • 1997–2018
Associated acts
Past members Frank Pucci
Larry Maddison
Anton Crowley (Philip Anselmo)
Wayne Fabra
Jared Faulk
Dustin Havnen
Mirai Kawashima
Opal Enthroned
Undead Torment
Boris Randall
Serge Streltsov
Jake Arnette
Shawn Slusarek

Necrophagia was an American death metal band. The band is credited as one of the inaugural groups within the death metal genre, along with Possessed and Death. [1]

Death metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. It typically employs heavily distorted and low-tuned guitars, played with techniques such as palm muting and tremolo picking, deep growling vocals, aggressive, powerful drumming featuring double kick and blast beat techniques, minor keys or atonality, abrupt tempo, key, and time signature changes, and chromatic chord progressions. The lyrical themes of death metal may invoke slasher film-stylized violence, religion, occultism, Lovecraftian horror, nature, mysticism, mythology, philosophy, science fiction, and politics, and they may describe extreme acts, including mutilation, dissection, torture, rape, cannibalism, and necrophilia.

Possessed (band) American death metal band

Possessed is an American death metal band, originally formed in 1983. Noted for their fast style of playing and Jeff Becerra's growled vocals, they are often called the first band in the death metal genre. The band is also notable for featuring Larry LaLonde, who was the guitarist of Possessed during the mid-1980s, and went on to join Primus.

Death (metal band) American death/progressive metal band

Death was an American death metal band from Orlando, Florida, founded in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner. Death is considered to be among the most influential bands in heavy metal and a pioneering force in the extreme metal subgenre of death metal. Their debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, has been widely regarded as the first death metal record.



Early years (1983–1997)

Necrophagia was formed by Frank "Killjoy" Pucci in 1983. The band name is derived from the act of cannibalizing, or eating a corpse. The word is a combination of the Greek words nekron (corpse), and phagein (to eat). Necrophagia was a popular group in the underground extreme metal "tape trading" scene. Their first full-length album, Season of the Dead , was recorded and released in 1987. In 1990, Necrophagia intended to issue an album named Ready for Death, which had been recorded in 1986. But, the band split up, and Ready for Death was bootlegged in the tape trading scene. Ready for Death was finally released as part of the A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness compilation album in 2000.

Killjoy was an American musician who was the lead vocalist for the death metal band Necrophagia.

<i>Season of the Dead</i> 1987 studio album by Necrophagia

Season of the Dead is the first full length studio album by the death metal band Necrophagia. It was released in 1987 on New Renaissance Records. It is the only album to feature Joe Blazer on drums, Larry Madison on guitar, and Bill James on bass. It is also the band's last album until 1998. The album was released a few months before Death's Scream Bloody Gore debut release which makes it one of the first full-length death metal albums and is therefore seen as being important to collectors.

Phil Anselmo era (1997–2001)

Killjoy befriended Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, shortly after Necrophagia's demise. Phil wrote and shared some music with Killjoy, which persuaded him to resurrect Necrophagia in 1997. [2] Killjoy and Anselmo (who played guitar under the pseudonym Anton Crowley) were joined by Wayne Fabra on drums and Dustin Havnen on bass guitar. Necrophagia released Holocausto de la Morte , as well as the Black Blood Vomitorium EP, with the reformed line-up. Havnen was replaced by Jared Faulk in 2001. In addition, the group enlisted Gorelord leader Frediablo as second guitarist, and Opal Enthroned on keyboards. Necrophagia released the Cannibal Holocaust EP in 2001, along with their first DVD, Through Eyes of the Dead. Anselmo, Opal and Fabra departed the band shortly after the release. In addition, the Housecore/Baphomet Records label founded by Killjoy and Anselmo was dissolved, due to extreme scheduling conflicts and previous commitments. [3]

Pantera American heavy metal band

Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas. The group was formed in 1981 by the Abbott brothers—drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell—along with lead vocalist Terry Glaze. Bassist Rex Brown joined the band the following year, replacing Tommy D. Bradford, who was the unofficial original. Having started as a glam metal band, Pantera released four albums independently during the 1980s. Looking for a new and heavier sound, Pantera replaced Glaze with Phil Anselmo in late 1986 and released Power Metal in 1988. In 1989, the band secured a record deal with the major laber Atco. With its fifth album, 1990's Cowboys from Hell, Pantera introduced the groove metal genre, while its 1992 follow-up Vulgar Display of Power exhibited an even heavier sound. Far Beyond Driven (1994) debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. In addition to their contribution to the groove metal genre, Pantera is credited for being part of the second wave of thrash metal scene in the early-to-mid 1990s.

Phil Anselmo American musician

Philip Hansen Anselmo is an American heavy metal musician who is best known as the lead vocalist for Pantera, Down, and Superjoint Ritual. He is also the owner of Housecore Records and has been involved with several other bands.

<i>Holocausto de la Morte</i> 1998 studio album by Necrophagia

Holocausto de la Morte is the second full-length studio album by the American death metal band Necrophagia. It was released in 1998 on Red Stream Records. This is the only studio album to feature Anton Crowley, Wayne Fabra and Dustin Havnen, although they would all be featured on the next EP.

Frediablo era (2002–2006)

Killjoy and Frediablo remained with Necrophagia. In 2002, the band added Fug (Frediablo's brother) on guitar, Iscariah (formerly of Immortal) on bass guitar, Titta Tanni on drums and Mirai Kawashima (of the Japanese avant-garde black metal band Sigh) on keyboards. Necrophagia released The Divine Art of Torture, Harvest Ritual Vol. 1 and the Goblins Be Thine EP with the line-up. In addition, Necrophagia released their first live album Slit Wrists And Casket Rot, which was recorded during their "Harvesting the Dead" tour.

Immortal (band) Norwegian black metal band

Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1991 by frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta and guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta. The pair worked with various drummers, and were later joined by current drummer Horgh in 1996.

Japan Country in East Asia

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies off the eastern coast of the Asian continent and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea in the south.

Avant-garde metal subgenre of metal music

Avant-garde metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music loosely defined by use of experimentation and innovative, avant-garde elements, including non-standard and unconventional sounds, instruments, song structures, playing styles, and vocal techniques. Avant-garde metal is influenced by progressive rock and extreme metal, particularly death metal, and is closely related to progressive metal. Some local scenes include Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Seattle in the United States, Oslo in Norway, and Tokyo in Japan.

Frediablo left the band in early 2006 to concentrate on Gorelord. He was replaced by Undead Torment.

Gorelord is a Norwegian death metal band which uses horror movie-like themes in its music. It is the one man side project of Frediablo of the band Necrophagia. Contrary to some reports, Gorelord is based in Oslo, Norway. In September 2005 Frediablo issued a statement saying he was quitting Necrophagia among all of his music projects and bands he was involved in, except for Grimfist. He was also a member of Wurdulak, Hemnur, Soul Forsaken, Ave Sathanas, Blodkrig, Deride and was a session member in Svartpest.

Recent activity

Necrophagia released Death Trip 69 in May 2011. The album featured several guest appearances, including Casey Chaos from Amen, and former Mayhem vocalist Maniac. WhiteWorm Cathedral was released in October 2014. [4] Necrophagia supported 1349 on their "Chaos Raids North America" tour in May and June 2015.

Amen is an American Hardcore Punk band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1994. The band was founded by front man and singer Casey Chaos and combines elements of punk rock, hardcore, and heavy metal. Amen has released four studio albums, one live album, and the songs "Coma America", "The Price of Reality", and "California's Bleeding". The band saw continuous changes in membership, with Casey Chaos remaining the sole original member. In 2007, Amen went on hiatus and returned in 2014 with an appearance at that year's Knotfest.

Mayhem (band) Norwegian black metal band

Mayhem is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1984 in Oslo, Norway. They were one of the founders of the Norwegian black metal scene and their music has strongly influenced the black metal genre. Mayhem's early career was highly controversial, primarily due to their notorious live performances, the 1991 suicide of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin ("Dead") and the 1993 murder of guitarist Øystein Aarseth ("Euronymous") by former member Varg Vikernes of Burzum.

1349 (band) Norwegian black metal band

1349 is a Norwegian black metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1997. The band's name is a reference to the year the Black Death reached Norway.

On March 18, 2018, vocalist and founding member Killjoy died at the age of 51. [5]


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Viking Crown was a side project started by Phil Anselmo in the mid 90's. The first Viking Crown release was an EP recorded in 1994 titled Unorthodox Steps of Ritual which featured Phil, credited as Anton Crowley, on guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The two later Viking Crown releases would feature Necrophagia frontman Killjoy on vocals and Phil's now ex-wife Opal on keyboards. Killjoy would later go on to describe Viking Crown as 'a selfish band in which we recorded without regard for conventional methods, songwriting, or any goals except to make truly dark depressing, lo-fi black metal that we liked." Following an interview in which Philip regarded the project as a joke, there was a fallout between himself and Killjoy that would culminate in Philip leaving all Baphomet Records related projects altogether.

<i>Banished Rhythmic Hate</i> 2001 studio album by Viking Crown

Banished Rhythmic Hate is the second and last studio album by Viking Crown. It was released on November 13, 2001. This album was also released in a two CD set alongside the Necrophagia EP Cannibal Holocaust.

Grimfist is a blackened death metal band from Oslo. Founded in October 2001, they are currently signed to Candlelight Records, for whom they have released two albums.

Manticora is a heavy metal band from Hvidovre, Denmark formed in 1996 by Lars and Kristian Larsen. Their current label is Nightmare Records. Their lyrical content typically consists of literature, fantasy, and science fiction. Although they are considered to be a progressive power metal band, they do have an essence of a speed metal influence. Their newest album, To Kill To Live To Kill was released in 2018.

Forgotten Silence is an experimental band from the Czech Republic founded in 1993. Their earlier material can be described as death metal with some progressive/art rock leanings. Their 2006 release Kro Ni Ka is an album of a decidedly ethnic and experimental bent, with very few traces of their earlier heavy sound. The release won a Razor Award for best metal recording of the year.

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<i>Black Blood Vomitorium</i> 2000 EP by Necrophagia

Black Blood Vomitorium is the first EP by the death metal band Necrophagia. It was released in 2000 on Red Stream Records.

<i>Cannibal Holocaust</i> (EP) 2001 EP by Necrophagia

Cannibal Holocaust is the second EP by the death metal band Necrophagia. It was released in 2001 on the Season of Mist label. It is the band's first release with Opal Enthroned. Both the EP and the first song are named after the 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust. The music video of the song features clips from the film.

Phil Anselmo is an American musician who is best known as being the frontman of the heavy metal bands Pantera, Down and Superjoint.

Holocausto are a heavy metal band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They were formed in 1985 by Marco Antônio, Valério Exterminator and Rodrigo dos Anjos. To date they have released five records through Cogumelo Records. They have been described by the journalist Eduardo Rivadavia as "Quite possibly the most controversial Brazilian heavy metal band ever".


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